So you’ve decided to throw a coomer party – congrats! A coomer party is the perfect way to let loose and celebrate being young, wild and free. But to make it truly memorable and avoid any awkward moments, there are a few essentials you’ll want to have on hand. You’ll want to make sure there are plenty of drinks to keep the good times flowing, some mood lighting to set the vibe, a killer playlist with a good beat, and of course, protection and cleaning supplies for the main event. With the right supplies and a fun, open attitude, your coomer party will be the stuff of legends. Your guests will be talking about it for weeks to come!

What Is a Coomer Party?

A coomer party is a casual get-together focused around comfort, coziness and winding down. If you’re looking to host a laid-back, low key event, a coomer party is perfect.

Coomer parties are all about relaxation and recharging. Have guests arrive in their comfiest clothes – we’re talking sweats, joggers, tees, hoodies, slippers, the works. You’ll want lots of soft seating like couches, bean bags, floor cushions, and blankets so people can lounge and lounge some more.

Keep the lighting dim and the ambiance chill. Play some lo-fi hip hop, jazz or nature sounds. Scents like lavender, eucalyptus or sandalwood help set a calming mood.

For snacks, think finger foods that can be nibbled mindlessly like cheese, crackers, nuts, granola bars, fresh or dried fruit. Hydrating drinks are also key – water with lemon or cucumber, herbal tea, warm almond or oat milk.

Activities should be leisurely and rejuvenating. Do a guided meditation or yoga session. Get out some adult coloring books or crossword/Sudoku books. You can also do DIY face masks, hand massages or just chat.

The goal of a coomer party is to unwind, de-stress and reconnect. Keep things minimal, cozy and restorative. Your guests will leave feeling recharged and thanking you for a perfectly chill evening. After all, taking time for self-care and relaxation is so important. A coomer party is the perfect way to make recharging a social event.

Coomer Party Supplies Checklist

To throw an unforgettable coomer party, you’ll want to stock up on some essential supplies.


Streamers, confetti, balloons – the brighter and more obnoxious the better. Don’t forget a “Happy Coomer Day!” banner to set the mood. You’ll also want plates, cups, napkins, etc. with an adult theme.


Create a party playlist filled with sultry songs to keep the energy going all night long. Choose songs with a heavy bassline and sensual lyrics. Don’t be afraid to include some classic coomer anthems from the 70s and 80s!


  • Spin the Bottle: The coomer party classic.
  • 7 Minutes in Heaven: Take turns pairing up guests for some alone time.
  • Truth or Dare: The racier the questions and dares the better!
  • Dance Contest: Who can do the most provocative dance? Winner gets a prize!


Stock the bar with cocktails to loosen up your guests like Sex on the Beach, Slippery Nipple or Screaming Orgasm. You’ll also want to have ingredients on hand for any drink with a naughty name.

###Costumes (optional)

Encourage your guests to show up in their most coomerific costumes. Anything from lingerie to role play outfits to fetish gear is fair game. Offer a prize for the best, sexiest costume.

With the right music, games, costumes and cocktails, you’ll be on your way to hosting a coomer party people will be talking about for years to come!

Setting the Mood: Music and Ambiance

A coomer party isn’t complete without the right music and ambiance. Set the mood and vibe for your guests to enhance the overall experience.


Play upbeat, energetic music with a good beat to keep things exciting. Some great options include:

-Popular dance, electronic or hip hop music from artists like The Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris or Cardi B. Their pulsating sounds will get people moving.

-Throwback party anthems from the 80’s, 90’s or 2000’s that everyone knows and loves. Who can resist singing along to “Livin’ On A Prayer” or “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”?

-Create a collaborative playlist on Spotify or Apple Music ahead of time and ask your guests to add songs to get them involved. Shuffle the playlist during the party to keep things interesting.


Dim the main lights or use colored bulbs to create an ambient glow. Spotlights, string or fairy lights also help set the perfect party vibe. Consider:

-Using smart bulbs that you can dim or change the color of with an app. Dim them to around 50-60% brightness.

-Placing string lights, lanterns or neon signs along walls, ceilings, staircases or entryways.

