Akko Monsgeek keyboards have become increasingly popular among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts in recent years. With their unique retro styling, excellent build quality, and wide range of switch options, it’s easy to see why. But what really makes these keyboards stand out is just how customizable they are. From changing keycaps to modifying switches, there are tons of ways you can personalize your Akko board and make it your own. In this article, we’ll go over some of the best ways to customize your Akko Monsgeek M2 keyboard for a unique look and feel.

Change the Keycaps

One of the easiest ways to customize the look of your Akko keyboard is by changing the keycaps. The custom keycaps are nice, but you can really transform the overall aesthetic by swapping in a custom set. Some popular options include pudding style caps that show off the backlighting, artisan caps featuring novel designs or shapes, and full keycap sets that offer a completely different color scheme. Just make sure if you get a full set that it supports your keyboard’s layout. And you’ll want keycaps made from durable PBT plastic rather than ABS for longevity.

Lubricate the Stabilizers

Akko keyboards come with decent stock stabilizers. However, you can improve the feel and reduce rattle by lubricating them. Use a thin lube like Krytox 205g0 or Tribosys 3203 to lube the stabilizer wires and housings. Be sure not to overlube, as too much lube can make the stabilizers feel mushy. Properly lubed stabilizers will make your space bar, enter key, and other large keys feel buttery smooth and sound much nicer.

Modify the Switches

For the ultimate custom feel, you can modify the akko switches on your Akko keyboard. For example, you can open up the switches and lube the springs and stems with a thicker grease-style lube like Krytox GPL 205g0. This enhances smoothness and reduces friction. Filming the switches by inserting plastic films can tighten tolerances for a firmer, more responsive feel. And you can even swap in completely different switches if you want a change in feel or sound profile.

Add Switch/Case Foam

Adding custom foam inside your keyboard case can alter and improve the sound signature. You can add high-density neoprene or EVA foam to the bottom of the case for a deeper sound profile and to reduce any hollowness or pinging. For a deeper sound and less switch housing rattle, you can add switch pads or switch films around the pin openings to cushion the switches. Experiment to get your desired acoustics.

Change the Plate Material

Akko keyboards come with aluminum or polycarbonate plates. However, you can change up the feel and flex by getting an aftermarket plate made of different material like brass, POM, or carbon fiber. Brass and POM offer a bouncier, flexier typing feel. Carbon fiber provides rigidity for a super solid typing experience. Just make sure the replacement plate supports your PCB and switch layout.

Install Case and Plate Foam

In addition to switch and case foam, you can install foam between the PCB and plate, as well as around the edges of the case interior. Good foams for this application include 3mm neoprene and Poron. This foam mod further reduces hollowness and pinging while also subtly altering the typing sound and feel. Take your time with the mod for best results.

Lube and Film the Springs

For the ultimate in smoothness and an enhanced typing experience, you can lube and film the individual spring inside each mechanical switch. Using a thin lube like Krytox 105, lube the coils of each spring to reduce friction and pinging. You can also insert films around the springs to further perfect the acoustics. This mod takes time but makes a noticeable difference.

Get Custom Coiled Cables

To really complete the custom look, outfit your Akko board with a nice custom coiled cable from companies like Mechcables, CruzCTRL or SwiftCables. These artisan cables come in fun colors with cool connectors to match your keyboard’s aesthetics. They also include handy upgrades like USB-C, aviators, and more. A custom cable adds style and convenience.

Add Underglow/Case Lighting

Many Akko keyboards feature per-key RGB lighting. You can take the visuals to the next level by adding underglow LED strips around the bottom edge and interior of the case. This creates a uniform glow and makes your keyboard really shine when lighting effects are activated. If you get a frosted acrylic case, the underglow will diffuse for a soft, dreamy look. Take your pick of LED strip colors.


With its solid build quality, retro vibe and extensive customization options, it’s easy to make your Akko Monsgeek M2 keyboard a truly personal creation. From subtle mods like lubrication to over-the-top lighting effects and case work, you can tailor virtually every aspect of the keyboard to your exact taste. The wide range of available accessories and community-created mods means the customization possibilities are nearly endless. So try out some of these fun and rewarding customization methods to make your Akko board stand out.

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