You’ve probably heard about the Divino Plastic Surgery lawsuit in the news lately. Dr. Divino and his practice are facing some serious allegations that raise concerns for past, current, and potential future patients. In this article, we’ll break down the key details about the case so far, what patients are claiming happened to them under Dr. Divino’s care, and what it could mean moving forward. With any high-profile lawsuit involving a major plastic surgery practice, there are important factors for those considering elective procedures to understand. We’ll give you the who, what, when, where and why on this developing story so you’re fully informed.

Overview of the Divino Plastic Surgery Lawsuit

Divino Plastic Surgery, a popular cosmetic surgery clinic based in Beverly Hills, is facing a class action lawsuit from former patients alleging negligence and deceptive business practices. ### The Allegations

The lawsuit claims that Divino made false advertising claims about the qualifications and experience of staff, pressured patients into unnecessary procedures, and failed to properly disclose risks. Over two dozen former patients say they suffered complications and injuries as a result of surgeries at Divino.

Promises of Board-Certified Surgeons

Divino advertised having board-certified plastic surgeons on staff. In reality, many complex surgeries were performed by doctors still in residency. Residents, while doctors, lack the advanced surgical training and experience of board-certified surgeons. Patients argue they were misled and would not have consented to surgeries had they known the truth.

High-Pressure Sales Tactics

The lawsuit alleges that Divino used manipulative sales tactics, especially targeting vulnerable patients with body image issues. Consultations focused on patients’ perceived flaws, not medical necessity. Patients say they felt coerced into expensive cosmetic packages and financing deals they couldn’t afford.

Lack of Proper Disclosure

Patients claim they did not receive adequate information about the risks of procedures before surgeries and were not warned about the potential complications they later suffered. While all surgeries carry risks, patients argue that Divino downplayed risks to sell more procedures.

If the lawsuit succeeds, Divino may face substantial financial penalties and damages. The case highlights the importance of transparency, proper consent, and ethical practices in cosmetic surgery. Patients should feel empowered to ask questions and not feel pressured into any procedure they don’t fully understand or consent to.

Allegations Against Dr. Divino and His Practice

According to court documents, Dr. Divino and his staff were negligent in their care of patients. ### Lack of proper credentialing

Several former patients claim that Dr. Divino hired unlicensed staff to assist in surgeries and failed to properly credential surgeons at his practice. This could have put patients at risk of improper or unsafe care.

Some patients allege that the risks and complications of their procedures were not properly explained to them before surgery. This is a violation of the basic principles of informed consent and patient autonomy. Patients argue they did not fully understand what they were signing up for.

Poor post-operative care

A few patients report receiving little to no follow-up care after their surgeries. No post-op appointments were scheduled to monitor healing and address any complications. Patients were largely left to fend for themselves, forced to go to emergency rooms when problems arose.

Falsifying medical records

In some cases, Dr. Divino and staff are accused of falsifying or improperly altering patient medical records to hide poor outcomes and cover up negligence. This represents a serious breach of ethics and violation of the law.

The allegations against Dr. Divino and his practice are extremely troubling. If proven true in court, they demonstrate a callous disregard for patient safety, proper standards of care, and ethical practices. For prospective patients, these reports should raise major red flags about the competence and integrity of this cosmetic surgery center. Be very wary before trusting them with your health and appearance.

Impact on Former Divino Patients

As a former patient of Divino Plastic Surgery, the news of this lawsuit is understandably alarming and upsetting. You put your trust in Dr. Divino and his staff, and now there are serious questions about whether proper procedures and safety standards were followed. ###What does this mean for you?

First, don’t panic. The chances of major complications arising now from a procedure you had in the past are low. However, it is a good idea to schedule a follow-up appointment with your primary care physician to discuss your concerns and have them examine the work that was done. They can determine if any corrective surgery or other treatments are needed to address issues that weren’t apparent before.

You should also reach out to other former Divino patients to compare experiences. While Dr. Divino promoted a culture of secrecy, patients now have a right to know the full truth about what went on. Speaking to others who had similar surgeries around the same time may reveal a pattern of problematic practices that you were unaware of. ###Armed with this information, you can then decide whether to pursue legal counsel regarding your own experience.

