With the end of the year getting closer, it is time for small businesses to reflect on how their businesses have worked so far and think about the importance of offering quality products and services, guaranteeing effective and professional customer service.

Along with an overview of the business, think about how your company has managed to connect with the growing digital consumers. And it is that the modern consumer uses technology very frequently to search for information, investigate products and services, compare prices, make purchases and keep in touch with family and friends. These consumers value the convenience provided by the Internet, the speed and transparency when buying, and they expect to find a friendly way in each step of the purchase process, from the search for information to the after-sales service. According to recent data, more than half of the Mexican population makes some type of purchase online.(1)

The digital audience expects a business to have an online identity to interact with, regardless of its size. It is the task of the entrepreneur to recognize the advantages of reaching these consumers, and adapt to their needs and desires to attract new customers and better serve existing ones. According to the results of GoDaddy Data Observatory 2023made to small business owners in Mexico, entrepreneurs who have a business website to connect with their customers reported that it helps them show their products or services (81%), improve the visibility of their business (74%) , attract new audiences (73%).(2)

There are a number of ways to attract, delight, and build loyalty among the growing number of digital consumers. While there’s no single recipe, GoDaddy shares some tips that might be helpful to entrepreneurs.

  1. Create a digital identity: Having a business website that represents your business and its products or services, along with a related domain name (the website address), helps increase your visibility on the Internet, where digital consumers are. Short and clear domain names are ideal because they are easy for customers to remember. Today, there are a wide variety of domain name extensions to choose from that can suit your business, such as: .store, .music, .photography, as well as .com and .com.mx. At GoDaddy you can easily find the domain name ideal and create an integrated website.
  2. Use social networks: The use of social networks together with a website are complementary to your business, and can help you approach both current and new customers. You can start using the social network in which you already have a presence; however, you must evaluate the social networks where your customers are and that they can relate to your business. The most practical thing is to have the same name in the social network profiles of your business as the one you have chosen as the domain for your website.
  3. Sell ​​from your own online store: Whether you sell your products and services through social networks or in marketplaces, it is important to have a virtual store where your customers can complete their purchases safely. With your own online store, linked to your website, you can have control over the shopping experience and get to know your customers better, use digital marketing tools and implement loyalty strategies for shoppers.

Small Mexican businesses are also interested in offering a first-class shopping experience to their customers through their business websites. Ecommerce features such as offering multiple payment methods (63%), selling products (59%), and being able to offer multiple shipping options (48%) were rated by GoDaddy Observatory respondents as the most greater impact on your business.

Creating your own online store may seem like a challenge, however, a online store builder like GoDaddy’s helps make it possible to build one without too much technical expertise, with the ability to advertise up to 5,000 products with up to 10 images each and securely accept credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

  1. Create impactful content: The Internet is visual, and those who communicate more quickly and objectively with professional images and impact have an advantage. Showing quality photos of your products with accurate descriptions in social media posts can help you stand out from your competition. To create content that looks like it was produced by professionals, there are several applications. One of them is GoDaddy Studioan online tool that allows you to create and choose professional images to help tell the story of your business.
  2. Build your customer loyalty: In a market as competitive as the current one, customer loyalty is crucial. A customer base loyal to your brand can support your business by buying your products more than once, and also by being a promoter of your brand, by sharing your product or service with friends, family and other people who may be interested.

Entrepreneurs need to stay connected with digital customers and surprise them to keep them connected to your business. Here it is up to your imagination and how you can apply the ideas to your business, and could include things like a gift with purchase, a more personalized experience, a sample of a new product, a discount coupon for a future purchase or the opportunity to try your latest product or service before anyone else.

Similarly, using information collected from customers who already interact with your business to create a more personalized shopping experience can help build customer loyalty.

Going for a digital identity through an easy-to-navigate website, with a relevant domain name, can significantly improve the online visibility of your business and attract new audiences. Combining striking images, strategies to build a loyal customer base, and using social media in conjunction with an online store can help you better engage with shoppers and provide a better shopping experience. Incorporating integrated digital marketing tools helps optimize your online presence, more effectively reach target audiences, and analyze customer behavior to make more informed decisions.


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