Camping in tents has always been my sanctuary, but transitioning from the simplicity of tent camping to the increased comfort of a caravan was a revelation. This shift was not just about upgrading my sleeping arrangements — it was about elevating my entire camping experience. My latest upgrade concerns furniture, and it began at Here is my account of my thoughts around tables and chairs and how I experience the brands I looked at in my decision-making process.

The Quest for Perfect Camping Furniture

My mission started with a clear goal: to find camping chairs and a table that would not only survive outdoors but thrive in it. I was looking for comfort, durability, ease of unfolding and packing up. After diving deep into reviews and guides, I landed on, a Swedish store for camping enthusiasts. It was here I found the brands and models that matched my needs.

Outwell: Danish Comfort

Outwell is somewhat of a challenger in camping furniture, but after some testing, I find it’s a brand that does not compromise on quality, neither in frames nor in the padding of the chairs. Their all-weather camping tables feel solid and stable. Large handles on the Outwell Teton chair made it easy to adjust the backrest positions, allowing me to take in the natural beauty around me in absolute comfort. Moreover, Outwell’s three-year warranty on their camping chairs provided peace of mind.

Dometic: Durability at Its Core

Durability is key in camping life, and Dometic delivered on this promise. The Dometic chairs and table I tested were built to last, made from materials tough enough to withstand the elements. The powder-coated aluminum frames were the perfect mix of light and durable, easy to carry but sturdy against the challenges of outdoor life.

Isabella: Elegance on the Go

Isabella’s camping table and chairs are a bit pricier but have the ability to merge elegance and stability. Their design was not just stylish but also practical as they are very easy to fold up for simple storage in the caravan. Their tables are also extra stable and feel like a safe choice.

Essentials for Ideal Camping Furniture

In my search, I identified several things to consider in the choice of camping furniture. An important thing in the choice of camping chairs is to consider the height of the chair when it is packed. There’s often a big difference in how much space they take up in the packing. For those packing in a car, it’s also important to measure so the camping chair does not become too long for the trunk when folded. For those with family tents, there are also comfortable chairs with good armrest that can be packed in a roof box.

Camping tables also come in many different shapes and constructions. Everything from foldable tables with whole table tops to more pack-friendly tables that fold in the middle to save space in the car or caravan. Important is to consider here is the choice of table top, whether you want table that can stand outside in the rain or if you are going to have it in tent.

Common considerations of both tables and chairs are:

Durability: Choose parts made with high-quality, weather resistant materials that with stand outdoor life.

Portability: Light, foldable furniture make transport and storage easy.

Stability: Solid construction is must for safety and comfort, to avoid unwanted wobling.

Ease of maintenance: Choose furniture that is easy to clean, as camping can get messy.

My Adventure

Browsing on made it easy to choose camping furniture thanks to its user-friendly design and thorough product descriptions. Reviews from other campers lent credibility and trust to my choices.

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