Choosing the “best” shooter games can be subjective, as it largely depends on personal tastes and preferences of each player. However, here is a list of some of the most popular and highly rated shooter games in various sub-genres:

Call of Duty: Warzone (Battle Royale): This free online shooter game has gained a lot of popularity thanks to its focus on Battle Royale combat. It offers intense action, a variety of weapons and equipment, and strong gameplay mechanics.

Overwatch (Hero Shooter): Overwatch combines unique hero abilities with team action. Each hero has different abilities and roles, encouraging cooperation and online strategy.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) (Tactical): CS:GO is a classic tactical first-person shooter that continues to be hugely popular on the esports scene. It offers competitive round-based gameplay.

Rainbow Six Siege (Tactical): This game focuses on tactical operations and team strategy. Players choose from a variety of agents with unique abilities to carry out missions in destructible environments.

Destiny 2 (Sci-Fi Shooter): Destiny 2 combines RPG and shooter elements in a sci-fi world. It offers an online gaming experience with a large amount of content and a rich narrative.

Doom Eternal (Action Shooter): If you are looking for intense action and spooky demons, Doom Eternal is an excellent option. It is a sequel to the iconic Doom and offers fast and brutal combat.

Far Cry 6 (Open World): The Far Cry series is known for its open world and first-person shooter gameplay. Far Cry 6 promises a beautiful and dangerous setting on a fictional island.

Borderlands 3 (Looter Shooter): Borderlands 3 is a first-person shooter with elements of looting and a touch of humor. It offers a wide variety of weapons and playable characters.

titan fall 2 (Mecha Shooter): Titanfall 2 combines first-person action with mecha combat. Players can switch between piloting a Titan and fighting as a pilot on the ground.

Half-Life: Alyx (Virtual Reality): If you have access to a virtual reality headset, Half-Life: Alyx offers a high-quality, immersive shooter experience in the world of Half-Life.

These are just a few examples of popular shooter games in different sub-genres. Choosing the best game depends on your personal preferences in terms of play style, theme, and gameplay. Browse these games and find the one you like best!

In 2022 these were the best games

Maybe the shooter games be one of the best creations awesome online matches, cool specs and the chance to gain fame in the gaming world. But not all games are so great, so we have compiled a selection of those that you cannot miss.

What are shooter games?

If you are not clear about what these types of games are, a clarification may be the most ideal. A shooter or shooting game consists of the mastery of a character in first (FPS) or third person. It can be divided into two camps, those of online games that are the most played, and those of individual games with missions and so on.

Most of the games that earn a place in the best tops come from the world of video games, but you will meet them later. Keep in mind that some of these games may require quite specific features of your mobile.

What are the best shooting games of 2023?

This list may fall short with the immense variety of games What can you find in the Play Store; What you should keep in mind is that here you will be guaranteed that these titles will surely become your new addiction.

Pubg mobile

This is probably one of the games with the largest number of fans worldwide, it stands out among the first to offer online games. With two years in Android, this is one of the best optimized games; its controls are wonderful and being able to play with up to 100 users, it is a guarantee of imminent fun.

Call Of Duty: Mobile

This classic of computers and consoles video game has come to Android to put his fans to have fun everywhere. Maintaining its essence, the main game modes are quite similar to its main titles, but with online teams of up to 5 players. You can also register in the Battle Royale modewhere you can compete as a team or solo on maps with up to 100 players.

Guns of Boom

If you are one of those who prefer shooter games Full of colors and with outstanding and personalized costumes, this game will become your favorite. The games are in teams of 4 players and something that is greatly enjoyed is its first-person gameplay.

To make it much more fun and even competitive, there are an immensity of maps and a great variety of weapons that you can have. With so many options, there will be a chance for either team to win, making for amazing matches.


And game perhaps little known, but which has gained fame in recent months, it earns its place for its incredible gameplay. You will be able to have your team of 5 players, use the weapons you want and enjoy other advantages that will get you hooked on the game.

Among them stands out the possibility of applying a bit of physics, with cars, explosives and many other ways to eliminate your opponents, making the game does not become repetitive. There is a small drawback, its integrated purchases can take away the spark a bit, since they benefit those who invest.

Dead Plague

This is one of the typical shooter games about Zombis that everyone knows that they will never go out of style; the visualization is in the third person and from a slightly different angle since the camera is operated from above, this should not discourage you. Actually, the game is amazing, with excellent graphics and weapons that, all in all, will bring a few smiles to your face.

Critical Ops

Probably if you are a lover of this type of games you have had some encounter with COD: Modern Warfare or CounterStrike, imagine combining both games. This is the best definition for this incredible game, whose games are quite exciting. Without a doubt, this game will make you feel at home.


It is not possible to close this top without mentioning one of the creditors of the best reviews on shooter games in recent years. Although it is no longer available in the Play Storecontinues to be available to those who wish to explore his incredible method of play.

Fortnite summarizes a large number of game styles, focusing primarily on shooter games, without neglecting construction and other features. Without a doubt, one of the most recognized games of this style in recent years.


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