-Using strobe or disco lights to pulse to the beat of the music. But don’t overdo it, or your guests may end up with a headache!

Other Touches

-Fill the space with balloons, confetti, streamers or other festive decorations.

-Set out glow sticks, neon rings or other LED novelties for your guests.

-Use scented candles, essential oil diffusers or room sprays in an invigorating fragrance like citrus, mint or pine.

-Make sure there are designated spots for people to sit, mingle, dance or take a break. Provide extra seating, bean bags, pillows or ottomans.

With the right combination of these elements, you’ll create an unforgettable coomer party atmosphere and experience. Your guests will be talking about it for weeks to come!

Coomer Party Activities and Games

A coomer party isn’t complete without some fun activities and games to break the ice and bring people together. Here are a few ideas to get the good times rolling:

Two Truths and a Lie

This classic party game is perfect for a coomer party. Have each guest share two truths about themselves and one lie. The other guests then try to guess which statement is the lie. This helps people open up in a low-pressure way and often leads to funny stories and revelations.

Never Have I Ever

This game is a perfect way for coomers to bond over their experiences (or lack thereof!). Sit in a circle and go around, with each person saying “Never have I ever…” followed by something they haven’t done. Anyone who has done that activity takes a drink. Keep going until everyone has had a chance to share. You’ll be surprised by how much you learn about each other!

Coomer Pictionary

Put a naughty twist on the classic Pictionary game by having guests draw sexually-themed things, positions, or innuendos for others to guess. Separate into teams or play individually and see who can get the most right. The horrible drawings combined with the dirty guesses will have everyone laughing in no time.

Truth or Dare

No coomer party is complete without a raunchy game of Truth or Dare. Set some ground rules ahead of time, choose a method for picking victims and dares (spin the bottle, draw from a hat, etc.), and get ready for an outrageous time. Have guests write their own dares and truths ahead of time and put them in the selection method of choice for maximum embarrassment and fun.

With the right mix of people who share a sense of adventure, these games are sure to make your coomer party unforgettable. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope – that’s what coomer parties are all about! Loosen up, go wild, and most importantly, have fun. The memories you make will last long after the party ends.

Cleaning Up After the Big Event

After the coomer party ends, you’ll likely be left with some cleaning up to do. Don’t worry, with some planning you can minimize the mess and get back to normal in no time.


Stock up on essential supplies beforehand: trash bags, cleaning wipes, stain remover, febreeze or an air purifier, mop or vacuum, brush and dustpan. Have extras on hand in case of spills or accidents.

Clear the Area

Ask friends to help throw out any remaining trash, food, or red Solo cups. Do a quick sweep of the area to pick up any stray decorations, confetti or other small pieces of debris. Remove any furniture you moved for the event and return it to its proper place.

Clean Messes

Tackle any spills, splatters or spots right away before they have time to set in. Check carpets, upholstery, countertops and floors for any sticky, smelly or crusty residue. Use appropriate cleaners and tools to scrub away traces of the celebration.

Freshen Up

After the big cleanup, do a final freshening pass. Run an air purifier with a HEPA filter to remove airborne particles. Light some candles or essential oil diffusers to eliminate any lingering scents from food, drinks or smoke. Mop hard floors, vacuum carpets and rugs and do any last minute dusting. Your space will be ready for normal use again in no time.

With pre-planning and teamwork, you can get the coomer party aftermath under control quickly. Start the cleanup process as early as possible and don’t forget the finishing touches to make your home sparkle again. A memorable party doesn’t have to mean days of messy aftermath. Stay on top of it and you’ll be back to routine in no time!


Now that you have the essentials covered, it’s time to put on your party hat and get this coomer party started. With the perfect decor, activities, snacks, drinks, music, and of course your closest friends by your side, this is sure to be a night you won’t soon forget. Don’t worry about overplanning or trying to control every little detail – let loose, go with the flow, and make memories that will last far longer than any party favor or photo booth picture. The most important ingredient is enjoying each other’s company – so grab another drink, hit the dance floor, and celebrate this milestone in style. The clean up can wait until tomorrow, tonight is all about living in the moment with the people who matter most. Cheers to you – you’ve earned this!

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