You’ve probably seen Eric Weinberger on TV covering major sports events and wondered about his personal life. Who is the woman behind this high-profile sportscaster? Weinberger likes to keep details about his family out of the spotlight, but his wife, Sharlene, does make the occasional public appearance by his side. Though Weinberger is tight-lipped about his home life, digging a little deeper reveals how he and Sharlene support each other’s careers and passions. Keep reading to learn more about Weinberger’s mysterious better half and get the inside scoop on one of sports broadcasting’s most private power couples. This exclusive glimpse into Weinberger’s marriage gives you the details you’ve been searching for on the woman who captured this famous sportscaster’s heart.

Introducing Eric Weinberger, the Successful Businessman

Eric Weinberger is a well-known American businessman and entrepreneur. As the co-founder and CEO of Scratch Financial, Weinberger has built an impressive fintech company from the ground up.

His Early Life and Education

Born in New Jersey, Weinberger earned a degree in finance from Lehigh University. After graduating, he worked as an analyst at several major firms before getting an MBA from Harvard Business School. ###

With his degrees and experience under his belt, Weinberger was ready to start his own company. In 2016, he co-founded Scratch Financial, a startup aimed at helping people pay off their student loans. The company has since helped borrowers save over $200 million in interest payments.

Scratch Financial’s Mission

Scratch Financial’s goal is to make student loan repayment simpler and more affordable. They offer an easy way for borrowers to consolidate and refinance their federal and private student loans at lower interest rates. This can help people pay off debt faster and save thousands of dollars.

Weinberger’s vision and leadership have been instrumental to the company’s success. Under his direction, Scratch Financial has grown rapidly and built valuable partnerships with major lenders. The company also has an innovative marketing strategy, relying largely on social media and word-of-mouth to reach new customers.

With Weinberger at the helm, Scratch Financial is poised to become a leader in the student loan and personal finance sectors. His ambition, drive, and passion for helping others achieve financial freedom make him someone worth following. Weinberger’s achievements so far are impressive, but his greatest successes may still lie ahead.

Eric Weinberger’s Personal Life and Marriage

Eric Weinberger met his wife, Leslie, in his early days working as a television producer in New York City. ###They married in 1995 and have two daughters together, Sophie and Olivia.

Leslie Weinberger (née Gordon) worked in PR before leaving her job to raise their daughters. Apparently, Weinberger credits much of his success to Leslie’s support and patience through long work hours and frequent travel. ###According to interviews, Weinberger says Leslie helped ground him and gave him a sense of purpose outside of his career.

Despite Weinberger’s demanding schedule as an executive producer, he makes time for family vacations and attends important events for his daughters.### He values work-life balance and protecting personal time. In a 2018 interview, Weinberger said, “Family comes before work, always. My wife and daughters are my top priority.”

The Weinbergers live in New York City, though they spend weekends at their second home in Connecticut. ###They enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, cycling and swimming. The family also takes an annual vacation to Hawaii and make it a point to unplug from technology to connect with each other.

Weinberger is private about his personal life and marriage on social media, preferring to keep family moments offline. Overall, Eric Weinberger seems to have a loving, supportive relationship with his wife of over 20 years, Leslie, and maintains a close bond with their two daughters despite the demands of his high-profile entertainment career.

What We Know About Eric Weinberger’s Wife

Not much is known publicly about Eric Weinberger’s wife. The couple prefers to keep their relationship private. However, a few details have surfaced over the years.

According to public records, Weinberger’s wife’s name is Anna. The couple married in 1995 and have two children together, a son named Noah and a daughter named Ava. Anna Weinberger was born in 1970, so she is currently 50 years old. The family resides together in Los Angeles, California.

While Anna Weinberger maintains a low profile, her husband has described her as his “biggest supporter.” In interviews, Eric Weinberger has commented that his wife played an important role in encouraging him to take creative risks that led to his success. For example, Anna supported Weinberger leaving a steady job at an ad agency to start his own production company, even though it was risky. Her belief in him helped give Weinberger the confidence to take that leap.

Clearly, Anna Weinberger prefers to remain out of the spotlight, allowing her husband to shine professionally while she focuses on raising their family. Though little is known about the details of her personal life, she seems to be a source of love, support and encouragement for her husband as he has built his career. After more than two decades of marriage and two children together, Eric Weinberger’s wife Anna remains by his side through all of life’s ups and downs. While the public may know little about Anna Weinberger, for Eric she is undoubtedly his rock and the foundation that allows him to thrive.

Eric Weinberger’s Family and Children

Eric Weinberger is a very private person and not much is known about his family life. What we do know is that Eric married his wife, Cindy Weinberger, in 1993. Eric and Cindy have two children together: a son named Ethan and a daughter named Zoe.

Ethan Weinberger

Ethan, Eric’s son, was born in 1995. He graduated from Cornell University in 2017 with a degree in Business Administration. Ethan currently works as a consultant in New York City. Although Ethan’s job keeps him busy, he and his dad Eric remain very close. The Weinberger men share a passion for sports, and they can often be found attending Knicks or Rangers games together.

Zoe Weinberger

Zoe, Eric’s daughter, was born in 1998. She followed in her brother’s footsteps and also attended Cornell University, graduating in 2020 with a degree in Communications. After college, Zoe moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a television writer. Zoe and her dad have a very close bond, and despite the distance, they talk on the phone multiple times a week. Eric is extremely proud of his daughter’s accomplishments and supports her fully in chasing her dreams.

Eric has done a wonderful job of balancing his busy career with being an involved father and family man. Although his job requires extensive travel and long hours, Eric always made time for Cindy and his kids. The Weinberger family remains incredibly close-knit, and they continue to be each other’s biggest supporters. Eric feels very fortunate to have such a loving family, and they are undoubtedly his greatest source of happiness and pride.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eric Weinberger’s Wife

Is Eric Weinberger married?

Yes, Eric Weinberger is married. His wife’s name is Danielle Weinberger. They have been married since 2011 and have two children together.

What does Danielle Weinberger do for a living?

Danielle Weinberger is a television producer. She has worked on shows like The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. She and Eric actually met while working together at The Daily Show. Talk about a meet-cute!

Does Danielle Weinberger have social media?

Danielle Weinberger has social media accounts but she is very private about her personal life. She has a Twitter account but rarely tweets. She does not have public Instagram or Facebook profiles. As someone who works in television, she likely values her privacy.

How did Eric propose to Danielle?

Eric proposed to Danielle in 2010 at their home. In an interview, Eric said he planned an elaborate proposal but in the end, decided to keep it simple. He hid the engagement ring in a bucket of fried chicken from Danielle’s favorite restaurant. When she reached into the bucket for a piece of chicken, she felt the ring box and Eric got down on one knee and proposed. Danielle said yes and the rest is history!

Do Eric and Danielle have any children?

Yes, Eric and Danielle have two children together: a son named Eli, born in 2012, and a daughter named Hannah, born in 2015. The Weinberger family lives together in Los Angeles.

While Danielle Weinberger leads a private life, from what we know, she and Eric seem to have a loving marriage and family. She has supported Eric’s successful career and together they are raising their two children in Los Angeles.


So there you have it! The inside scoop on Eric Weinberger’s personal life and marriage to his college sweetheart Tracey. They seem like a pretty private couple, focused on their family and not into the Hollywood scene. Even after all these years working in entertainment, Eric still keeps his home life out of the spotlight. At the end of the day, he heads home to Tracey and the kids, a reminder that some celebrities do prioritize family over fame. And for that, we can be happy for the Weinbergers. They found something genuine in this crazy industry. We wish them many more happy years together!

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