Are you short on money, but would you like to shop for good quality clothing? That makes a lot of sense; clothing should last and be comfortable. That is why in this article we give you three tips to save on clothing; this way you look nice and you save money for other things.

A second life

A good way to save on clothes shopping is to look for second-hand clothes. That is made very easy for you nowadays; where in the past you could only go to specific boutiques or at the thrift store, there are now numerous websites that offer second-hand clothing. The major player is of course Marktplaats and Vinted is also becoming increasingly popular. These are websites and apps where people offer their worn clothes, shoes and accessories. This way you can often get nice (designer) clothing, for a low price. Did you know that there are special websites for second-hand vintage clothing? Not only can you get clothes cheaper at these places, but you can also put together an authentic look from the 50s, 60s or 70s.

Do you have clothes that you no longer wear? In that sense you could save on clothing by selling it. With the money you earn, you can buy new clothes and shoes and in the meantime you have made someone else happy. That’s a nice win-win situation!

Cash back discount

There are several websites that offer discounts through cashback. Cashback means that you surf to an online shop via a website, shop and pay and save points that you can easily have refunded to your IBAN. For example, you can shop at Spaaractief at BonPrix and numerous other clothing stores. It is important that you always go to the webshop via the cashback website, otherwise the shop cannot register the cashback and you will not receive a refund.

Each Cashback promotion has a different percentage; sometimes it is 0.5 percent, in other cases you enjoy 2 percent cashback. The higher the amount you spend, the higher your cashback will be. It may not seem like much, but when you always shop with a cashback, those amounts make a big difference in the end!

Exchange parties

A very nice way to save on clothes is to participate in exchange parties. There are several websites that organize clothing swap parties, but you can of course also do this yourself. Round up your friends and have everyone bring a certain number of clothes, shoes and accessories that they no longer wear. Or take it bigger and organize a clothing swap party for the neighborhood! The more souls, the more clothes to trade.

The nice thing about swap parties is not only that you save on clothes – after all, it costs nothing – but also that you have a really fun evening. You also have the chance to pick out clothes that you might never see in the store, which gives you the opportunity to create a new look.

Sold out!

It sounds simple and it is. Don’t buy your new clothes in high season. Of course you can’t always prevent yourself from tearing out of your jacket on the first winter day of the year and having to buy a new one at that moment. However, if you can put off buying clothes, do so. You can save a lot of money if you buy a new bikini or summer dress in the fall instead of at the start of the season.

You will not only find offers at the end of a season, but there are several sales throughout the year that you can enjoy. Think, for example, of Black Friday, which you can use for a good week these days. There are also often sales around or just after Christmas and there are many webshops that have high discounts all year round.


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