The days of only being able to gamble by visiting a retail sportsbook or casino are long gone; nowadays, the population of the UK are able to place bets from the comfort of their own homes thanks to iGaming apps, such as casinos. The industry is still relatively young, meaning there is constant progression and change, and always a new trend emerging. 2024 is set to be a very exciting year for casino apps, as they grow alongside the rise of AI, VR, and a whole host of other technological innovations. 

The Evolution of iGaming

The mobile gaming market in the United Kingdom is impressive, with revenue being expected to reach peaks of US$1.37 billion in 2024. There are many reasons for this growth, not the least of which being more people than ever owning smartphones and wanting to download entertainment apps. As well as this, factors like fast internet connection, 5G, and developments in the quality of iGaming technology have all played a significant role. As more people purchase smartphones and use them for gaming, game companies can understand their users’ preferences and continue to create games that will be popular. 

2023 was a huge year for the UK gaming world, but 2024 is looking even bigger, according to some trends that are predicted to take the industry by storm. 

Focusing on Security

Something that is at the front of everyone’s minds at the moment is online security, from when we’re browsing to when we’re downloading new apps. People are hesitant to share personal information such as full names, home addresses, and financial details, for fear that they will be shared with third parties or used for fraudulent activity. We have all heard horror stories about people being impersonated or having their online identities mimicked, so only using apps that ensure the safety of their customers is paramount. 

In response to this shift in attitude towards privacy, casino apps have been introducing additional security measures to reassure their users. It is now commonplace to see the best casino apps UK have SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates, as well as KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations in place. KYC requirements may include things like two-step authentication, face ID verification, or identity authorisation through the use of ID cards or utility bills.

Utilising Data Analytics and AI 

Thanks to generative artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics, casino apps can now personalise the user experience and tailor the customer journey to a very high degree. This means that things like bonus offers, marketing campaigns, gaming recommendations, and more, can all be generated according to an individual’s gaming habits. 

There are some question marks from users who are wary of having their data tracked, but casino apps can alleviate any concerns by reassuring players that their information will not be sold to any additional corporations. Instead, data is looked at only in order to make the players’ experience as enjoyable as possible!

The Social Side of Casino Apps

One of the main purposes of owning a smartphone is to be social. Whether this is through voice and video calls, messaging apps, social media, or gaming apps as is becoming the norm. In 2024 we will see many more iGaming companies develop the social aspect of their apps, allowing users to interact with each other through private messaging functions and leaderboards, amongst other things. It’s an important step for game developers to take if they want to avoid being left behind their peers. 

In casino apps, features like leaderboards would be a great addition, as they encourage an element of competition whilst also fostering connection and friendship between players. Gamers will be able to communicate with each other to share tips, celebrate victories, and challenge each other to tournaments.

Higher Quality Graphics 

At the beginning of their development, casino apps used quite basic graphics and did not focus on the storytelling aspect of online gaming. However, this has started to change, and will continue to in 2024. Casino game operators are beginning to see the importance of creating a narrative, not to mention a visually appealing casino imitation. With an amazing array of game development technologies to choose from, which are becoming more affordable and easily accessible, casino apps will become more of an immersive experience for players. Expect more colours, more lights, more sophisticated graphics, and a better variety of additional features such as mini games or bonus rounds.

Crypto in Gaming

We are seeing cryptocurrency enter countless different industries at the moment, and iGaming is no different. In fact, the online gaming world was one of the first to welcome the benefits of digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. For crypto holders, one of the best places to trade and sell their coins is through cryptocurrency casinos or other betting apps. What makes crypto casino apps different from those that accept fiat currency is simple: players can make deposits and withdrawals using crypto coins, as well as potentially win bonuses and rewards in crypto or NFTs. 

AR and VR

Last but not least, we’ll see casino apps deploy augmented reality and virtual reality technologies in their games. Both AR and VR are able to blend the physical and digital worlds together, creating a true immersive experience for players. Combine this with the work of generative AI, and online casinos are set to be truly revolutionised in 2024. Some of the ways that we’ll see VR used most in these settings will be through live dealer games, such as poker and roulette, and to interact with NPCs in a personalised manner. 

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