best tv 32-Inch: Which Choice Is Best For You? Check out!

Currently, the search for the best 32-inch TV has become increasingly common, whether for use in bedrooms, kitchens or smaller spaces.

Of course, with so many options available on the market, it’s important to consider factors like image quality, smart features, and affordability. With that in mind, in this article, we’ll explore the best 32-inch TV options, the most trusted brands, and how to choose the option that meets your needs.

So stay with us until the end of this article and discover the 5 best 33″ TV options that we have selected for you.

What’s the best 32-inch TV for you?

When looking for the best 32-inch TV, it’s essential to consider your preferences and budget. Fortunately, there are several renowned brands on the market, offering different features and technologies. Some examples: Samsung, LG, PHILIPS and HQ Screen are some of the brands known for their image quality and smart features.

Now get to know each one of them and where to buy them! Right?

Check out the list of the 5 best 32-inch TVs!

1. 32 inch LG 32LQ621CBSB.AWZ LED Smart TV.

First, we present the incredible Smart LED TV LG 32LQ621CBSB.AWZ 32-inch display, a perfect choice to bring stylish, technological entertainment right into your home. Surely, with amazing smart features, this new LG TV will delight you.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of ThinQ AI Artificial Intelligence technology, present in the LG 32″ TV. The latest technology on your TV, isn’t that wonderful?

As for the image, with the a5 Gen5 processor, the image quality is improved, providing a more immersive and immersive visual experience. And you can choose the option that balances brightness and image in a predefined way, which makes it very easy to balance between color tone, clarity, sharpness, contrast and saturation.

Thanks to its HD resolution and LED display technology, you’ll enjoy clear, vibrant images. The 60 Hz refresh rate ensures smooth playback of moving scenes, giving you an uninterrupted view. This is wonderful!

In addition, this TV offers advanced smart features, seamlessly integrating with your AI LG ThinQ and relying on Alexa voice assistant. Wow! With this intuitive and convenient interaction, you will have complete control over your television.

The built-in speaker design provides an immersive sound experience that perfectly complements this TV’s exceptional picture quality. No wonder customers rated it an average of 4.7 stars from 3,797 global reviews, praising its excellent value for money and modern features.

So if you want to get quality, technology and style in a 32-inch TV, the LG 32LQ621CBSB.AWZ LED Smart TV is the smart choice.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have one of the best options available on the market.

Before going to the next list, how about checking out a video to understand more about the Smart LED TV LG 32LQ621CBSB.AWZ?

2. Smart Tv Philco Roku 32″ Led HD – Ptv32g70rch

Second, we have the Smart TV Philco Roku 32 inches, a product of exceptional quality. With PHILCO’s renowned brand name, you can be assured of reliable, long-lasting performance. In addition, LED display technology delivers clear and vibrant images, while HD resolution provides an immersive viewing experience.

With a 60Hz refresh rate, every scene comes to life with smooth, realistic motion. Dolby audio ensures exceptional sound quality, elevating your entertainment experience.

Importantly, connectivity is a strength of this TV, allowing you to access over 100,000 movies and TV episodes through popular apps like Netflix, Globoplay, Telecine, and more. With the multi-channel smart search system, finding your favorite content has never been easier and faster.

In addition, the TV has a range of connectivity options including Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet and HDMI. With the built-in digital converter, you can enjoy digital channels with high picture quality.

Available in 110V and 220V voltages, this Smart TV has received positive reviews from 2,323 satisfied customers, with an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Feedback highlights its excellent value for money, easy-to-use volume control and perfect image quality.

So, get the 32-inch Philco Roku Smart TV now and enjoy high-quality entertainment in the comfort of your home.

3. Smart LED TV 32” HD Samsung LH32BETBLGGXZD

Third, get to know the Samsung LED Smart TV LH32BETBLGGXZD, a 32-inch model with HD resolution and LED display technology. Impressively, with a refresh rate of 60Hz, this TV delivers a smooth and immersive experience. What’s more, the modern and elegant design of the Samsung brand brings a perfect combination of quality and style.

With HDR technology, you’ll enjoy enhanced brightness and contrast, allowing you to see every detail in both bright and dark scenes. Also, adaptive brightness and contrast ensure a pleasant viewing whether in dark or bright scenes.

This Smart TV is equipped with the TIZEN operating system, allowing you to access your music, movies, news, games and social networks on a single screen. With HDMI connectivity and HD picture quality, you’ll enjoy vibrant colors and sharp details.

