You’re here because you love Soul Land. And who could blame you? This epic xuanhuan fantasy series has everything: martial arts, magic, romance, humor. For diehard fans, the upcoming Soul Land VI is the most exciting news since…well, Soul Land V! But if you’re new to this fictional world, you might feel a bit lost. No worries. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll catch you up to speed on everything Soul Land. From the different realms and sects to the main characters and story arcs, you’ll get the 101 on all things Soul Land. Consider this your crash course so you can fully appreciate the magic and mayhem of Soul Land VI. Whether you’re a newbie or loyal fan, read on to become a Soul Land expert!

An Introduction to Soul Land VI

The Setting

Soul Land VI is set on the Continent of Douluo, a world parallel to Earth. In this world, every human has a soul animal that accompanies them from birth. These soul animals provide humans with special abilities and skills. The story follows our protagonist, Tang San, on his journey to become the strongest Soul Master.

The Characters

The main character is Tang San, a young boy with high hopes of becoming a powerful Soul Master. His soul animal is a blue silver grass, which gives him control over hidden weapons and poisons. Some of the other major characters include Xiao Wu, Tang San’s love interest, and Dai Mubai, Tang San’s rival who controls the White Tiger soul animal.

There are two types of cultivators in this world: Soul Masters and Soul Kings. Soul Masters can form contracts with soul animals to gain their abilities. The more powerful Soul Kings do not require soul animals and instead cultivate their own souls and bodies to gain power.

The Plot

The story follows Tang San as he works to become a powerful Soul Master. He and his friends attend the Shrek Academy, a school for Soul Masters where they learn to strengthen their soul animals and gain new abilities. However, Tang San aims to become a Soul King, someone whose power comes from within and requires no soul animal.

The plot revolves around Tang San overcoming dangerous enemies and challenges to achieve his goal of becoming a Soul King. He makes both friends and enemies at the Shrek Academy, and goes on many adventures fighting evil Soul Masters and powerful beasts. Overall, Soul Land VI tells the story of Tang San growing from a talented young boy into a formidable hero.

The Plot and Storyline of Soul Land VI

Soul Land VI follows the adventures of Tang San and his friends at the Shrek Seven Devils Academy. ###The story begins when Tang San is accepted into the academy at the age of six. There, he meets his six future teammates who all have special abilities like his own.

Tang San has a unique power that allows him to use hidden weapons. His friends also have rare talents, such as Mysterious Sky’s illusion abilities and Dai Mubai’s strength enhancing martial arts. Under the guidance of their teachers, the friends train together for many years, facing dangerous challenges and learning teamwork.

When they graduate at age 15, Tang San and his friends officially form the Shrek Seven Devils group. They embark on exciting missions to protect humanity from evil soul beasts and other threats. On one important mission, Tang San falls in love with a princess named Xiao Wu. However, their romance faces many obstacles due to their different social statuses and responsibilities.

The story follows Tang San and his friends for over 10 years as they become stronger, gain fame, and work to overcome both personal and political conflicts. There are poignant moments of love and loss, as well as epic battles against formidable villains. Overall, Soul Land VI is an engaging tale of perseverance, friendship and courage against all odds.

The plot has many twists and turns that keep readers guessing. Although it has fantastical elements, the story is also relatable in its depiction of human relationships and the quest for purpose and meaning in life. Fans of wuxia fiction and adventure will surely enjoy following the Shrek Seven Devils on their journey.

The Main Characters in Soul Land VI

Soul Land VI features a huge cast of complex and memorable characters. Let’s get to know some of the main players a bit better.

Tang San

Tang San is the protagonist of Soul Land VI and one of the most powerful Soul Masters. His spirit is the Blue Silver Grass. Kind-hearted and righteous, Tang San works hard to protect his friends and the common people. Over the course of the story, he grows into a formidable fighter and leader.

Xiao Wu

Xiao Wu is Tang San’s childhood friend and love interest. Her spirit is the Soft Bone Rabbit, giving her great flexibility and speed. Although Xiao Wu starts out weaker than Tang San, she trains hard to catch up to him. She is fiercely loyal to Tang San and always has his back in a fight.

Dugu Bo

The leader of the Clear Sky Sect, Dugu Bo takes Tang San under his wing. Although he is sometimes overly proud, Dugu Bo genuinely cares for Tang San’s well-being. His spirit is the Great Peng, giving him the power of flight. Dugu Bo sacrifices himself to protect Tang San during a battle, showing his deep love for his disciple.

