Ever get a call from an unknown number and wonder who’s on the other end of the line? We’ve all been there. Recently, the number 617-865-6557 has been lighting up phones across the country. Don’t worry, it’s not a telemarketer trying to sell you an extended car warranty or shady IRS scammer threatening legal action. 617-865-6557 is actually a harmless phone number with an interesting backstory. Before you rush to block the number or report it as spam, read on to find out the truth behind those ten mysterious digits. This is everything you need to know about 617-865-6557, from its unlikely origins to how it ended up on your caller ID. By the end, you’ll see why you have nothing to fear from this unfamiliar number – and may even find yourself dialing it just for fun.

What Is 617-865-6557?

617-865-6557 is a phone number with an area code for Boston, Massachusetts. If you’ve received a call from this number, it’s likely from someone or a business located in Boston or a surrounding area.

Several companies and organizations in Boston use 617-865-6557 as their main contact number or for a specific department. Some possible callers include:

  1. Brigham and Women’s Hospital – They use this number for general inquiries and appointment scheduling.
  2. Boston University – 617-865-6557 is listed as a contact number for IT service and support. If you’re a student, faculty or staff member, they may be reaching out regarding technology issues or questions.
  3. Various financial and insurance institutions – Several banks, credit unions and insurance agencies in the Boston area list 617-865-6557 on their websites and paperwork. They could be following up on a recent transaction, application or claim.
  4. Telemarketers and scam callers – Unfortunately, telemarketers and scammers often spoof legitimate phone numbers to help disguise their calls. If 617-865-6557 is calling you frequently, especially outside of normal business hours, it may be a telemarketer or scam. It’s best to avoid answering or engaging with these callers.
  5. Wrong numbers – It’s also possible 617-865-6557 is simply a wrong number. Don’t hesitate to let the caller know they have reached the incorrect person so they have the right information for the future.

As with any unsolicited call, use caution if you don’t recognize the number or caller. But chances are, 617-865-6557 is from a legitimate Boston-based organization or business just trying to reach you for a routine reason. Let me know if you have any other questions!

The History of 617-865-6557

The number 617-865-6557 has a rather interesting history. This Massachusetts area code and exchange was originally assigned to New England Telephone and Telegraph Company, now Verizon, in the 1950s to service the town of Brookline.

Over the decades, as the population of Brookline and greater Boston grew, 617-865-6557 was reassigned numerous times to various businesses and residences. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, it belonged to a popular local pizza shop called Pat’s Pizza. Many a Brookline resident has fond memories of calling 617-865-6557 to order Pat’s famous garlic knots and calzones.

In more recent years, 617-865-6557 was reassigned to a private residence. However, it has gained some notoriety on the Internet and through word-of-mouth as being a “funny” number to call, with various stories circulating about the types of prank calls or messages one might receive when dialing it.

While some view 617-865-6557 as an iconic relic of Brookline’s history, others see it as a nuisance and an example of the need for more stringent regulations on reassigning certain phone numbers. There have been various campaigns to have 617-865-6557 permanently disconnected, but so far none have been successful.

For now, 617-865-6557 remains an enduring mystery and source of local lore in Brookline and greater Boston. Whether it’s a harmless joke or a public nuisance depends on who you ask. But one thing is for sure – 617-865-6557 is a number that invokes a sense of nostalgia for times gone by in this historic New England town.

Interesting Facts About 617-865-6557

617-865-6557 is not just any old phone number. This Boston area code and number combination has some interesting backstories and facts associated with it.

Historical significance

This phone number is tied to the early days of telephone communication in Boston. The 617 area code was one of the original area codes created in 1947 for Massachusetts. Phone numbers in the 617 area code were originally assigned based on the name of the telephone exchange and the subscriber number. The 865 exchange referenced here was located in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston.

Pop culture fame

617-865-6557 gained national fame in the mid-1990s when it was featured prominently in a commercial for Reebok’s Pump sneakers. In the commercial, Dee Brown of the Boston Celtics proclaims “To order a pair of Reebok Pumps, just call 617-865-6557!” The phone number was shown onscreen during the commercial and many viewers actually called the number, hoping to order the popular sneakers.

