Do you want to know which are the biggest youtubers in Brazil in 2023? Check out a list of the 11 Brazilian YouTube channels with the highest number of subscribers.

Founded in February 2005, YouTube has revolutionized the way people consume video content. The platform has also become an open door for talented people to show their potential and stand out, without the need for mainstream media.

In this way, many realized the great opportunity to be recognized simply by purchasing some equipment and starting to produce content in videos for the social network.

After all, many people who are now famous on the internet appeared precisely on YouTube. In addition, we noticed that among the biggest on the platform we have producers, singers, actors, comedians, etc.

Continue reading and discover a list of the biggest youtubers in Brazil. In addition, you will see a list of channels that have the most views on YouTube.

List of the biggest youtubers in Brazil

It is worth remembering that the information contained here, such as the number of subscribers and number of views, was obtained by visiting the YouTube channel of each one of them, in the about tab.

So, check out the list of the biggest Brazilian youtubers and a little about each one of them.

1. KondZilla Channel 66.6 million subscribers

Created in 2012, KondZilla is a funk music video channel that has published more than 2,600 videos. In this way, it has been the door to the success of several funk artists in the country.

KondZilla was responsible for some of the most popular clips to date. We can even quote “Look at Kevinho’s explosion”.

Currently, the channel has more than 37.5 billion views, making it the largest in Latin America and Brazil. Also, he is one of the biggest YouTube channels in the world.

Therefore, Konrad Dantas, the creator of canal KondZillacan be considered as the biggest youtuber in Brazil.

2. Felipe Neto: 45.4 million subscribers

Felipe Neto is a businessman, comedian and one of the biggest and most famous influencers in Brazil. In the year 2020, the American magazine Time considered him as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

The first video posted by Felipe Neto on the platform was in April 2010, on the Não Faz Sentido channel, when he was still 22 years old. The channel talked about current affairs.

With the success on YouTube, Felipe Neto started to become famous all over the country. In this way, he began to give interviews on several TV shows. Over time, his channel started to have its own name in the title.

Currently, he has the second largest YouTube channel in Brazil 2023, with more than 45 million subscribers and 16.7 billion views on the platform.

3. Did you know?: 44.8 million subscribers

“Did you know?” is a YouTube channel of entertainment and curiosities. It was created in 2013 by Lucas Marquez and Daniel Moloney.

The videos are mostly educational and informative, involving mysteries and curiosities. The channel addresses the most diverse topics that arouse the interest of those who like this type of content.

With well-crafted content and a good narration, Did You Know became one of the biggest channels on YouTube Brazil, with more than 44.8 million subscribers and almost eight billion total views.

4. Whinderson Nuness: 44.2 million subscribers

Windersson Nunes is a Brazilian comedian, actor and YouTuber. In the year 2013, he started posting very fun and funny videos. A few years later, his channel became the one with the most subscribers. But currently, he is the third biggest youtuber in Brazil.

He is also one of the Brazilians with the most followers on Instagram, with more than 58.3 million people on this social network alone.

Whindersson Nunes has traveled all over the country and visited more than 40 countries. Where he arrives he is received with great affection and emotion.

5. Luccas Neto 39.8 million subscribers

Luccas Neto has the biggest children’s channel on YouTube Brazil. He’s really a phenomenon among the kids.

Specialized in creating content for little ones, Luccas also entertains adults with adventure videos. In addition, the famous has several other products such as toys, books, application and others.

He has over 5.7 million followers on the social network Instagram and 11 million on TikTok. In this way, the celebrity is considered one of the greatest content creators in the world, within its segment.

6. GR6 Explode: 39.1 million subscribers

GR6 Explode is a channel specialized in publishing funk music videos. The same has already revealed famous names in the world of funk.

In addition, the channel has a first-class production and an ever-growing audience.

Currently, he occupies the sixth position in the list of the biggest youtubers in Brazil. With over 39M subscribers and over 25 billion views.

7. Maria Clara & JP: 37.3 million subscribers

Maria Clara & JP is a very successful children’s channel among children. The brothers Maria Clara and JP provide very entertaining and well-produced videos.

Created in 2015, the channel will complete eight years and already occupies the 7th position in the ranking of the largest channel on Brazilian YouTube.

Since its inception, it has amassed a total of 24.4 billion views and 37.3 million subscribers.

