Is another beeping on the partner’s phone making you crazy? Do you see them smiling at the screen and hiding their chats far from your eyes? Did you catch them lying about being in one place when they were in another one instead? This behavior is screaming “cheating”, and we understand the need to investigate this fact!

Today, we will introduce you to the GPS tracker for mobile devices concept and will help you pick the best mobile tracker to monitor your significant other.

Free or Low-Budget GPS Tracking Apps – What to Pick?

Feeling betrayed and down already by the possibility of confirming that your partner is unfaithful, the last thing that you would like is to spend an enormous amount of money trying to catch them red-handed.

We are here to help you pick an Android mobile tracker that will be either free or low-budget while still reliable and able to help you with your investigation.

Mobile Tracker Free – Stealthy App with Free Plan

We will start with the Mobile Tracker Free because we genuinely think that this is one of the best options on our list. The app allows its users to track a partner’s location by using GPS, access SMS/MMS, call log information, let alone remote control of the targeted device, access to photos, browser history, contacts, and much more. One of the biggest pros of this app is the fact that it has a free-of-charge demo version that you can start using today.

All that you need to do before starting to monitor your partner’s location is follow the steps below:

  • Go to Pick the subscription plan –  limited free offer, $49.99 per month, $29.99 per month (3-month plan), or $12.49 per month (12-month plan)
  • Download the app to the target device and give the necessary permissions
  • That’s it! You can open the dashboard in your application and monitor your partner’s location and actions online


  • Customer support is hard to reach
  • Free plan is limited in time

Life360 – Great for Family Monitoring

Life 360 is a simple yet effective live mobile number tracker app you should consider when looking for a cheater tracking tool. Same as Mobile Tracker Free, the app has a list of great features that you might find helpful, including location safety, phone tracking, driving tracking, digital safety, emergency assistance, and roadside service.

Life 360 has 3 plans: Free – with limited features, Gold – $14.99, and Platinum – $24.99 (7 days of the free trial period is available for both payable memberships).


  • It does not track social media activity, text messages, phone calls, search history, etc.
  • The customer support may fail to reply to your request

FlexiSPY – Best App for Catching a Cheater

Last but not least on our list is FlexiSPY. This is another great option for anybody who decides to track phone messages, location, and, basically, the complete internet activity of the other person. This includes social media chats, calls, browser history, dating apps, photos, videos, and much much more. Be ready, though, for everything that you might see there, as it could be a massive confirmation of cheating if your partner is actually having an affair.

FlexiSPY, surprisingly, has liberal prices. You have to pick from Lite – $29.95, Premium – $79, and Extreme – $119 subscription plans based on the features you would like to use.


  • Jailbreaking/rooting is required for advanced features
  • Quite expensive

What Other Apps to Pay Attention to?

Tracking someone’s location by using GPS is not that hard if you have a proper app for that. If you are wondering what other apps might be helpful for this task, we can give you a small list from our experience:

  • GEOfinder – GPS location tracker by using a phone number
  • – Installation-free and anonymous location tracking app by using a picture
  • mSpy – Parental control app with more than just location tracking
  • uMobix – An all-around monitoring app for all purposes (parental control, busting a cheater, employee monitoring, friend tracking, keeping relatives safe, etc.)

Wrapping Up

Relationships are supposed to be our safe space. If you suspect any kind of infidelity, it is recommended to gather evidence to pose the cheating matter point-blank. If you feel that your spouse is no longer not the one you once loved, make sure to save your mental health and heart and walk away from this relationship.

We hope that this article will be helpful for you whenever you need to cast an eye on the ‘I’ and resort to family counseling or start a new life without the person who doesn’t deserve your love.

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