Climate change has been a major discussion since the late 20th century. The scientific consensus is that a lot of our carbon footprint can be traced back to plastics. One thing to remember is that a single plastic bag can take anywhere from 15 to 300 years to degrade completely. That means plastic ends up chocking the earth. Similarly, it poses a risk to animals that might come across plastic waste. Naturally, a lot of effort is being to minimize this type of waste. Businesses are now adopting eco-friendly measures like using eco bags for their brands. But what’s the actual impact of these bags? Let’s find out.

1. Keeps Environmental Strain at a Minimum

The main point of using eco bags by Eocduka is to minimize your carbon footprint. You can pick the material you wish to be used to make the bags. Among the available options are kraft, jute, and cotton. Keep in mind that these can all be recycled. Better yet, they’re biodegradable. So, if you don’t recycle the bags, you can at least sleep peacefully knowing the bag will break down sooner or later.

2. Grows Your Brand

Many businesses are reluctant to join the green bandwagon because they’re under the false impression that they’ll have to sacrifice their brands. But that’s not the case. Eocduka is ready to customize the bags and add your logo and name to boost your brand awareness. This won’t just help market your business; it also ensures that your customers understand your stance on environmental protection. Lots of people are happy to work with green companies as they’re then able to walk around guilt-free.

3. Lets Customers Keep More Money in their Pockets

No one likes spending money (or at least most people). This is one reason why eco bags will be a major selling point for your business. These bags can be used a number of times, even if you intend to carry heavy items. They won’t rip or tear and can thus be used a number of times. As a result, your customers will enjoy some savings and will appreciate working with your business.

4. Amazing Quality

Eco bags are made with high-quality material. But this isn’t the only reason why they’re strong and long-lasting. The manufacturing process also has a lot to do with the quality of the bags. The company starts by selecting the ideal organic cotton (100% biodegradable and grown without chemical fertilizers or herbicides). Next, the manufacturer will blend the cotton with cellulose fibre from wood that’s sourced from sustainably managed forests. At the end of the day, the customer will enjoy an aesthetically-pleasing item that preserves Mother Nature.

5. Enjoy a Plastic Tax Exemption

With the aim of encouraging people to use eco-friendly bags and solutions, most countries have introduced tax exemptions for organisations that use these items. Plastic users have to incur heavy taxes and other financial implications, which may increase business costs. If you want to minimise paying taxes associated with plastic use legally, using eco-friendly bags is the way to go.

As you can see, eco bags are good not only for branding and business but also for the environment. These bags promote a cleaner and safer environment for you and future generations. These bags are made of strong-quality material and do not skimp on aesthetics and functionality. Whether you want to buy them for packaging items at your new store or for promotional merchandise, these bags are a worthwhile investment.

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