In an ever-increasing sea of guides from foot enthusiasts and successful creators alike, our quick guide combines these insights for an easy to follow outline of top platforms and tactics for selling your own Foot Pix online.

Are you ready to make money selling feet pics online? You’ve probably stumbled across countless how-to guides, tutorials, and advice columns on where and how to sell feet pics. Some are written by foot lovers and enthusiasts while others are designed by successful foot content creators and experts in the field.

This quick guide on where and how to sell feet pics takes all of these elements into account and delivers a concise, straightforward, and user-friendly breakdown of the best places to sell your feet pics plus tips and tricks for success. 

So grab a pen or pencil and let’s get into it!

Where to Sell Feet Pics and Videos?

Before you start creating foot content, you need to choose a platform – or a few. Selling feet pics on multiple websites and apps increases your chances of landing a sale and making money. But it also increases your workload, so be mindful not to spread your resources too thin. 

Each platform requires high-quality, unique content and a bit of management. You need to keep your inventory up-to-date and diverse while also interacting with customers, answering questions, and engaging with buyers. 

Here are some of the best platforms for selling feet pics and the ones that offer the most potential.

1. FunwithFeet is an all-inclusive, user-friendly foot pic website that offers endless opportunities for sellers and plenty of variety for buyers. Registering as a buyer is free. Sellers have to pay a small listing fee of $24.99 for three months or $44.99 for six months. This listing fee is minimal considering FunwithFeet allows sellers to keep 100% of their earnings – another awesome benefit of this site. Sellers can organize their content using detailed categories, collections, and keywords.

The average seller on Fun with Feet sells between 6 and 10 collections of foot pics per month, with each collection priced between $10 and $30. These prices vary depending on the type of content, the seller’s popularity, and the quality of work. Sellers can (and should) also accept custom requests from buyers and offer other services like foot videos and chatting. FunwithFeet offers fast, secure, and convenient transactions and payments. The website’s responsive customer support team is available to address any potential questions, concerns, or issues that may arise. 



2. Feetify

Feetify is a foot pic website that cares about its sellers. The more active and engaged you are and the more high-quality content you post, the more money you can make. And that’s not through sales, alone. Feetify gives daily cash prizes to the most active models, regardless of how many sales you make. Awards range from $4 to $100 and more, with monthly giveaways tipping the scales at $10,000! 

Only premium members are eligible for these rewards, plus, without a premium membership there’s not much you can do on the platform. With that being said, upgrading will cost you $49 in cryptocurrency for 12 months. Members who follow all of the website’s guidelines and rules may enjoy another 12 months for free. These membership fees apply to both buyers and sellers. Once you’re a member, you can chat with other users, post and view unlimited content, and contact customer service 24/7. Purchasing foot pics and videos doesn’t require virtual currency, with most members using CashApp, Venmo, or PayPal.

3. Feet Lovers Only

Feet Lovers Only is a platform for selling not just foot pics and videos but also foot-related items like shoes, socks, hosiery, suspenders, and more. Feet Lovers Only has detailed search features that let buyers browse by ethnicity, body type, foot size, age, occupation, and more. Instant categories make it seamless for buyers to find, purchase, and download exactly what they’re looking for in a myriad of unique niches.

Feet Lovers Only is a more fetish-focused platform that showcases kinky and creative foot pics that break from tradition. This foot pic platform is a welcoming, judgment-free zone where foot enthusiasts can meet, connect, and network. Interactive polls show frequently asked questions from fellow members, helping inform, educate, and inspire. Feet Lovers Only has its unique form of payment known as KinkCoins. Buyers can purchase these coins and use them to download content, send tips or gifts, and purchase tangible items. Not all sellers accept KinkCoins, but those that do enjoy faster transactions and fewer complications. 



4. FeetFinder

FeetFinder is one of the biggest and most well-known foot pic platforms out there but it’s not without its own set of flaws. FeetFinder is home to thousands of sellers and a healthy amount of customers. Unfortunately, there are far more sellers than buyers which makes competition on this platform especially fierce. All sellers on FeetFinder undergo a rigorous verification process that includes uploading a selfie and a government-issued ID. Buyers are also required to input a credit or debit card to ensure secure and timely payments.

