If you’re struggling to get noticed online, you should start engaging with the video production process. Video content is very compelling when compared to simple text and it can generate a whole new audience for your brand while simultaneously keeping existing customers engaged.

In this handy guide, you’ll discover what video production is and the five-step process that creates engaging content. You’ll find out five huge benefits to creating more videos too. Let’s start by discovering how a team of marketers create videos for use online.

What Is Video Production?

Simply put, video production is the act of creating video content. Like filmmaking, video production involves creating moving image content that is then marketed. Unlike filmmaking, however, video production sees creatives digitally generate content for use online.

Video production is broken down into five steps. 

Step 1: The Concept

The first step in the video production process is when the concept is imagined. It sees creatives decide on the content they want to create and why it fits into what the brand is trying to achieve. It will involve discussions with members of the team.

Step 2: Pre-Production

Then, in pre-production, storyboards will be created, locations sourced and scripts crafted. This is when the project really starts to come alive. Locations for shooting and storyboards give the first real-world impression of how the video content will look upon completion.

Step 3: Production

Production is the third part of the video production process. It’s the best-known section of the shooting process—the shoot itself. Here, cameras will be rolling to capture the visual elements needed for the video.

Step 4: Post-Production

In post-production, the video footage is edited. Visual effects might be added alongside text and filters.

Step 5: Distribution

Once the video production process is complete, it’s distributed to an audience. It usually appears as advertising or content on a website, social media page or email. It could also appear on television or before films at the cinema.

What Are The Advantages Of Video Production?

Video production has been around for many years, but its immense potential is only just being realised by large and small businesses alike. Why has video production become such a popular marketing method? Let’s find out.

Unique Content

Video content is visually pleasing and catches the eye of would-be customers. Videos are important for presenting a strong first impression of your brand as well as keeping repeat customers interested in your products or services. Video content you make yourself will be completely unique. No identical footage will exist in the world, giving your brand its own exclusive content that visitors to your website or social media pages will love.

Video viewers are much more likely to retain information than those who read written content, as demonstrated by how many people prefer to watch movies rather than read a book. The medium of video brings characters and products to life in a way that written text can often struggle with.

Sharable Content

Videos are sharable, which means your content can travel organically peer-to-peer. This only works if the content is entertaining or interesting, so bear this in mind during the pre-production stages of video production. Content that’s shared peer-to-peer has no marketing cost, making it desirable for any business.

SEO Content

The latest SEO techniques closely incorporate video production. That’s because videos create unique URLs. Search engines including Google prefer websites with lots of links across the internet. They’re seen as more legitimate and active, which leads search engines to rank them higher. 

Every time a viewer shares your video content, it creates more activity online which only helps to further strengthen search engines’ positive feelings about your brand.

Watchable Content

Engaging video content is highly watchable, which keeps people on your website for longer. The longer they stay, the more likely they are to spot other elements of the page. You can use this as an opportunity for pop-up offers.

Trustworthy Content

Video adverts are more trustworthy than text for obvious reasons. They can be used to show off your product or service using real footage. Simply writing in a product description, “This item is stylish” doesn’t prove anything. A video of the product being used or worn shows this statement to be true.

Featuring your staff in video content is also a great idea because it boosts faith in the brand. Customers want to know that staff are happy to publicly endorse what you’re selling.

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