Powerful and easy digital assessment tools for exams


Teachers must be aware of how effectively their pupils can grasp what is being taught to ensure that everyone is on more or less the same level.  You must also evaluate each student at the end of each quarter, term, and semester and provide a final mark reflecting their comprehension and degree of effort.

For teachers, an online assessment tool is essential to the remote learning equation. The more you know about your kids, the better prepared you will be for tomorrow. Your lectures can be tailored to address their learning gaps if you understand them.

Socrative – real-time grading of quizzes and questions

Socrative is a top-rated assessment tool for instructors based on hundreds of online evaluations by educators. It’s a digital interactive tool that allows you to quiz, evaluate, and assess on the fly; “at the pace of learning.” Teachers may use fast questions to get immediate feedback, class counts to check who is logged in, or lengthy quizzes to get a better understanding.

Easy LMS

Easy LMS, a world-class LMS with built-in assessment tools, may assist you in quickly creating examinations or deploying quizzes. Exams and quizzes are available as a standalone element that functions independently of the LMS in this online learning and online assessment tool.

The exam and quiz maker includes a variety of question kinds and is simple to use with automated grading. The notification system keeps the user updated on the newest software developments. You may uncover knowledge gaps and update your learning materials using the reporting and analytics tool.

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Google Forms is simple to use and complies with COPPA/FERPA.

What is the most compelling argument for utilizing Google Forms as an online evaluation tool in education? Simple to use. Even if this is your first time using Google Forms, it’s a favorite among teachers since it’s quick and easy to construct and automatically grade quizzes. Instead, make multiple-choice or short-answer tests and a simple answer key with point assignments for each question.


Berke is a popular online assessment tool among recruiters. It provides customizable exams that assess prospective seekers’ personalities and IQ. Recruiters may quickly create “hiring profiles” with Berke, which allows them to evaluate each candidate’s findings against standards by defining desirable behavioral qualities and problem-solving abilities.

ExamSoft Panel

ExamSoft Portal is one of the best online assessment tools for instructors, with a variety of features to help you expedite course building, distribution, grading, and certification.

The program has all the expected capabilities, such as an exam creator, analytics, reports, and a notification system. It is intended to assist you in providing a safe test environment. You can avoid cheating by randomizing exam questions and even turning off WiFi access on students’ devices.

How to Select the Most Appropriate Online Assessment Platform

Even if you have alternative criteria for selecting the finest online evaluation tools, look for the following features:

1. Simple to Use

The digital assessment tools should be simple and straightforward to use. You can guarantee it’s the greatest if it doesn’t require installation and gets you up and running in minutes.

2. Provides a Library of Assessments

The capacity of the best assessment tool to allow its users to execute assessments successfully and efficiently helps distinguish it from other tools. Such products frequently provide a library of professionally produced, ready-to-use tests on hundreds of topics.

3. Allows you to include several types of questions

Your assessments will be constrained if you can’t handle multiple tasks or learning styles. To do this, the online assessment software must allow you to add several questions to your examinations.

4. Allows for Customization

An ideal assessment tool allows you to personalize your assessments. You should be able to upload your own logo, modify the theme of your evaluations, change the typefaces, and do other things.

5. Multilingual Assistance

You must select an assessment tool that supports several languages to make it easy for learners from various locations and nationalities.

Are You Prepared for the Most Effective Online Assessment Tools?

As you may have noticed, each digital assessment tool listed above is distinct and offers a distinct set of capabilities. However, the decision to select the best tool is entirely in your hands. Keep the end aim in mind and request a demo before making a final decision.


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