Putting together a baby layette is a challenge, mainly due to the many baby items needed at different times. It is necessary to include baby clothes, such as overalls, bodysuits, t-shirts, among others. As well as crib and bed linen, such as sheets, blankets, pillows, etc.

In addition, special furniture for the little room, hygiene and cleaning items and for walks. With all that amount of stuff, there are a few items that make a difference in child care.

That’s why we decided to bring together products that are not so conventional, but that can make your day to day life, and that of the baby, much more practical. Want to know what they are? Read on!

Children’s nasal aspirator

At times when the baby has a stuffy nose, either because of the flu or a cold, in addition to consulting a pediatrician, something that can be effective for aid in nasal clearance is the children’s nasal aspirator. It works through suction and a simple handling system.

With it, it is possible to obtain immediate relief, in a modern, practical and hygienic way. To do this, bet on best nasal aspirator for babies and toddlers and promote the well-being of your little one, with a product made of soft and non-toxic material.

Cooling gel compress for fever

Another item that can help you in times of trouble, as it relieves the discomfort caused by fever. These cooling fever gel packs help to reduce the baby’s temperaturedue to its water-based material, which acts in the thermal exchange.

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Consultation with a pediatrician is essential to discover the causes. However, this product can also be useful for other needs, such as relief from vaccine or insect bitesfor helping to reduce pain and swelling.

ecological diapers

An item that can be ideal if you want something sustainable, reusable and economical. In addition, they are less allergenic and have more breathable fabrics, avoiding irritations on the baby’s skin. There are different models in prints and colors that can match your baby’s layette.

waterproof portable changing mat

This item is essential to take along on walks with the baby. After all, when changing the child’s diapers or clothes, it is necessary to be very careful with safety and comfort.

Waterproof portable changing tables are ideal for protect the baby from surfaces that may be contaminated, like bathrooms. In addition, they do not allow any liquid, such as urine, to wet the item and become odorous, and/or increase the contamination of microorganisms.

“Mosquito net” for crib

An item that is only remembered when the child suffers insect bites. To prevent this, choose to purchase a mosquito net for the crib and stroller to protect it and make your day to day more comfortable. They come with an elastic band around the edges, which allows them to be effectively fitted to the crib or stroller.

Breast-feeding pillow

An item that every mother needs to have, as it will help her a lot when breastfeeding her baby. The breastfeeding pillow will provide the necessary support on this occasion, with great comfort for both parties.

monthsary rug

How about keeping memories of each month of your baby? With the monthsary mat, this will become much more fun and creative. After all, there are several models with very cute themes to incorporate the child. The result will be pictures with the evolution of the child’s growth in a special way.

In addition, you can use this rug for other occasions, such as play mats, bed covers and much more.

pacifier holder

Essential item to protect the pacifier from contamination by micro-organisms, which can cause infections and diseases. Therefore, it is important to carry out proper hygiene of the pacifier and prevent any chance of contamination.

This way, you store the pacifier in a safer and more hygienic way, in addition to making it much more practical to take the pacifier on walks in the baby’s bag.

baby monitor

A family can have many benefits when purchasing a baby monitor. This item allows the mother or guardian to listen and watch the baby when she needs to go to another room in the house, leaving the room for a few minutes. Thus, you can monitor and ensure more practical monitoring.

children’s hot tub

These bathtubs are really cool for baby and young children. They involve the little one in a way capable of promoting relaxation and well-being. All this, in a safer and more comfortable way for the child.

In addition, the anatomical shape allows the child to be in a fetal position, ideal for triggering the uterine memory and promoting coziness.

Did you like to know the items for babies that are not so conventional, but that can make a difference? So share with your pregnant friend or mom who needs to know these solutions!


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