Brazil made a great debut in the Basketball World Cup by overcoming Iran, this Saturday (26), by 100 to 59. Bruno Caboclo was the highlight of the selection with 16 points and seven rebounds. However, bad news in the third period. Raulzinho slipped and left the court on a stretcher with a knee injury.

The situation of the shipowner, then, worries. Still during the match, Raulzinho left the gym to undergo tests at a hospital. The move took place early in the third quarter during a counterattack.

On the other hand, Brazil was dominant against Iran in its debut in the Basketball World Cup. From the first minutes, he imposed himself on the court and soon opened up a great advantage. Coach Gustavo de Conti started with the quintet formed by Yago Mateus, Raulzinho, Léo Meindl, Bruno Caboclo and Tim Soares.

In addition to Caboclo, Yago had a great performance with 14 points, six assists and three balls from the perimeter. Three other players also surpassed double digits in scoring. Center Tim Soares was 100% on three balls, with three hits and finished with 13 points. Veteran Vítor Benite scored 12 points. Finally, Marcelinho Huertas had ten points and six assists.

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In Brazil’s first game at the Basketball World Cup, Gustavinho took advantage of the large advantage against Iran to rotate the squad. As a result, all summoned athletes entered the court. Including Gui Santos, who was little used in the friendly matches. The G League player was recovering his fitness, but he had 14 minutes.

The players with more time on the court, then, were Caboclo, Meindl and Lucas Dias. The forward ended with nine points, while the Sesi Franca center forward scored eight.

On the side of Iran, two highlights. Center forward Matin Aghajanpour had 11 points. Likewise, NBA veteran Hamed Haddadi finished with ten points.

Now, Brazil returns to the court on Monday (28), at 10:30 am, against Spain. It will be the selection’s second commitment in the World Cup. The duel could be decisive to define the first place in Group G.

The game

The Brazilian visiting card was an aerial bridge by Bruno Caboclo. Incidentally, the center forward was responsible for the first six points. Thus, the team opened 12 to 4 in the first minutes of the game, forcing a time-out from Iran. The advantage only increased. Without missing shots after six minutes, the difference was 22 to 6. The first quarter was dominant. 33 to 12 Brazil.

The second period started the same way. The team did not slow down and maintained a good defense. In addition, with Benite on the court, he began to explore shooting from the perimeter. Gustavinho rotated the squad, but Brazil continued with the same intensity on both sides of the court. Therefore, he knew how to take advantage of alternating attacks from the perimeter, infiltration and close to the basket. Likewise, he did not stop fighting in the marking.

With another good period, then, Brazil extended the advantage built in the first quarter. Léo Meindl and Caboclo were the main scorers in the first half. Only three players, incidentally, did not score in the opening 20 minutes. Georginho, Gui Santos and Cristiano Felício. In this period, De Conti had already used all the players in the squad. 57 to 25 Brazil

Second time

Right in the first minutes of the third quarter, a scare. In a counterattack, Raulzinho slipped and felt his knee. In a lot of pain, he left the court on a stretcher and worries. Lucas Dias, by the way, was the one who felt his teammate’s injury the most and even went to the bench crying.

The game followed the pattern of the first half. Brazil continued with great performance. Tim Soares converted two balls of three and the advantage continued to expand. In the first part of the quarter, the selection made a run of 14 to 4. At that point, the Brazilians had 55% of use of the perimeter with 11 of 20 in the question. The third period, then, was the most disputed of the game. Even so, Brazil won by 25 to 21 and the advantage remained comfortable. 82 to 46 Brazil.

Brazil 100 x 59 Iran



Bruno Caboclo: 16 points and seven rebounds
Tim Soares: 13 points and 3/3 of the perimeter
Yago Mateus: 14 points, three rebounds, six assists and 3/5 from the perimeter
Vitor Benite: 12 points
Marcelinho Huertas: ten points and six assists


Matin Aghajanpour: 11 points, 3/6 of the perimeter
Hamed Haddadi: ten points, four rebounds and three assists

Others games

South Sudan 96 v 101 Puerto Rico



Carlik Jones: 38 points, six rebounds, 11 assists, four steals, 4/9 from the perimeter
Wenyen Gabriel: 15 points, seven rebounds, 7/10 shooting from the field
Dut Jok Kacuol: 13 points and three rebounds
Marial Shayok: 11 points, seven rebounds and three assists
Nuni Omot: 11 points

Puerto Rico

Stephen Thompson Jr: 21 points, 13 rebounds, four assists and five steals
Tremont Waters: 19 points, four rebounds, 10 assists, three steals, 4/9 from the perimeter
George Conditt: 18 points, 11 rebounds, three blocks
Ismael Romero: 16 points, 11 rebounds, three assists and three steals
Isaiah Pinero: 14 points and five rebounds
Jordan Howard: 11 pontos

Cape Verde 60 x 85 Georgia


Cape Verde

Kenneti Mendes: 11 points
Keven Gomes: ten points and four rebounds
Will Tavares: nine points


Tornike Shengelia: 16 points and seven rebounds
Goga Bitadze: 15 points, 11 rebounds and three assists
Duda Sanadze: 12 points, 3/6 of the perimeter
Alexander Mamukelashvili: ten points, eight rebounds and five assists

Jordan 71 x 92 Greece



Rondae Hollis Jefferson: 24 points, nine rebounds and four assists
Ahmad Dwairi: 14 points, nine rebounds and three assists
Sami Bzai: 11 points, 3/8 of the perimeter
Freddy Ibrahim: ten points and six assists


Giannoulis Larentzakis: 19 points, three assists, 3/5 from the perimeter
Thomas Walkup: 13 points, seven assists, 3/6 from the perimeter
Ioannis Papapetrou: 13 points and four rebounds
Nikos Rogkavopoulos: ten points and seven rebounds
Thanasis Antetokounmpo: nine points, five rebounds and three steals

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