You finally have some time to yourself and what better way to unwind than by catching up on the latest celebrity gossip. That’s right, it’s time for your guilty pleasure – diving into the juiciest tidbits from Dhamaka Zone. Get ready for some major scoops that will have your jaw on the floor. From surprise pregnancies to cheating scandals, this roundup has all the deets on your favorite stars that you need to know. So grab your phone and get cozy, because you’re about to be shook. The drama is always blowing up in celeb land and we’ve got all the piping hot tea. You know you want to get your fix of the outrageous antics of the rich and famous. Well, you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to feast your eyes and satisfy your craving for some spicy Hollywood headlines. Let the binge begin!

Dhamaka Zone: The Hottest Celebrity Gossip Site

The Latest Scoops First

As the leading source for entertainment news, Dhamaka Zone is the place to go for the freshest gossip on your favorite stars. We have dedicated reporters constantly scouring sources for the latest scoops and rumors in Hollywood, Bollywood and beyond. From relationship drama and breakups to pregnancy announcements and red carpet fashion, we cover it all.

Behind the Scenes Access

Our experienced team of journalists have cultivated relationships with publicists, agents and industry insiders over many years. This gives Dhamaka Zone exclusive behind-the-scenes access and allows us to share details about celebrities that no one else can. We get the real story before anyone else and have even broken some of the biggest entertainment news stories of the decade.

Opinion and Analysis

Dhamaka Zone doesn’t just report the news, we also provide insightful analysis and opinions on the stories that matter most. Our team includes award-winning columnists and critics who offer perspective on industry trends, review the latest films and TV shows, and discuss the cultural impact of celebrities and entertainment. Whether or not you agree with them, our columnists always spark interesting debates.

From red carpets to courtrooms to movie sets around the world, Dhamaka Zone brings you entertainment news and gossip 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are dedicated to accuracy, have high journalistic standards, and will never share “fake news.” If you’re looking for an all-access pass into the glamorous world of stardom, Dhamaka Zone is the only place you need to be.

The Juiciest Dhamaka Zone Celebrity Gossip Right Now

New Couple Alert!

Word on the street is that actors Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have been getting cozy on the set of their new film “Padmavati”. Sources say the on-screen couple have been hanging out after hours and secretly dating for months. Neither star has commented yet, but fans are already shipping #RanDeep! If this gossip is true, they would make such a power couple.

Breakup Blues

In sadder news, it looks like the romance between singers Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghoshal has fizzled out. The musical duo had been together for over 5 years but have now unfollowed each other on social media and removed photos together from their accounts. While their melodious duets will live on, their off-screen relationship seems to have hit a sour note. Maybe music and love don’t always mix!

Baby Bump Alert!

Ever since actress Kareena Kapoor Khan was spotted at a doctor’s clinic last week, rumors have been swirling that she’s pregnant with her second child. The actress is yet to confirm the news, but sources say she has already told close friends and family. If the reports are true, the new baby will join big brother Taimur Ali Khan, who just turned 4. Kareena has mentioned in interviews that she would like Taimur to have a sibling close in age. Looks like the actress got her wish!

Whether or not these stories turn out to be true, one thing’s for sure – there’s never a dull moment in the glamorous lives of Bollywood celebrities! Stay tuned to Dhamaka Zone for the latest gossip, news and updates from the entertainment world.

Dhamaka Zone’s Best Celebrity Couple Scoops

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone: Bollywood’s Power Couple

Bollywood’s most adored couple, Ranveer and Deepika, have been giving us major relationship goals since they got married in 2018. From accompanying each other to award shows and red carpet events to leaving flirty comments on each other’s Instagram posts, they are clearly head over heels in love.

Last month, Ranveer posted a photo with Deepika on Instagram for her birthday, captioning it “My everything. I love you bebzooo.” Deepika commented back, “I love you baby. You bring so much joy and laughter to my life. I wish for you peace, health, and happiness always.” Aren’t they just the cutest? These two never fail to make us swoon over their romantic gestures and public displays of affection.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas: A Fairytale Romance

Priyanka Chopra, former Miss World, and Nick Jonas, singer of the Jonas Brothers, had a whirlwind romance straight out of a fairytale. After only two months of dating, Nick proposed to Priyanka on her 36th birthday in 2018. They then had two extravagant wedding ceremonies in India, following both Christian and Hindu traditions, that were truly a sight to behold.

