Although YouTube allows you to save some music videos for offline use, these do not go to your local device storage. Another limitation is that you must maintain an internet connection after a while to prevent offline videos on YouTube from being automatically deleted. YouTube downloading software come in handy when you need to download a song and not worry about it going missing later on. In this article, we review OnlyMP3, a YouTube downloader that allows you to save music videos from YouTube in a few clicks. 

What is OnlyMP3? 

OnlyMP3 is a YouTube downloader app that allows you to download videos or audio files from YouTube. The software is intuitive and easy to use, taking just a few steps to download the audio or video you desire. 

This YouTube downloader comes with a number of features that you should know of. 

First, it has one of the fastest encoders which makes it fast to convert a video link to a video or audio file that you can download. The platform also has an unlimited video length, allowing you to download lengthy audio of up to six hours. This means you can download your favorite music playlist at a go. 

To download a video or audio: 

  •  Search YouTube for the video or song you want to download
  • Copy the link to that video 
  • Open OnlyMP3 
  • Paste the video link on the search bar and click ‘convert’
  • The converter will process the video link and provide download options in either audio and video alongside various file sizes and resolutions
  • Select the file you want to download by clicking on download

Once downloaded, the file will be available on your device’s local storage and you can access it at anytime without requiring an internet connection. 

Pros of OnlyMP3

With so many YouTube downloaders, why should you choose

OnlyMP3 provides a number of benefits:

  • It is free to use and does not require you to sign in or share your personal information. 
  • OnlyMP3 has an easy-to-use interface that’s not cluttered with unnecessary information
  • You get unlimited video downloads for free, and with no account required 
  • The download process is fast, which can make a difference when you live in an area with an unstable internet connection 
  • You get to choose the quality of the video or audio you want to download, which ensures a high quality viewing or listening experience with all your files 
  • You can choose various audio formats to including WAV and MP3 based on your audio device
  • OnlyMP3 is compatible with multiple devices, operating systems and browsers. Therefore, you can download your favorite YouTube videos from any device that can access the internet
  • OnlyMP3 is build on a secure platform ensuring that your device remains safe from malware 
  • OnlyMP3 allows you to upload your downloaded videos and music to Dropbox, so you can listen to them at any time across devices.

When downloading music on the platform, you should be aware of the legal terms and conditions of using the service. OnlyMP3 provides one-time downloads for personal and transitory viewing. The materials downloaded from the platform are not intended for commercial use, to safeguard the copyright of the owner. 

The site safeguards your device from malware, by ensuring the files you download are free from malware and viruses. 


Finding a reliable site where you can download YouTube audio can be an uphill task. Some require you to sign in while others have restrictions on how many videos you can download for free. Not to mention some of the sites that are riddled with redirect links that can frustrate the download process. OnlyMP3 gives you an easy, yet seamless experience when you want to save your favorite songs to your device. You can read more about OnlyMP3 for more information on the platform and what it offers.

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