Finding work in the US can be a great opportunity for those looking to immigrate in o the country. Whether you are looking for professional jobs or casual work, you can find a range of opportunities when you know where to look. Job boards are a great way to begin when looking for a job outside the country or one that you can do remotely. The first step is to find legitimate sites, craft a good resume, and begin your job application process. 

How to Find Jobs in New York 

New York is one of the cities in the US with a large population of Russians, whether born or immigrated into the country. It can, therefore, ease your transition when you find rabota v NY opportunities. 

The first thing to do when looking for jobs in NY is to decide on the types of jobs you are looking for. This makes it easier to have a focused job search and align your resume and messaging better.  Your education or current work background can help you decide on the type of work to look for. However, if you do not have an educational background, you can lean back on your skills to find opportunities that align. 

Once you know what jobs you’d want to apply for, the next step is to prepare your resume, tailoring it to these jobs. Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing your resume: 

  • Identify your most important skills that are related to the job and highlight them in your resume
  • Include the most relevant information first in relation to employment, education, and achievements 
  • Keep your resumes brief and to the point 
  • Include your contact details 
  • Include continuing education, including ongoing courses, if any

Best USA Jobs to Apply For

It can be overwhelming to find the jobs to apply for, even when you have a good idea of your skills and professional qualifications. Knowing what jobs are available and evaluating their requirements can help you when looking for rabota v USA opportunities. 

Here are some of the best jobs: 

  1. Bilingual Aide 

As a bilingual aide, your role would involve assisting learners navigate the education system in the US. Your duties might include helping them with their assignments, providing translation services, and assist learners as they adjust to the school. 

This role is suitable for those with a good command of English alongside Russian and have experience in teaching. 

  1. Language Interpreters

If you have a good command of English and Russian, interpretation and translation jobs are a natural fit for you. You can find these jobs in education, courts, and other industries where language barrier could be an issue.

  1. Language Instructors

Language tutoring is becoming a lucrative opportunity as more people around the world are embracing multilingualism. This means you can teach those looking to learn the language, whether they are in the country or abroad. 

  1. Caregivers 

Caregiver roles in the US are always opening up. As a caregiver, you might work with individual in their homes or work in hospital, hospice or nursing facilities. 

  1. Bilingual Customer Service Representative 

If you have a good command of English and Russian, you can work as a bilingual customer service representative. Your role will involve taking calls and helping customers speaking Russian but dealing with predominantly English speaking businesses.

Start Your Job Search Today

Whether you are planning on immigrating to the US for work or are looking for remote position, job ads can be a good place to start. Once you have your resume and have identified the jobs you’d like, you should also start catering for other requirements. These include your Visa, passport, English proficiency tests, and medical tests that will be required to evaluate your eligibility for jobs in New York and the US.

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