Lili (Reinhart ) is also incredibly funny. Lili is the person who can make me do something that no one else could make me do,” she said. Casey Cottwho plays Kevin Keller, to Us Weekly in August 2021, when he revealed secrets from the set. “She might be, like, ‘Hey, let’s dance to this video of BritneySpears right now’. And I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m in. Why wouldn’t she do it?”

As to KJ Whatthe actor – also known as Archie Andrews – is a big eater when the cameras aren’t rolling.

“KJ” is the king of snacks. The kings of cunning. KJ and Charles (Melton ) are the kings of the sandwich,” says Casey. “Plus, two of the funniest people I’ve ever met.”

“It’s a lot of fun. I think there’s definitely a funny joke mentality going on all over the backstage, behind the scenes (area),” the actor added. “It’ll definitely make you laugh if you’re feeling down.”

In addition to all the secrets that Veronica Lodge, Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones are keeping, the series’ directors also have a few up their sleeves. From broken hands to not-so-romantic kisses, and everything in between, Check out our gallery for some behind-the-scenes secrets about Riverdale.

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The auditions of the series

Before being cast as the iconic Jughead Jones, Cole auditioned for the role of Archie Andrews.

“It was funny, they gave me Archie to read, at first,” the actor told Collider in 2017. “Before I auditioned, there was a scene he does with Jughead, and I wasn’t very familiar with the characters, at the time. So I read Jughead and I was like, ‘Oh, I really like Jughead.’ … I thought he was a really interesting character.”

Similarly, Madelaine, whom we all know and love as Cheryl Blossom, has auditioned for the role of Betty Cooper. After the casting directors cast her, the actress explained to Glamor that she was told that she was exactly how the entire production team imagined that she should be Cheryl. Thus the iconic character was born.

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Madeline is afraid of water

The actress has a huge fear of water, so when she was filming Jason and Cheryl together at the lake in season one, Madelaine had a major panic attack!

“Open bodies of water scare me. I was on a glass-bottomed boat that broke a long time ago, so it’s always been a little scary,” she told Glamor in 2017. “When I read the script for that scene in Riverdale, I figured they’d use a stunt double on the boat. When I got on set, they said, ‘So, let’s put you in a wetsuit.’ And I was like, ‘Sorry? A what? Then I found out that the person rowing the boat was not anyone who had rowed a boat before: it was the guy who plays my brother, Trevor Stines. They told me, “It’s okay, we’ve given you a quick five-minute lesson on rowing. We’ll have a giant buoy a hundred yards from you. Everything will be fine.”

But me, as I am, had a panic attack. No one knew that I was going crazy. When I got on the boat I had to wear some precious Valentinos. I was terrified to go on the boat, but then I got on it and Trevor was amazing. It was great therapy, but I was still terrified. Once we started shooting, it was fine. I was like, ‘It’s fun. It’s Cheryl. It’s not me’. But at first, I was terrified. You can ask Trevor. I thought he was going to die.”

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KJ’s bleached hair

By now we all know that KJ isn’t a natural redhead, but when he was initially cast as Archie Andrews, the actor bleached his eyebrows along with his hair. Ultimately, he had to quit because he was “painful.”

“They ended up bleaching my eyebrows and putting two holes in me, burning my skin,” she told Vulture. “I was like, ‘Oh, gosh, we’ve got to fix this.’ Luckily, it hasn’t happened to me again, but yeah, it was pretty ugly.”

So if you’ve ever wondered why Archie’s eyebrows aren’t red, there you have it!

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Cole and Camila’s story

Yes, before starring in the series together, Cole and Camila studied at New York University. Back then, they didn’t speak to each other, but Camila had some interactions with her! Dylan Sprouse!

“I would see him around and there was a time when we had classes in the same building, so I would always see him outside,” she told Office Magazine in 2017. “Sometimes I would see him at parties and he would always talk a little randomly with his brother, but I never got a chance to talk to him because he was more to himself.”

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Cole’s history with musical episodes

When the first musical episode came around, Cole refused to sing!

“The least excited about it was… Cole,” KJ told Bustle, “Definitely Cole. That’s probably why he’s not in the musical.”

Lili supported KJ, revealing, “Cole refuses to sing or dance. He was immediately horrified. But he doesn’t participate in the singing or dancing parts.”

But, as fans know, the actor participated in all other musical episodes.

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Who killed Jason Blossom?

So, before revealing the real killer of Jason Blossom in the first season, multiple scenes were shot in which different characters killed him. Because? Well, the producers were afraid of spoilers!

“They don’t tell us anything about who to suspect,” Cole told Collider as the first season aired. “And we’re shooting a lot of different endings for episode 12, as an attempt to further confuse everyone. We’re all very interested in finding out who the real chosen assassin is going to be. We’re all very invested, at this point.”

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Jughead’s hat

At one point, Jughead only had a hat! Yes, Cole had to wear the same hat throughout the first season, but before season two, he revealed that there were “a few new ones this season.”

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#Barchie Is Endgame

In Season 4, #Barchie fans finally got their wish when Betty and Archie got together for a few episodes. But get this, KJ hopes the two characters end up together!

“I think the Archie and Betty idea is pretty cool because it’s so iconic,” KJ told Buzzfeed. “I think the whole ending, like Archie and Betty being the ending, is a really cool thing. I think the fans would love it.”

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Casey and KJ’s iconic kiss

During the fourth season, the series performed the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and at the end of the production, Kevin kissed Archie. It turned out that the kiss was not even planned.

“That wasn’t actually in the script, but it was in the script for the musical Hedwig,” Casey explained to Entertainment Tonight. “There’s a moment where Hedwig is in the audience and she just picks a member of the audience and plants a kiss on them. So we were doing ‘Tear Me Down’ and there was no kiss in the script or anything.”

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KJ broke his hand

While the cast was filming Riverdale’s first season finale on ice, KJ broke his hand.

“It was a very hard day of shooting, I’ll tell you. I wasn’t actually hitting the ice, but I got too excited. I was hitting a foam mat… (which was) on the ice. It was cold, so I really didn’t I felt it,” he told TVLine in 2017. “It wasn’t until 20 minutes later that I realized my hand was broken. I didn’t tell anyone.”


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