Nick has said that he was instantly drawn to Priyanka’s kindness, compassion, and authenticity. He knew after their third date that he wanted to marry her. Priyanka has gushed that Nick is extremely loving and supportive, and she feels like the luckiest girl in the world to have found him. We just love following their romantic love story and seeing glimpses into their glamorous life together on social media. This celebrity power couple is here to stay!

Controversial Dhamaka Zone Gossip Moments

Salman Khan’s “Radhe” Leaked Online

Salman Khan’s much anticipated action thriller “Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai” was leaked online just hours after its theatrical release. The film was made available on torrent sites, Telegram channels and other platforms for free download. This led to a huge loss for the producers and distributors. However, Salman’s diehard fans still flocked to theaters to watch their favorite star in action.

Raj Kundra’s “HotShots” Controversy

Businessman Raj Kundra, husband of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, was accused of producing and distributing pornographic content through his mobile app called “HotShots”. He was arrested by the Mumbai police for allegedly violating obscenity laws. The controversy received widespread media coverage and Shilpa Shetty had to issue a public statement defending her husband. Raj Kundra was later released on bail.

Aryan Khan’s Drug Case

Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was arrested in a drug raid on a cruise ship party. He was accused of possession and consumption of illegal drugs. The high-profile case sparked a huge debate around drug abuse in Bollywood. Aryan spent almost a month in jail before being granted bail. His parents Shah Rukh and Gauri had to face intense media scrutiny during this time. The case is still being investigated.

Controversies and gossip are an inextricable part of showbiz. While some news fade away quickly, others can have lasting impacts on celebrities and their careers. The Dhamaka Zone is always abuzz with the latest scandals and rumors from the glamorous world of entertainment. These controversial moments become hot topics of discussion and debate on social media, keeping netizens thoroughly entertained.

Dhamaka Zone Celebrity Gossip FAQs

Who are some of the most talked about celebrities on Dhamaka Zone?

Some of the hottest celebs covered regularly on DZ include megastars like Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor, and Priyanka Chopra. DZ prides itself on being an equal opportunity gossip hub, dishing on the latest drama from Bollywood and Hollywood. Whether it’s a new blockbuster movie casting or the latest awards show fashion face-off, DZ has you covered.

Do celebrities actually pay Dhamaka Zone for coverage?

No way! DZ reports only the juiciest, most shareable gossip without fear or favor. While some “news” outlets accept money in exchange for coverage, DZ values its reputation for independence and transparency. The editors work hard to verify tips from sources close to the stars before publishing a story. And of course, DZ welcomes celebs to comment or clap back to set the record straight.

What’s the craziest story Dhamaka Zone has broken?

One of the wildest scoops DZ ever published was the news that a major Bollywood supercouple was filing for divorce. DZ reporters received a tip from a source close to the couple that irreconcilable differences and clashing egos had led to a permanent split. At first, representatives denied the story, but DZ stood by its reporting. Within a week, the couple announced their breakup, vindicating DZ’s dogged gossip instincts. It just goes to show, you can’t hide the truth from Dhamaka Zone!

How can I submit a tip or get in touch with Dhamaka Zone?

Have some scalding hot tea to spill? DZ accepts news tips 24/7 through our website portal at Just fill out the confidential tip form with details of the story. If it checks out, you could find your tip featured on Dhamaka Zone! You can also reach out to DZ editors directly on social media. Follow @dhamakazone on Instagram and Twitter, then send a DM with your tip. Your anonymity is guaranteed if you request it. DZ values tips from readers and sources close to the stars.


So there you have it, folks – the latest scoop on your favorite celebs straight from Dhamaka Zone. We gave you the inside track on who’s hooking up, breaking up, and stirring up drama. From red carpet glam to tabloid scandals, we brought you all the juiciest tidbits. Whether you’re a diehard fan or just love celebrity dish, we hope you enjoyed getting your fix of entertainment news. That wraps up this edition – stay tuned for more star-studded stories coming your way soon right here at Dhamaka Zone, your #1 source for celeb news and gossip!

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