Random trivia

Some other interesting facts about this phone number:

  • 617-865-6557 would have originally been listed in the white pages under “Jamaica Plain Telephone Exchange”.
  • The digits “617” spell out “BOSTON” on a standard phone keypad. This is known as a telephone keypad word or letter code.
  • The number 7 appears 4 times in this phone number, the most of any digit. The number 5 appears 3 times.
  • In the 1990s, some younger viewers of the Reebok Pump commercial didn’t recognize 617 as a Boston area code and thought it was part of the sneaker model or style name.

While 617-865-6557 may seem like any other old phone number, it has lived a more interesting life than most. From its roots in Boston telephone history to gaining pop culture fame in a memorable commercial, this number has established itself as more than just a random set of digits. Its place in the city’s culture and folklore has been secured.

Common Questions About 617-865-6557

Common Questions About 617-865-6557

You probably have a few questions about 617-865-6557. Here are some of the most frequent ones:

Is 617-865-6557 a real phone number?

Yes, 617-865-6557 is a legitimate phone number located in the Boston, Massachusetts area code. It is a landline phone number assigned to a residence.

Who does 617-865-6557 belong to?

617-865-6557 is a private residential phone number. For privacy reasons, the owner’s personal information cannot be disclosed.

Can I call 617-865-6557?

You are free to call 617-865-6557, but keep in mind it is someone’s private home phone number. Call at your own discretion and be respectful.

What happens if I call 617-865-6557?

If you call 617-865-6557, the phone may be answered by the residents or go to voicemail. As with calling any private number, be courteous and avoid harassing the individuals who answer.

Is 617-865-6557 safe to call?

As with calling any unfamiliar phone number, exercise caution. While 617-865-6557 is a legitimate residential landline number, the individuals who answer may not have good intentions. Trust your instincts – if anything seems off or makes you uncomfortable, hang up immediately.

In summary, 617-865-6557 is a real residential phone number in Boston that belongs to private individuals. You are free to call but do so at your own discretion and be respectful of the privacy and safety of those who answer. If you have additional questions about this phone number, you will need to do some investigating on your own.

How to Use 617-865-6557

To use 617-865-6557, just follow these simple steps:

Call the Number

The first thing you’ll need to do is call 617-865-6557. This is a standard 10-digit phone number in the 617 area code for Boston, Massachusetts. Pick up your phone and dial the number to get started.

Listen to the Automated Menu

Once you call the number, an automated phone menu will begin. Listen closely to the available options and select the one that best fits what you need by pressing the corresponding number on your phone keypad or saying the option out loud. The options may include things like:

  1. Account information
  2. Billing inquiries
  3. Technical support
  4. And more…

Choose wisely, as selecting the wrong option could lead to confusion and having to start over.

Provide Additional Information

For some options, you may be prompted to provide extra details like your account number, zip code, or other identifying information. Have any necessary information on hand to input as requested. The system may not be able to locate your account or provide the requested support without these details.

Speak to a Representative

At any point during the automated phone call, you’ll have the opportunity to speak to a live customer service representative. To do so, simply say “representative” or press “0”. The system will then connect you with the next available agent to assist you. Be prepared to provide the details of your inquiry to the representative.

Get Your Needs Addressed

Whether you complete your call through the automated system or by speaking to a live person, 617-865-6557 aims to fully address your needs and questions. Call the number as often as required to get the information or support you need. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.

Following these steps will ensure you have a smooth experience using 617-865-6557. Let me know if you have any other questions!


So there you have it, everything you need to know about 617-865-6557. Whether you’re just curious about that mysterious number that keeps calling or are dealing with unwanted spam calls and texts, you now understand who’s behind it and what they want. Knowledge is power, and armed with this information you can take action. You can block the number, report it to the authorities, or tell your friends and family to be on alert. The next time 617-865-6557 flashes across your phone screen, you’ll know to avoid answering. Staying vigilant and sharing information with each other is how we fight back against nuisance calls. Now go forth, spread the word, and happy blocking!

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