We’ve had one several times Smartwatch from Amazfit in the test. These included the T-Rex Pro, Bip U, Bip U Pro, Bip S, Bip S Lite, Bip Lite and the Amazfit GTR 3. We then recently got to try the ultra-lightweight running watch Amazfit Cheetah. Now the manufacturer has the new one Amazfit Bip 5 presented. This is again located in the favorable sector.

Amazfit recently did the Amazfit Bip 5 presented. Under the motto “Go Bigger, Go SmarterThe watch has the brand’s largest display to date. It is also the first watch in the Bip series that Zepp OS integrated. Zepp OS brings one Abundance of benefits with himself. These go well beyond what is typically found in an entry-level smartwatch.

What’s new:

  • A 1.91 inch ultra large high resolution LCD touch screen and a large selection of over 70 watch faces.
  • Zepp OS 2.0 offers access to an extensive ecosystem with over 70 apps, including over 30 mini-games.
  • Bluetooth phone calls are supported via the built-in microphone and speaker.
  • Intelligent everyday functions like the online voice assistant Amazon Alexa, Morning Updates and more.
  • Smarter health and fitness featuressuch as 24-hour blood oxygen monitoring, twice as many sport modes as the previous generation, automatic detection of seven sport movements and the PeakBeats™ training status algorithm.

Larger display and personalization

With extra large 1.91 inch is the LCD touch screen the largest of all Amazfit smartwatches currently available worldwide. It consists of Glass that has a slight curvatureto allow for a more natural vision when worn. Experience a lively and high-resolution display, with over 70 stylish watch faces. There is also the “Portrait Watch Face”, which alternates between up to three uploaded images each time the display is woken up. A truly personalized experience.

Smarter lifestyle features

Next to Amazon Alexa and Bluetooth calling support the smartwatch offers access to more than 70 downloadable mini-apps for a fun approach to health and fitness. It includes over 30 mini-games that add a fun extra dimension to the interactivity of the smartest Bip smartwatch yet.

Advanced health and fitness features

For the first time in the Amazfit Bip series, the combination of the health-oriented Zepp OS 2.0 and the progressive BioTracker™ PPG-Sensor of the Amazfit Bip 5 users, their Blood oxygen saturation 24 hours on the day together with the heart rate to monitor and theirs too stress level. The smartwatch can even be set to Warnings for these three metrics reports when abnormal readings are detected during the day.

Intelligence is also the be-all and end-all when it comes to the sports functions of the Amazfit Bip 5: they are now standing over 120 training modes available – compared to 60+ in the previous generation. The watch is adjustable to detect 7 sports movements in real time. It is also possible for sports data to be read out in real time via the loudspeaker.

In the smart Amazfit Bip 5 is the PeakBeats™ algorithm integrated by Amazfit. This presents training data like VO₂ Max for easy viewing after training is complete. Sharing the data via the Zepp app to fitness apps like adidas Running and Strava is possible.

The Amazfit Bip 5 is now in the Amazfit-Stores or at Amazon available at a price of 89.90 euros.

(This article is an advertisement from Amazfit. The article was written by Amazfit and supplemented with some details by the Android user editorial team.)


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