Adobe came just a day ago with a major unveiling of Adobe Express now launching the availability of a desktop web version. Adobe adopts its best app for rapid content creation where Firefly generative AI will now be implemented in its beta version. The revolution caused by this app is impressive, because in itself it already contained incredible speed, but the AI ​​will further enhance the workflow by combining ease of editing and at the same time sharing your content.

Express provides unmatched power and editing in terms of the use of common Adobe tools in its fastest version of photography, design and video or content in general. Generative AI now contributes with all-in-one editing to share content on networks, image editing, import and export, among other issues.

Highlight the importance of Adobe Express in the day to day of the creators who use the app for their different digital works of all kinds, from creative and personal to work and formal. Now also remember that it adds prompts compatible with more than 100 languages, which allows you to use Firefly AI in a better way now in Express. Generate your content from it, in an impressive quality just by writing your idea. The best features are now with better fluency and production directly in your language. These and more features are now available on the desktop web version, and the mobile version is coming soon.

Adobe Express with the power of generative AI Firefly

In case you are a student, creative professional or any type of user looking to use in some professional, business, etc. sense. the software, you’ll be able to use the capabilities you need most in an instant. If you decide to subscribe to Creative Cloud you will have a full version of Adobe Express Premium on your devices. Once you have made the subscription you will be able to have all the resources that Adobe provides directly from Photoshop and Illustrator. No matter where you choose to upload your file from, they will be synced between your apps. Added to this, users will be able to collaborate in real time between their projects, it does not matter if it is a PDF, video or image file, there will be order and quality.

Adobe Express for enterprise level

In this aspect, Express offers a professional workflow without losing the creative line. Coming to marketing, you can also make use of the Creative Cloud apps or Experience Manager. What Adobe Express offers will be able to make design teams of any level, experience and company size work with better organization when creating or collaborating. Now that the app has Firefly available for companies, employees will be able to generate their own content.

Take control of your creativity

No matter your experience level or look, you can easily afford to do so much more with all the content in one app. Among 56 million students and educators across the globe who already have Adobe Express. In this way, global collaborations and other characteristics can exist:

  • Edit in one place: Create your favorite content from design, PDF and others that can go directly to favorite social networks.
  • Firefly is coming now: Adobe Express now takes full advantage of the capabilities of images and text effects that can be generated by AI. With prompts in over 100 languages ​​you can unleash original and commercial content.
  • better workflow: Now you can access, edit and work directly with all the features of Photoshop and Illustrator now in Express.
  • New templates: For all your design needs you will find up to 200 million content, with templates of all kinds in Adobe Stock without any copyright issues.
  • PDF support: The editor is reliable with editing, importing and exporting PDF documents.
  • quick actions: Act quickly by removing background from your content, make animations, conversions and more creations easily.


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