In today’s fast-paced industrial world, materials and their applications are constantly evolving. While foam boards, particularly PVC foam sheets, have long been associated with arts and crafts and rudimentary signage, their use in various industries has expanded considerably. 

Amongst the many types of foam boards available, foamex at Simply Plastics is recognised for its durability, versatility and a wealth of potential applications.

1. Robust Signage in Harsh Conditions

  • Outdoor Advertising: Traditional foam boards can warp or deteriorate quickly under adverse weather conditions. However, the upgraded foamex boards have a higher density and a resilient structure, making them ideal for outdoor advertising where longevity and resistance to elements are crucial.
  • Construction Sites: In areas where constant wear and tear is the norm, foamex signs play an indispensable role. They’re resistant to many chemicals, and their smooth surface ensures that dust and grime can be cleaned off with ease, maintaining visibility and safety instructions.

2. Aesthetic Enhancements in Retail

  • 3D Structures: One of the most exciting developments in retail space design is the creation of 3D structures using foam boards. The ease with which these boards can be moulded, shaped, and painted offers a cost-effective solution for creating temporary or semi-permanent displays that capture consumer attention.
  • Printed Backdrops: High-resolution printing on foamex boards results in vibrant backdrops for window displays, in-store promotions, or event spaces. The added benefit? Their lightweight nature ensures easy installation and replacement.

3. Acoustic Treatment

While traditional wooden panels and fibreglass have been the primary choices for acoustic treatment, foam boards, especially denser variants, are making their mark in this field.

  • Soundproofing: Foam boards can be used as an additional layer in walls or ceilings to reduce sound transmission, making them useful in offices, studios, or industrial settings.
  • Sound Diffusion: By designing foam board panels with specific patterns, they can be utilised to scatter sound waves, reducing echoes and enhancing the audio quality in a room.

4. Aerospace and Automobile Prototyping

The importance of rapid prototyping can’t be stressed enough in sectors like the aerospace and automotive industries. Foam boards, being easily shapable and cost-effective, allow designers and engineers to create life-sized models of parts or even entire product concepts.

  • Scale Models: Before any aircraft or vehicle hits the production line, a scale model is crucial for visual assessment and wind tunnel testing. Foam boards provide a swift way of creating these models without breaking the bank.
  • Concept Display: For showcasing innovative concepts at trade shows or investor meetings, foamex boards are employed to create mock-ups of futuristic vehicles or aircraft, owing to their ease of crafting and adaptability to various designs.

5. Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Environmental concerns have made industries look for alternative packaging solutions. Foam boards have emerged as a favourite for several reasons.

  • Protection: Their inherent shock-absorbing properties ensure that products, especially delicate electronics, are safe during transit.
  • Customisation: Foam boards can be cut, moulded, or shaped to fit the contours of any product, ensuring snug packaging and reduced wastage.
  • Recyclability: New-age foam boards, especially those devoid of harmful chemicals, are more eco-friendly and can be recycled, making them an attractive option in the world of sustainable packaging.

6. Medical Applications

Surprisingly, the medical field has also found applications for foam boards. From anatomical models for educational purposes to supports in orthopaedic devices, the possibilities are ever-expanding.

  • Therapeutic Devices: Foam boards, given their rigidity and adaptability, have been incorporated in devices that require firm support, be it neck braces or specific surgical tools.
  • Educational Models: For medical students or patient education, foam boards serve as an excellent base for creating anatomical models, ensuring durability and a realistic representation.


Gone are the days when foam boards were restricted to basic tasks. Today, industries recognise their potential, propelling foamex and other variants into the spotlight. As technology advances and innovative minds explore, the boundaries for foam board applications seem limitless. 

From harsh construction sites to the intricate world of medical devices, these boards are proving to be more than just a basic material. They are, in essence, a canvas for modern industrial innovation.

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