5 Essential Tips for Making Your Home More Accessible for Elderly Relatives

As your loved one’s age, the time might come where you decide that it’s safer for them to move in with you, and so ensuring that your home is safe, comfortable, and accessible becomes a top priority.

While it can seem like a challenge to renovate your home, they can make a significant difference on the quality of life for your loved ones.

So, if you’re preparing to make renovations to your home, here are five essential things to consider when making your home more accessible for your elderly relatives.

1) Make Your Entrance More Accessible

The first step to improving the accessibility of your home is to make sure that the entrance can allow every resident to enter and exit safely.

Consider installing handrails on both sides of the pathway, and if your front door is raised, it’s a good idea to replace any steps with a ramp to allow for wheelchair access.

Additionally, you should ensure that your outdoor lighting is sufficient to minimise trip hazards, a well-lit pathway will not only improve safety for all, but it can enhance the look of your home’s exterior.

2) Upgrade Your Bathroom

One of the most important rooms to renovate for accessibility are bathrooms, as these can be particularly challenging for elderly relatives who are unsteady on their feet.

To make this space easier and safer for them to use, you should install grab bars in vital areas such as beside the toilet and in the shower, as these can provide crucial support and allow the elderly to retain their independence.

If you have the budget for a larger renovation project, you could even consider installing a walk-in shower or wet room to completely eliminate the need to step over a shower tray or bath wall.

3) Invest in a Stairlift

If your home is over multiple levels, then navigating the stairs can be a challenge for the elderly, and this can be a significant problem if your bedroom and bathrooms are upstairs.

To help your relatives navigate your home, you may need to have a stairlift installed. These additions can make a huge difference to their quality of life.

And, if the time comes when you’re ready to have the stairlift removed, experts such as We Buy Any Stairlift can come in and remove your stairlift, leaving your hallway, stairs, and landing looking as good as new.

4) Utilise Smart Technology

The increasing technologically advanced world that we live in has allowed us to help improve the quality of life for the elderly in a wide variety of ways. One of these is the ability to incorporate smart technology into our homes.

Smart home devices, such as Google Home, can be controlled with simple voice commands or through a smartphone app.

This technology not only makes life more convenient for the whole family, but it can also help to promote independence by allowing your elderly relatives to control various aspects of their living with just their voice.

5) Choose Your Flooring Carefully

The right flooring can make all the difference to the overall safety and accessibility of your home, and installing slip resistant flooring, such as the designs stocked by Tapi throughout your house can allow for easier navigation.

Plus, by opting for laminate or vinyl, it will allow for wheelchairs and mobility aids to move more easily across the floor.

Share your home renovation tips for elderly relatives in the comments below!

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