In our current world, mobile devices have become inseparable companions for many of us. However, for some, these gadgets are stealing more than just attention, they are stealing human relationships. The term “fubbing” is recent, but its impact is felt in different aspects of life, including the world of betting.

Fubbing, or rather “phubbing”, is a combination of the words “telephone” and “snub”.

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This phenomenon is common these days: we distract those we interact with in favor of what is happening on our mobile devices during a conversation, a lecture or any form of face-to-face communication.

This term was coined in 2012 by MSapp, an advertising agency looking to put a name to an emerging phenomenon at the time. These days, fubbing is everywhere, especially in big cities where people spend a lot of time on social media and messaging apps.

Fubbing especially affects those who need to be connected because of their work or occupation, and punters are especially vulnerable to this trap.

But how does this manifest itself in sports betting?

The cell phone has become an indispensable partner for the modern gambler. Not only does it allow us to place bets at any time, it also allows us to follow sporting events online. However, that same ability leads us to phubbing, a total dive into the world of betting.

For most betting fans, it’s not just about placing a bet, but also about keeping track of the game they bet on. It’s the search for the perfect moment, watching the live stream or following the game’s stats.

Consequently, especially if we are used to being “connected” to the game we bet on, we never leave the phone. It is present during meals and even while we sleep, always at hand so that we can quickly check the result of a game or place a new bet.

But why do we indulge this addiction?

One of the main reasons is the fear of missing something important (FoMo). This is particularly true for bettors, as we try to keep a constant eye on ongoing games so as not to miss out on any interesting opportunities.

Bookmakers also contribute to this behavior, as sometimes live games appear that were not previously announced, but which can be extremely attractive for bettors.

In addition, many bettors develop an obsession with keeping up to date on the game they bet on. For them, winning is not the only concern, but the feeling of being involved in the betting process. This is one of the first steps towards another dangerous disease: cheating, which goes hand in hand with phubbing and makes us completely lose touch with reality.

But why is fubbing so harmful?

Fubbing refers to being distracted by the phone during a face-to-face conversation, and it means disrespecting the other person. It is inconsiderate, especially when our interlocutor is fully engaged in face-to-face communication.

In addition, excessive attention to devices can cause irritability, visual and physical fatigue, problems with fingers and hands that are constantly working, sliding, surfing.

If our work is directly related to devices or computers, it is inevitable that sooner or later we will have health problems caused by excessive cell phone use.

Fubbing can also be a distraction from work. We often open our cell phone just to search for something and hours go by without even realizing it.

The time we spend in front of the computer and devices is time we take away from the physical exercise we all need, communicating with our loved ones and friends, and even resting, both during the day and at night.

So how to avoid fubbing?

The first thing we should do if we see signs of fubbing in our lives is to regulate our relationship with our phone and devices. We must identify when its use is really necessary and when it is not.

If we want to follow a game we bet on, we can set up notifications on our phone. Most bookmakers offer this service, which allows us to receive updates on goals, corners and so on. While this too is a kind of miniature fabbing, at least we won’t be stuck for hours in front of the game tracker on our phone, waiting for a goal.

To ensure that we don’t miss important events, we must carefully study the calendar, mark the games that interest us most and plan our trip to the bookmaker to bet or follow the game. Time is an increasingly valuable resource, and the better we manage it, the more time we have available, whether for work, for useful activities or simply for our own pleasure.

We should also do “detox days” – spend a few days at a lake or in the woods, disconnected from the phone and the internet, or at least spend an hour a day without devices, walking or running.

Even if we lose a game, there are so many events in modern bookmakers that another interesting game will appear in a few hours. Therefore, it is not worth sinking into the betting process. This not only leads to fubbing but also to gambling addiction.

Rediscover your connection to the world around you. Free yourself from the domination of devices and rediscover the beauty of human relationships, free time well spent and the tranquility that comes with a rested mind. Be present, be aware and live each moment fully.

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