Finally, try not to beat yourself up over choosing Dr. Divino. His marketing tactics were persuasive, and you made the best decision you could with the information you had. The important thing now is focusing on your health, safety and peace of mind. Seek support from loved ones, and consider seeing a therapist to work through feelings of betrayal or self-blame.

Though this is a difficult situation, the truth coming to light will help prevent future patients from suffering harm. You did the right thing by trusting a licensed professional—the failure here was on Dr. Divino, not you. With time and proper aftercare, you can move on from this experience knowing you have advocated for improved medical practice.

Lessons Learned for the Plastic Surgery Industry

The Divino lawsuit highlighted several important lessons for plastic surgeons and medical practices. As an industry, improving in these areas can help build patient trust and minimize risks.

Improved Patient Screening

Carefully screening patients before any procedure is crucial. Patients should be evaluated for both physical and mental health issues that could impact their surgery or recovery. Divino’s staff failed to properly assess the patient’s medical history and mental state before operating, which likely contributed to her adverse reaction.

The consent process should be thorough, and patients should understand all possible risks and complications. While no surgery is 100% safe, patients deserve to know the likelihood of problems like infection, bleeding or scarring. They should also be informed of rare but serious risks, even if the probability is small. Divino was accused of downplaying the risks of the Brazilian butt lift procedure. Patients can’t give their full, informed consent without understanding the good, the bad and the ugly.

Follow-Up Care Emphasis

Post-operative care is just as important as the surgery itself. Patients require close monitoring after any procedure, and follow-up appointments should be taken seriously. Divino was criticized for discharging the patient too soon after her surgery and not seeing her for weeks, despite her calls complaining of symptoms. Their failures in aftercare and monitoring were inexcusable.

Continuous Improvement

No medical practice is perfect, but the key is learning from mistakes and consistently improving. Lawsuits often happen when the same unsafe conditions or poor practices continue unaddressed. The plastic surgery field as a whole needs to use litigation like this to re-evaluate their standards and make positive changes. Continuous improvement and patient safety must remain top priorities.

The Divino case is a tragic example of what can happen when these lessons aren’t learned. But by improving patient screening, ensuring informed consent, emphasizing follow-up care, and continuously striving to do better, plastic surgery practices can provide the safe, ethical treatment patients deserve.

Divino Plastic Surgery Lawsuit FAQ

What is the lawsuit about?

In 2020, former patients filed a class action lawsuit against Divino Plastic Surgery, alleging negligence and failure to obtain proper informed consent. Specifically, patients claim that Dr. Divino and his staff did not properly warn them about the risks associated with a new fat-freezing procedure offered at the clinic.

What procedure is involved?

The fat-freezing procedure, also known as cryolipolysis, uses cold temperatures to break down fat cells in targeted areas of the body. Divino Plastic Surgery began offering this non-invasive treatment in 2018 as an alternative to liposuction.

What are the allegations?

According to court documents, plaintiffs allege that Dr. Divino misrepresented the risks and potential side effects of the procedure to convince patients to undergo treatment. Plaintiffs claim they have suffered injuries like burns, scarring, and disproportionate fat reduction as a result. The lawsuit argues that Dr. Divino was “motivated by profits” to push the fat-freezing treatment without proper patient screening or post-procedure care.

How many patients are involved?

The class action lawsuit currently represents over 50 former Divino Plastic Surgery patients, but attorneys estimate that up to 200 patients may have been impacted between 2018 to 2020. Not all patients experienced side effects, but the lawsuit argues that all patients should have received better informed consent about the risks.

What is the status of the lawsuit?

The class action lawsuit against Divino Plastic Surgery is currently pending in district court. Dr. Divino and his attorneys have denied all allegations of wrongdoing and negligence. If the court certifies the class, the case may proceed to trial to determine whether the clinic is liable and owes damages to patients. Otherwise, individual plaintiffs would need to file separate lawsuits.


So there you have it. The Divino plastic surgery lawsuit is definitely worth keeping an eye on as it continues to develop and unfold. Who knows how it will end up impacting the broader cosmetic surgery industry. Whatever happens, let’s hope that any patients who have been wronged can find some justice. But also, take this as a reminder that you always need to thoroughly research any doctors or procedures before going under the knife. Ask all the hard questions, verify credentials, and make sure you feel completely comfortable. Your health and safety should always come first. Know your rights and don’t be afraid to speak up if something seems off. You got this!

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