In an impressive climb within the global academic rankings, Esade Business School’s Full-Time MBA program has surged thirteen places forward, positioning itself at 17th worldwide and securing 6th place across Europe, according to the latest Financial Times rankings. 

This notable rise is largely attributed to the significant salary increases experienced by its alumni—the highest recorded in Europe—as well as the program’s outstanding performance in creating classroom diversity.

Wage growth sparks a rise in rankings

The Financial Times highlights a notable financial milestone for Esade’s Full-Time MBA graduates, revealing a remarkable average salary increase of 151% within three years post-graduation. It underscores the tangible value of an Esade MBA in the global job market, which is currently struggling.

The Financial Times lauded Esade for its achievements in many other areas too, such as its efforts toward sustainability, where it was ranked fourth globally for its reduced carbon footprint, and in its advancement in research quality, marking its best performance in this category to date. This success is credited to the institution’s heightened focus on innovation and its commitment to continual improvement.

Joan Rodon, the Dean of Esade Business School, attributes the program’s attractiveness to its unique educational approach. This approach focuses on leading with diversity, innovating in anticipation of market trends, and driving meaningful social impact. “Thanks to our unique teaching model, we provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead diverse teams, anticipate new market trends and generate social impact,” Rodon explains. 

Leading in diversity

Esade’s MBA program is celebrated for its sectoral and international diversity, ranking second worldwide in the former and ninth in the latter category. The latest cohort demonstrates this diversity very well, with students coming from a broad range of industries and backgrounds.

While many universities are diverse, few have quite the level of numbers as Esade’s. Around 98% of its participants are international, representing 44 different nationalities. This diversity improves the learning experience as students with different experiences collaborate, which helps promote a global perspective. 

The program’s flexibility allows students to tailor their MBA experience, choosing between 12, 15, or 18-month durations and participating in international opportunities facilitated by partnerships with other leading business schools.

These opportunities include exchange programs, Global Study Tours to various continents, and Career Treks that connect students with major business hubs worldwide. These experiences are integral to the program, improving students’ global business understanding and networking capabilities.


Post-graduation, Esade MBA alumni see great career success, with a significant majority finding employment swiftly and experiencing substantial salary growth, the highest among European MBA programs. This achievement is supported by Esade Careers, which offers extensive resources, including workshops, career fairs, and networking events, to further improve students’ job prospects and industry connections.In summary, Esade Business School’s Full-Time MBA program stands out for its comprehensive approach to business education, which emphasises diversity, innovation, and global engagement. The rich-yet-flexible curriculum has extensive career support, which has played a big role in securing a top spot in global rankings – along with the verifiable wage growth.

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