Mozilla Firefox 117 is the latest version of the open source Firefox web browser.

Released on August 29, 2023, Firefox 117 includes the new native translation feature, enables credit card autofill functionality in more languages, a new tab key control on macOS devices, and a new preference that determines Shift behavior -Righr-Click on sites that show their own context menu.

Firefox 117 is also a security update, but information about the fixes has not yet been released.

native translation

The native translation feature of the Firefox web browser is included in the Firefox 117 release. It is disabled by default and is labeled as beta by Mozilla at this time. Mozilla plans to roll out the functionality in the coming weeks for Firefox users, and enable it by default in Firefox 118 next month.

Firefox users can enable the translation feature in Firefox 117 right away, however:

– Load about:config in the Firefox address bar.
– Busca browser.translations.enable.
– Sets the status to True.
– Restarts Firefox.

Firefox displays a new translation icon in its address bar when you open a page in a foreign language. A click on the icon displays options to translate the page and set translations for the language and/or site.

Firefox Translations is different from Google Translate and other browser translation features. It’s a native translation feature, which means it doesn’t require cloud connectivity; this improves privacy, since no data is sent to third-party servers. Firefox needs to download language data the first time a new language needs to be translated. Another downside, at least for now, is that language support is pretty limited.

Other news and improvements

– The Firefox 102.15 ESR release is the latest release for that version in the Extended Support Release channel. Installations will receive the update to Firefox 115.3 on September 26, 2023 automatically.
– Credit card autofill is now available in IT, ES, AT, BE and PL languages.
– Firefox users on macOS devices can now control the tab key behavior in browser settings. The new option “Use the Tab key to move focus between form controls and links” is available here.
– The new preference dom.event.contextmenu.shift_suppresses_event improves accessibility on sites that show their own context menu when users press Shift-Right-Click.
– Firefox no longer displays its own screen sharing indicator on Wayland desktop environments. The system default prompt will be used.

Changes for developers

– The math-style and math-depth properties are supported.
– Se admite la sintaxis contain-intrinsic-size: auto none;.
– Inline SVGs now support