Have you ever come across an amazing photo on VSCO and wondered who took it? Or maybe you’ve been following an inspiring VSCO creator for a while now and are curious to learn more about them. Lucky for you, VSCO recently launched a people search feature that lets you find and connect with photographers and creators on their platform. You can now search for people by name, location or interests and discover new accounts to follow.

VSCO people search makes it easy to find fellow creators in your area or those sharing your style of photography. You might even connect with someone whose work you’ve been admiring from afar. The best part is, by following other VSCO members, you’ll get a glimpse into their creative process and pick up new tips and tricks to improve your own photos.

In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about using VSCO people search. By the end, you’ll be well on your way to expanding your network, gaining inspiration and connecting with like-minded creatives. Let’s dive in!

VSCO People Search allows you to find people you know on VSCO based on details like their name, username, email, phone number or location. It’s kind of like a phone book for VSCO users.

To get started, open the VSCO app and tap the search icon at the top of the screen. Select “People” from the options at the top to search for a specific person. You can enter details like:

  • Their full name or just a first name. VSCO will show possible matches based on people who have that name in their profile.
  • A username. If you know the exact username, enter it here to go directly to their profile.
  • An email address. As long as they used that email to sign up for their VSCO account, you’ll be able to find them.
  • A phone number. Again, as long as they provided that number in their VSCO profile, you can search for them this way.
  • A location. Enter a city, state or zip code to find people in a specific area. VSCO will show users who have added that location to their profile.

The more details you can provide, the more likely you are to find the right person. And of course, they need to have created a public VSCO profile in order for you to find them through search. Private profiles won’t show up in the results.

VSCO People Search makes connecting with friends and family on VSCO simple and straightforward. Give it a try next time you want to find someone you know on VSCO and reconnect!

How to Use VSCO to Find New People

VSCO is a great way to connect with like-minded creatives and find new people to follow. Here’s how to use the search feature to discover inspiring profiles:

Search by Interests

Start by searching some of your interests like #travel, #portraits, or #landscapephotography. This will show you profiles of people posting about those interests. Check out their feeds and if you like their style, give them a follow! Adding related hashtags to your own posts is a great way for others with similar interests to find you too.

VSCO regularly features users with amazing feeds to inspire the community. Browse the featured profiles and you’re sure to find talented photographers and editors to follow. Don’t be afraid to reach out and leave a genuine comment on photos you love! Striking up a conversation can lead to new connections and even collaborations.

Check Out Who Others Follow

See who some of your favorite users are following for profile recommendations. Chances are, the people they follow will have a similar esthetic. This is an easy way to discover new potential follows without having to search through hundreds of random profiles.

Follow Friends and Be Found

Connect your contacts to see which of your friends are on VSCO, then follow them! They’ll likely follow you back. This makes it easier for anyone who knows you both to find your profile. The more people following you, the more visible your photos become to others searching the platform.

With some exploring, you’ll curate an inspiring feed of amazing creators in no time. Don’t forget to be active in the community by liking and commenting on other people’s posts. Making genuine connections will lead to discovering even more great profiles to follow!

Tips for Optimizing Your VSCO Profile

To get the most out of VSCO and build an engaging profile, here are a few tips:

Choose a Consistent Esthetic

VSCO is all about curating a cohesive feed with a distinct style. Pick a filter or editing effect you like and stick to it for most of your posts. This could be a moody black and white look, light and airy pastels, or bright and punchy saturation. Whatever you choose, keeping it consistent will make your profile instantly recognizable.

Post High Quality Content

VSCO is a platform for sharing artistic and well-composed images, so make sure your posts showcase your best work. Pay attention to lighting, framing, and composition. Get in close, capture details, play with angles and perspectives. Posting mediocre snapshots won’t do your profile any favors. Take your time and be selective with what you share.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags help people discover your posts, so do some research to find popular tags that relate to your content and esthetic. For example, if you share dreamy landscape photos, use hashtags like #VSCOnature, #VSCOtravel, or #VSCOwanderlust. Check what other users with similar feeds are using and don’t be afraid to experiment. Just be authentic and only use hashtags that genuinely reflect the content you’re sharing.