When you do eventually land a sale, FeetFinder keeps a 20% commission on all your earnings, so be sure to calculate this into your listing price. Buyers can access hundreds of foot pic categories for free, while sellers need to choose between a basic or premium membership. Prices range from $4.99 per month for a basic plan to $14.99 for a premium. You can pay monthly or annually. 

5. DollarFeet

If you prefer to sell foot videos and not deal directly with buyers, DollarFeet may be the way to go. DollarFeet purchases short, quality foot videos from sellers for a flat rate of $10. If a buyer on DollarFeet takes a particular liking to a certain seller and wants to work exclusively with them, a partnership can be forged and this $10 rate may increase. DollarFeet makes it easy to produce high-quality videos without the need for self-promotion or marketing.

There is a downside to this website, though. All models and content creators must undergo a rigorous application process that includes creating a 10-minute foot video to showcase their abilities. If your application is accepted, you’ll get paid and you can start creating and posting more content. However, if your application is rejected, you can’t sell on the platform and you won’t be paid for your work. It’s important to go into this process with an open mind, a unique selling point, and realistic expectations. 

6. OnlyFans

OnlyFans is home to over 2 million amazing content creators and over 200 million subscribers. The subscription-based platform took the world by storm following the Covid-19 pandemic when people were scrambling to find ways to make money from home. What started as a platform for things like recipes and cooking videos to fitness tutorials and fashion advice, quickly transformed into a treasure trove of NSFW content. Now, adult and X-rated photos, videos, and live streams make up a majority of the platform’s content.

So, where do feet pics fit in? Because most people buying foot content have a foot fetish, you can realistically sell your feet pics with a sexy spin. If you’re comfortable focusing on racier images and themes, you can charge anywhere from $4.99 per month to $49.99 for access to your exclusive page. Just remember, OnlyFans keeps 20% of your earnings. In addition to subscriptions, you can also sell pay-per-view (PPV) content. Just be prepared to receive unsolicited messages and requests for pictures of more than just your feet.

7. Social Media

Yes, you can reasonably sell foot pics on social media, however, it’s not always the best outlet. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are great marketing tools for creating your brand, gaining a following, and promoting new content. But when it comes to making a sale and negotiating or accepting payment, these apps leave a lot to be desired.

Social media isn’t designed to act like an e-commerce or Shopify store. There are no payment methods available or protection against scammers and hackers. If someone slides into your DMs asking about your foot content, be polite and professional as you redirect them to your sales page on FunwithFeet or your website.

8. Personal Website

Speaking of personal websites, this is another great option for selling your feet pics if you have basic Internet knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit. Most of the sites and apps listed here do the work for you. The layout helps you organize your content into categories and collections, the chat service keeps you safe and connected, and the traffic visiting your pages are self-proclaimed foot lovers from around the world. The downside to running and launching your own site is that all of this work falls on you. 

It’s your responsibility to create a user-friendly and professional-looking website. You need to select a secure payment system and chat service that offers a safe customer experience. You also need to perform all your marketing and advertising, plus pay for website hosting and a domain name. While this may sound like too much work, the most significant benefit is priceless – complete autonomy and control over your website and work. You can choose your listing prices and keep 100% of your earnings (minus overhead fees). Plus, there’s no competition with other sellers when all of the content on the site belongs to you. 



9. Stock Photo Websites

Last but not least on this least of where to sell feet pics is stock photo websites. These websites, like Shutterstock and Dreamstime, are filled with flawless and professional images from thousands of photographers in hundreds of categories. From landscape and architectural pictures to food, fitness, and beyond, if you Google any type of picture, chances are, you’ll find it on one of these websites – including foot pics!

People turn to stock photo websites for all types of feet pics for a variety of reasons including product promotion, content for a blog or website, and advertising campaigns. As a seller, you never have to interact or negotiate with buyers. You simply register on the site, upload your content, and get paid each time someone makes a purchase or download. Rates range from $0.02 per image to as much as $0.25 so don’t be afraid to register and sell on multiple sites. 

Tips on How to Sell Feet Pics and Videos for Top Dollar 

Now that you know where to sell feet pics, let’s talk about how it’s done. Every content creator has a unique approach to selling feet pics, but some of the same standard techniques apply. Whether you’re a beginner in the business or want to elevate your foot pic career, these tips on how to sell feet pics can help.

