It seems that Apple “was close” to shipping a new 14-inch iPad model this year, at least that’s how well-known Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman reports.

The 14-inch iPad that did not arrive

through the recent power on newsletterthe journalist Gurman mentioned that Apple was looking for a new iPad with larger dimensions in 2021 and it was very close to launching a 14-inch one, since it would have been the largest device in that line so far. Now, it seems that it no longer exists in the following releases of Apple products.

It may be that there were different obstacles that prevented the transition to OLED screens on the iPad and that at the time meant quite high costs of the larger tablet screens. As the rumors indicated, it may be that the new iPad Pro models will be limited to 13 inches once they hit the market during the first half of the following year.

The Bloomberg journalist first mentioned the comment of the Apple team’s pursuit of launching a new iPad. Although it also seems that the company focuses on the operating system. Among designers and engineers they would be thinking of having an iPad with larger dimensions that could “blur the lines even more” of normal tablets and laptops.

changes to Apple plans

Since January of a year ago, the news was shared among different providers, such as BOE and LG. The factories of these they were poised to focus on supplying up to 15-inch Apple OLED displays that could be integrated into future devices like the iPad.

Given this, one of the leakers known as “Majin Bu” reported that Apple was already developing an iPad with a screen up to 14 inches with an M2 processor. The rumor was also confirmed by screen industry analyst Ross Young, as He added that the device would carry a mini-LED without ProMotion for a variable refresh rate of up to 120 Hz.

A year ago, Young also changed his prediction that the company would be preparing an LCD screen for the device, in addition to the iPad mini and iPad Air.

 iOSMac 14-inch iPad this year?  You can not lose this!

Now, in October a year ago, Wayne Ma of The Information reported that the company already had work on a 16-inch iPad that it would soon launch at the end of 2023. This interesting device would have a screen size similar to the 16-inch MacBook Pro. , being quite large for users who require complicated work on larger screens. Young mentioned at the end of 2022 that Apple would drop the project of the future 14.1-inch model.

Was the project abandoned?

This strange trail of rumors for future larger iPad models could continue with the company. A device of this size could still arrive in the future, since the largest iPad to date emerged since 2018, such as the 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. So there’s still a noticeable difference between the larger iPads and the smaller MacBooks out there today, like the 13.3-inch MacBook Air M1 and MacBook Pro M2. Regardless, the 12.9-inch iPad Por is close to the 13.3-inch MacBooks and other 13-inch rumors soon. Soon Apple could be releasing the biggest version of this device ever seen.

Bloomberg has already mentioned in multiple cases that Apple is all set to have larger iPads soon. Although it may be that the 14.1-inch model that the company already had in hand is already in a state of cancellation. The 16-inch version reported by The Information could still be in development for now. However, there is still nothing more about this project for quite some time.


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