The 1950s stand as the beginnings of the extraordinary transformation that technology has brought to the world. Beginning in the 50s, scientists build upon the previous knowledge and technology, bringing us to the point we’re at today. Some of the significant advancements between 2023-1954 include:

Laying the Groundwork 

The 50s and 60s marked a period of laying the foundations of the technological advancements we enjoy today. This is the age where engineers and computer scientists began exploring electronic computing. 

This is the decade when technology began to grow rapidly seeing the introduction of TV. Mass production in electronics also saw more homes purchase and turn to the TV as the primary source of news and entertainment. 

The 1950s and 60s also saw the first computers become commercially available. They were mostly available for use by rich counties and major corporations and well-funded scientific organizations. In the 50s the development of the transistor made it possible to develop smaller computers, laying the groundwork for the laptops and portable devices we enjoy today. 

During this early period, programming languages were developed, allowing communication between machines and people and laying the foundation for the development of software. By the end of the 1960s, we already had the first prototype of the modern computer and the first operating systems. 


The decades between the 1970s and 2000 saw further development sin technology starting with the development of a portable memory chip in 1970. This would be followed shortly thereafter with the development of the floppy disk by IBM allowing portability of computer data from one device to another. 

At the same time, other inventors began developing video games, marking the 1970s as the beginnings of modern-day video gaming. In addition to the floppy disk, the development of the Ethernet cable would facilitate connection between multiple computer hardware. 

It was also in the 1970s that Steve Jobs alongside Steve Wozniak cofounded Apple Computer, marking the beginnings of the development of personal computers. 

By 1981, IBM released into the market the first personal computer featuring a display, printer, diskette drives, additional memory and a game adapter. 

The 1980s also saw the release of Windows, Apple Lisa, and the development of a proposal for what we know as the internet today. 

The 1990s saw the development of the internet and its growth as a communication tool among people. It was also the decade during which Google search engine was first developed. 1999 saw the development of the Wi-Fi. 

Growth, Explosion and the Future of Technology 

By the 2000s computers and the internet were beginning to go mainstream, but not at the scale we see today. Investments were made into developing personal computers including the development of the 64-bit process, web browsers, and operating systems. 

Innovations in this decades continued, even as the adoption of personal computers evolved. In 2010, Apple released the first tablet, marking the beginning of handheld portable personal computers and smartphones. 

In 2016, computer scientists were advancing into the development of quantum computers which have not yet become mainstream. 

Alongside these developments in hardware and software, people were interacting with computers, incorporating them into their daily lives and work. Such integration has been the driver to connectivity around the world through various communication tools. 


In taking account of the developments between 2023-1954, so much has changed in terms of technology. From mainframe computers to portable, lightweight personal computers packed with features, the world of technology continues to evolve. The future currently dwells on what interaction exists between computers and people. With the developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning, the next few decades will be an interesting space as we witness the revolution that is technological advancement. 

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