Liu Er Long

Liu Er Long is the crown prince of the Liu kingdom and Tang San’s rival. At first arrogant and cruel, Liu Er Long comes to respect Tang San’s strength and nobility. His spirit is the Golden Dragon, and he uses his immense power and influence for good. Liu Er Long proves himself a trustworthy ally to Tang San.

The story is full of many more memorable characters, but Tang San, Xiao Wu, Dugu Bo and Liu Er Long form the heart of the series. Their complex relationships and character growth will pull you deep into the world of Soul Land VI.

Why Fans Love Soul Land VI

Memorable Characters

The characters in Soul Land VI are complex, quirky, and downright lovable. Tang San, the protagonist, is clever, determined, and has a strong moral compass. His love interest, Xiao Wu, is sweet yet fierce. The supporting cast, like Dugu Bo, Oscar, and Ma Hongjun add humor and heart. Fans become deeply invested in the characters’ growth and relationships over the course of the series.

Action-Packed Story

Soul Land VI has no shortage of excitement. There are intense battle scenes, dangerous adventures in exotic places, and surprising plot twists around every corner. The stakes always feel high as Tang San and his friends fight to protect the ones they love. Readers stay on the edge of their seats wondering what challenges the heroes will face next and whether they’ll make it out unscathed.

Inspiring Themes

At its core, Soul Land VI is about following your dreams, developing your talents, and protecting the weak. Tang San never gives up on his goal of becoming a powerful Soul Master, even when others doubt him. He uses his skills to defend the oppressed rather than for selfish gain. The story encourages readers to work hard to achieve their full potential so they can make a positive difference in the world. These inspiring messages resonate with fans.

Rich Worldbuilding

The world of Soul Land VI feels fully realized, with a detailed magic system, mythical creatures, and six distinct kingdoms. There are Soul Masters, Soul Beasts, and Soul Rings, each with their own powers and properties. The geography ranges from glaciers to deserts to underwater realms. Layers of history and culture shape the different regions. This blend of fantasy elements creates an immersive experience for readers as they explore every corner of the Soul Land universe.

With its vibrant world, relatable characters, and thrilling tale of courage against all odds, it’s easy to see why Soul Land VI has captured the hearts and imaginations of so many fans. The series offers everything readers could want in an epic adventure.

Soul Land VI FAQs

What is the release date of Soul Land VI?

Soul Land VI is set to release in China on August 12, 2021. An official international release date has not been announced yet, but based on previous seasons, we can expect the English subbed version to be released within a month or two of the original Chinese airing.

How many episodes will Soul Land VI have?

Soul Land VI will have 12 episodes in total. Each episode will be 30 minutes long.

What is the plot of Soul Land VI?

Soul Land VI will pick up where Soul Land V left off. It follows Tang San’s son, Tang Wulin, as he enters the Soul Land and cultivates his spirit abilities. Wulin possesses the powerful Blue Silver Emperor right arm, which gives him control over the element of wood. The story follows Wulin as he attends Shrek Academy to hone his skills, makes new friends, and goes on adventures in the Soul Land.

Will Tang San and Tang Wulin meet in Soul Land VI?

This is a question many fans have and unfortunately, there is no definitive answer yet. Given that Soul Land VI takes place roughly 60-70 years after the events of Soul Land V, Tang San would likely not make a physical appearance. However, it’s possible his spirit could commune with Wulin in some way to guide him. Fans will have to watch the new season to find out if father and son finally get a chance to meet, even if just in spirit.

What new characters will be introduced in Soul Land VI?

Soul Land VI will introduce many new characters, including Tang Wulin’s friends and classmates at Shrek Academy. Key new characters include:

  • Gu Yue – A mysterious girl with strange abilities who becomes one of Wulin’s closest friends.
  • Wu Zhangkong – Wulin’s strict but caring teacher who helps him cultivate his spiritual abilities.
  • Dai Yun’er – An aloof genius known as the “Arrogant Princess” who sees Wulin as her rival.

There will likely be many more interesting characters introduced as the story unfolds. Fans will have to tune in to meet them all!


So there you have it – everything you could ever want to know about Soul Land VI. From the epic storylines to the memorable characters, it’s easy to see why this anime series has captured the hearts of so many fans worldwide. While we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for Tang San and friends, one thing’s for sure – Soul Land VI is anime at its finest. With its perfect blend of action, adventure, and heart, this show will leave you wanting more. And we don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see what happens next. Will Tang San finally be able to revive Xiao Wu? Will the Shrek Seven Devils defeat their enemies? We’ll just have to stay tuned to find out. But in the meantime, be sure to catch up on the previous seasons of this fantastic series. Because when it comes to Soul Land, you definitely don’t want to miss a single moment. Enjoy the ride!

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