Look to Others for Inspiration

Whether you’re new to the foot pic game or a seasoned vet, there’s always something to learn. Look at the content other top sellers in the industry are producing. Check out comments on their posts to see what buyers love about their work. You can also check out what pics and videos aren’t selling and why. The more you know, the better your content will be. Get your creative juices flowing by gathering inspiration from models and sellers on social media and some of the websites mentioned above. 



Practice Before You Post

Don’t be fooled into thinking selling feet pics is easy or doesn’t take plenty of practice and hard work. The worst thing you can do is take sloppy or blurry pictures that were rushed. Buyers will notice right away and move on to another, more professional seller. Practice posing and positioning your feet in front of a mirror or during a trial photo shoot before posting them live, for sale. When it comes to learning how to sell feet pics, you get what you pay for so if you want to earn top-dollar you need to produce quality work. 

Don’t Be an Overachiever

Although it’s important to always try your best when producing and selling feet pics online, you don’t want to overextend yourself. Don’t commit to too many platforms at once. Only register on a few websites to start. Not only will this keep fees and costs down but it’ll prevent you from becoming inactive on certain sites, missing messages from potential buyers, and letting your content become stagnant.

Know Your Worth 

The price of your foot pics is just as important as the quality. Price your pics too high and you’ll lose customers. Price them too low and you won’t make any money. Be realistic about how much your content is worth and how rare and unique it is. Beginners just starting should price their pics and videos on the lower end of the pay scale, whereas more experienced and well-known content creators can afford to charge more, based on popularity alone. 

Connect, Collaborate, and Network 

The foot pic industry is like any other online community. By connecting and networking with other foot content creators, you can unlock new and amazing money-making opportunities. Knowing how to sell feet pics comes down to knowing when and how to take advice and constructive criticism. Get a pulse on the foot fetish community by joining online forums and groups based on foot fetishes and kinks. If you have something to offer other sellers, see if you can collaborate or work out a mutually beneficial deal. 

Keep an Open Mind 

Succeeding in the foot pic industry means keeping an open mind. While it’s okay to focus on one or two categories or niches when producing content, don’t be afraid to think outside the shoebox. Dabble in different categories, experiment with unique settings, and be willing to fill custom orders. The more services you offer, the more customers you’ll attract and the more sales you’ll make. Don’t be surprised if potential clients slide into your DMs to make a custom request. Before you turn them away, listen to their preferences with an open mind. If it’s something you can achieve without sacrificing your comfort or morals, go for it! You may stumble on a new niche or type of foot content that broadens your horizons and earning-potential even further. 

Be Active, Engaged, and Responsive

If you want to stay relevant in the foot pic industry, you also have to remain active and engaged. Stay at the forefront of your buyers’ minds and foot pic feeds by posting often, hosting live events or contests, adding diverse inventory (i.e. videos, pictures, custom orders), and responding to comments on your posts. Most buyers are looking to form a genuine connection with you, so the more engaged you are, the better. 

Treat It Like a Business

When learning how to sell feet pics online, it’s important to treat it like a business – because it is! You need to build a positive reputation online that lets buyers know you’re professional, serious, and reliable. Gain positive reviews from satisfied customers and post them on your social media pages and personal website (if you have one). Respond to customers politely and professionally and always deliver the promised content on time and for the agreed-upon price. It only takes one bad deal to tarnish your reputation and damage your foot pic business for good.

Protect Yourself

Any time you venture out into the world wide web, you’re putting yourself at risk of being scammed, your identity being stolen, and your information being compromised. While this shouldn’t stop you from selling feet pics online, you do need a game plan going in. Some of the best ways to protect yourself online are to only use secure networks when conducting business and never share your personal information. When selling feet pics, you also have the luxury of remaining anonymous and never showing your face. 

Know Where and How to Sell Feet Pics and Realize Your Full Potential

The foot pic industry is booming and if you’ve ever thought about trying your hand (or foot) at it, now is the time! With countless foot pic websites and marketplaces emerging every day and more people needing and wanting foot content, the Internet is your virtual playground for selling foot pics. Knowing where to sell feet pics safely is step one. The second step is learning how to sell feet pics that earn you a major payday

Armed with this information you can start to build your brand and online business as you enjoy the luxuries and convenience of selling feet pics from the comfort of your home or on the go. All that’s left to do is pamper your feet, perfect your posing, and start earning! 

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