In terms of audio, the TV features Dolby Digital Plus, providing an immersive sound experience. The audio output power is 5W + 5W, with an RMS output of 10W.

With customer reviews averaging 4.7 stars from a total of 2,532 global reviews on Amazon, this Smart TV offers great value for money. Its excellent image quality, modern design and the possibility to access a variety of content make it an option worth considering.

Enjoy all the benefits of this wonderful TV.

4. HQ Smart TV LED 32″ HD

In second to last place, we have the 32-inch HQ Smart LED TV with HD resolution, a real treat for the eyes. Wow! Equipped with the most advanced technologies, this smart TV offers integrated Wi-Fi, three HDMI inputs and two USB ports, allowing for perfect connectivity. Certainly, with an elegant and slim design, it stands out as a sophisticated addition to any environment.

Enjoy modern features that guarantee unparalleled moments of entertainment and comfort. In this way, with this TV, you will transform your home into an authentic cinema room. In addition, it already comes with the most popular apps pre-installed, such as Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video and Spotify. Through the store, you can download several other applications according to your preferences.

Rated by customers as an excellent value for money choice, this TV impresses with its picture quality, ease of use and efficient volume control. A perfect combination of technology and design, it offers you a wonderful visual experience.

undoubtedly the HQ Smart TV LED 32” HD is the ideal option for those looking for a quality television, versatile connectivity and smart features.

So don’t miss the opportunity to transform your living room into a high-end entertainment environment. Get it now!

5. PHILIPS Smart TV 32″ HD

Finally, we present the Philips Android 32 Smart TV, a 32-inch model with LED technology and HD resolution. This TV manufactured by renowned brand Philips in 2022. It offers a variety of features and services for a complete entertainment experience.

With the smart tv philips Android 32 will certainly give you access to the most popular Internet services, such as Netflix, Youtube, Prime Video and Disney Plus, which are already pre-installed. In addition, through the Google Play Store, it is possible to install several other applications, such as Globoplay, HBO Max, Star+ and even Spotify, providing access to a multitude of content to suit your tastes and interests.

One of the strengths of this TV is the picture quality improved by support for HDR10, which provides more vivid colors, sharper details and deeper blacks. In addition, its borderless design, with thin edges, guarantees an immersive experience, thus fully focusing on your favorite movies, series and programs.

The Philips Android 32 Smart TV also offers the convenience of voice command with Ok Google. How wonderful! This way, with it, you can control your TV and compatible devices using just your voice, without having to look for the remote.

Enjoy all these features and benefits when you purchase the Philips Android 32 Smart TV. Turn your living room into a true entertainment center with a TV that delivers exceptional performance and an immersive experience.

So don’t miss out on this quality TV that meets your needs affordably and with Philips brand reliability.

Some thoughts on the best TV brands

The Best 32 Inch TVs
  • Best 32-inch Smart TV Brands: Which Ones Stand Out?

In the 32-inch TV segment, some brands stand out for their excellence in quality and performance.

Samsung, for example, offers a wide range of models, with features such as the Tizen platform, which allows access to popular streaming apps.

LG is also recognized for its smart TVs, featuring the webOS platform and integration with virtual assistants.

Other brands such as Philips and HQ also offer excellent 32-inch TV options, with innovative features and superior image quality.

Best price:

Finding the best 32-inch TV price

When looking for the best 32-inch TV, it’s important to consider value for money.

Finding the best store, such as Amazon, searching within the promotions can help you find good deals.

In addition, it is worth considering models from previous years, which can offer similar features to more recent releases at a more affordable price.

When shopping online, remember to check the seller’s reputation and read reviews from other buyers.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best 32-Inch TV

When making a decision, consider your specific needs, okay? If you’re looking for a TV with smart features, check compatibility with apps and virtual assistants, as in the examples we cite in the list.

If you’re a fan of games or action movies, choose a TV with a high refresh rate and low response time. Also, check connectivity options such as HDMI and USB to ensure compatibility with your devices.


As we’ve seen, when choosing the best 32-inch TV, it’s critical to consider your personal preferences and available budget.

so see your finance and plan your purchase. If you already have the value and really need the TV, take the opportunity and buy it, after all some promotions last a short time.

Brands like LG, Samsung, HQ and Philips are known for their picture quality and smart features, as well as a good reputation in the market.

Remember to consider your specific needs such as smart features, image quality and connectivity.

We hope that with the information and top 5 best 32-inch TV picks presented here, you can make an informed decision and find the perfect TV for you.

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