Engage With Your Followers

Like and comment on other users’ posts, especially those with similar styles and interests. This spreads goodwill and encourages them to check out your profile. Respond to any comments you receive and like or reply to messages from your followers. Building these connections will make your followers feel appreciated and help boost your visibility on VSCO.

Consider Collaborating

Once you’ve established yourself, look for opportunities to collaborate with other users. You might repost one of their photos and have them repost one of yours, using a collaborative hashtag to tie the posts together. Featuring other talented users is a great way to gain new followers and form meaningful partnerships within the VSCO community.

Finding Friends and Expanding Your Network on VSCO

Finding friends and expanding your network on VSCO is easy once you know where to look. Here are some tips to get connected with like-minded creators:

Search for popular hashtags related to your interests like #vsco, #vscocam, or #vscogood. You’ll find photos from people with similar tastes. Like and comment on photos you enjoy. Some users may follow you back or start engaging with your posts.

Check Out Curated Galleries

VSCO regularly features curated galleries of photos from featured creators. Browse through galleries related to your favorite subjects and styles. When you find photos you love, follow the creator. Many will follow you back, and you may find new sources of inspiration!

Join a VSCO Challenge

Participating in photo challenges is a great way to get exposure and connect with other users. Search VSCO challenges by topic or join an official VSCO challenge. Post photos for the challenge and be sure to use the challenge hashtag. Follow other users posting for the challenge and engage with their photos by liking and commenting. Many will check out your profile and follow you as well.

Be Active in the Community

The more active you are liking, commenting on, and sharing other users’ photos, the more likely they are to notice you. Engage thoughtfully by commenting on specific parts of photos you enjoy. Share other users’ photos that inspire you. Say thanks when others engage with your posts. Over time, these small interactions can develop into new friendships and mentorships.

Collaborate on a Project

Find another creator with a similar style and propose collaborating on a photo project together. You might pick a theme to capture or trade photos to edit. Collaborating is a great way to foster friendship and co-promotion. Tag each other when you post and share the final project. Your followers will likely engage with and follow the other creator as well.

With time and consistency, the connections you build on VSCO can lead to new opportunities and partnerships. Engaging authentically with your fellow creators will enrich your experience and help expand your reach. Keep putting in the effort, and your VSCO network will thrive.

VSCO People Search vs Other Social Media Platforms

VSCO is a photo and video sharing social network, focused on visual storytelling and creativity. Unlike other major social platforms, VSCO does not emphasize likes, comments or follower counts. This creates an authentic community centered around visual expression.

Privacy and Anonymity

VSCO allows you to remain anonymous or use your real name. You can choose to make your profile public or private. VSCO does not track your personal data or sell it to third parties. This focus on privacy attracts many users looking to share without worrying about popularity or judgment.

Curation Over Curation

VSCO spotlights high-quality, artistic photos and videos. There are no ads, spam or sensational clickbait. The curated feeds highlight amazing work from the community. VSCO tools like filters, editing features and the Discover page make it easy to find and support other creatives.

Community Over Influencers

VSCO is built around community, not influencers or celebrities. There are no verified badges or popular users pushing products. Everyone has an equal chance to gain exposure and build an engaged following. Collabs, challenges and hashtags connect people with similar interests or styles.

VSCO offers a refreshing social experience focused on creativity over popularity. If you’re looking to improve your photography, find inspiration, or connect with like-minded creatives, VSCO is the place to do it. The platform provides simple but powerful tools to capture and share your perspective on the world. And the supportive community will motivate you to keep creating and evolving your craft.


So now you’re fully equipped to start using VSCO’s powerful people search tool. You’ve got the basics down and know how to refine your searches to find exactly who you’re looking for. Whether you’re reconnecting with old friends, networking, or just curious to see what someone from your past is up to now, VSCO makes it easy. Give it a try and start searching – you never know who might pop up! Just remember to use your powers for good and not stalking. Happy searching and reconnecting! Let us know if you have any other questions about how to use VSCO.

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