8. Galinha Pintadinha: 34 million subscribers

Galinha Pintadinha is one of the most famous channels in the world when it comes to videos to entertain and amuse the kids. With well-crafted content and songs for children, many people use the videos to liven up their children’s parties and birthdays.

The channel is really a success. It currently occupies the 8th position in the Top 10 of the biggest YouTube channels in Brazil.

9. Rezendeevil: 32.1 million subscribers

Rezendeevil or Pedro Resende is a Brazilian actor, businessman and YouTuber. In 2012, he created his YouTube channel in order to share Minecraft videos. With that, it became very well known among young people.

Rezende is one of the first gaming channels on youtube. Now 26 years old, it is the ninth largest channel in the country and the first in its segment.

The content creator also owns several books, has done some plays, TV series and has his own influencer marketing agency called ADR.

10. Enaldinho: 30 mi registered

Enaldinho is a well-known Brazilian YouTuber who gained prominence mainly for his content focused on entertainment, humor and challenges. His real name is Enaldo Lopes. The same is recognized for his charismatic personality, he creates videos that involve pranks, experiments, pranks, vlogs and other types of interactive content.

His popularity has grown over the years, and he has built a significant fan base on his social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. His YouTube channel reached the mark of 30 million followers, which establishes him as one of the most recognizable digital influencers in the country.

11. Renato Garcia: 27.1 million subscribers

Renato Garcia is a Brazilian influencer who gained a lot of recognition for creating vlogs about motorcycling.

He has more than 27 million subscribers on his channel and more than 8 billion views on his entire channel.

On his channel, the influencer provides videos about cars and motorcycles, as well as series, championships and others.

With a very successful career, in 2022 he occupied the tenth position and is currently still the 10th biggest youtuber in Brazil 2023.

Brazilian channels with the most views on YouTube

After all, what is the biggest youtuber in Brazil in number of views on your channel? In first place on the list appears “Canal KondZilla” and then “GR6 Explode”, both of which provide funk videos.

See the full list:

  1. Canal KondZilla: + 37.5 billion views
  2. GR6 Explode: 24.7 billion views
  3. Pintadinha Chicken: 23.3 billion views
  4. Maria Clara & JP: 24.4 billion views
  5. Lucas Neto: 22.6 billion views
  6. Marília Mendonça: 18.7 billion views
  7. Bita World: 16.9 billion views
  8. Philip Neto: 16.7 billion views
  9. Henry and Julian: 14.8 billion views
  10. Official Gusttavo Lima: 14.1 bi de views

Top 10 YouTubers in the world

Now let’s see the updated ranking list of the biggest YouTube channels in the world:

  • T-Series – 247 million subscribers and over 230 billion views;
  • MrBeast – 176 million subscribers and 30.2 billion views;
  • SET India – 161 million subscribers and 150+ BI views;
  • Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes – 163 million subscribers and 166+ BI views;
  • Kids Diana Show – 113 million subscribers and 94 BI views;
  • PewDiePie – 111 million subscribers and over 28.8 billion views;
  • Like Nastya – 106 million subscribers and 91+ billion views;
  • Vlad and Niki – 100 million subscribers and 78 billion views.
  • Zee Music Company – 98.2 million subscribers and 58.8 billion views;
  • WWE – 96.7 million subscribers and 78.1 billion views;

It is noteworthy that this information was initially obtained through the Social Blade website on July 10, 2022, but the information was updated on August 15, 2023 by YouTube itself.

Who is the biggest youtuber in Brazil in 2023?

After all, who is the biggest Brazilian youtuber 2023? As we saw while reading this article, the title is the Kondzilla channel. Created by producer Konrad Dantas, in addition to being Brazil’s largest YouTube channel, it is also the largest in Latin America.

What is the biggest YouTube channel in the world in 2023?

The biggest YouTube channel in 2023 in the world is T-Series, it belongs to a record label and film producer in India and it really is a success. The channel has a successful career and currently has over 230 billion views and 247 million subscribers.


For those who have a hobby, have skills or are people who like to give their opinions, YouTube has been fundamental in their careers.

All influencers of the Top 10 biggest YouTubers in Brazil 2023 have a history of struggle, overcoming and also of great success. In this way, it is possible to realize that everything in life depends on determination and determination to fight and win.

Finally, it is good to remember that this article was updated in January 2023. So, depending on when you are reading it, some information, such as positions, number of subscribers and views, may change.


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