With the right desk, back-friendly work is possible. So we can now kindly take a look at the height-adjustable corner desk E3L from Flexispot. The height can be adjusted again and again so that you can do your work standing or sitting.

Flexispot E3L – delivery, contents of the packages

The Flexispot E3L will be in two packages delivered. The frame is available in white and black, as is the table top parts (2 pieces). The E3L can be used as a left or right corner table assemble depending on how you want to place it in your study.

All parts of the desk are packed in cardboard and the sensitive parts are additionally packed in foil and foam. There is also an accessory package consisting of various screws and a suitable Allen key in the packaging.

Flexispot itself primarily advertises on the website height-adjustable racks. You can either order the desk top or panels directly from Flexispot or use an existing panel.

Die frame width of the frame can be adjusted freely or to the size of the table top. The adjustable width is between 1.10 and 1.90 m in width. The tabletops can they Size with one side of the tabletop from 120 cm to 200 cm in width, and 55 cm to 80 cm in depth. On the other hand from 90 cm to 110 cm in width, and 40 cm to 60 cm in depth.

Specifications of the Flexispot E3L

Model E3L
lifting columns 3
Motor 2
payload 125 kg
speed 38 mm/s
height adjustment 60-123 cm
input voltage 100 – 240 V
weights 33 kg
size of the tabletop Fit for one side of tabletop from 120cm to 200cm in width, and 55cm to 80cm in depth, other side of tabletop from 90cm to 110cm in width, and 40cm to 60cm in depth depth
Color Black(RAL9005), White(RAL9016), Gray(RAL7045)
Keyboard Safety
memory control
packing dimensions 2× Package
26 kg
65 × 39,7 × 20,5 cm
11 kg
116,5 × 19 × 14 cm

How does the structure of the Flexispot E3L work?

After you have decided whether you want to use the E3L as set up the right or left corner table If you want, you start with that Construction. This is done in a maximum of half an hour without any problems.

The frame consists of a short and a long leg, two table legs, a supporting beam, a short side bracket, a long side bracket, a baffle, a switch box, a keyboard/control and a connection cable. Furthermore, the screws and an Allen key are included in the scope of delivery.

Based on illustrated instructions you screw the frame together. You connect the controller to the frame and the motors with the connection cable and supply everything with electricity. The frame has a load capacity of up to 125 kg.

Height-adjustable desk frame Flexispot built.

After assembling the frame, place the table tops on the floor and turn the frame over (two people working here) to screw it onto the table top. The desk is then fully assembled and can (again with two people) be turned around and placed at its destination.

How does the Flexispot E3L control unit work?

Die control unit of the Flexispot E3L consists of 7 buttons and an LED display. The display shows the current altitude in real time.

About the two Pfeil-Buttons you set the height The control unit also has the Buttons 1, 2 and 3 as well as M and A. Use the 1, 2 or 3 button to save three different height positions. To do this, first press the M button, which then shows an “S” on the display. Then you press key 1 (or if this is already assigned, the other number keys), the display shows “S-1”, the height position is saved. Do the same with the other digits. To reach the saved height, just press the number keys after saving.

Saved positions can always be adjusted using the arrow keys.

Die Taste A on the control unit is one reminder function for the long periods of sitting or a change of position. Pressing the A button activates the reminder function, which takes effect after 45 minutes ex works. You adjust the time using the arrow buttons. After adjusting, either press any button or wait 5 seconds for the time to be saved.

As soon as the specified time has passed, a countdown runs if the reminder function is activated, which finally emits a 10-second tone. Now you know it’s time for a change of position. To deactivate the reminder function, press and hold the A button for 3 seconds.

collision protection

The Flexispot desks have a collision protection. This is a integrated auto stop system, which stops the motor immediately if resistance is encountered. You adjust the sensitivity of the system by simultaneously pressing the two arrow keys for 5 seconds. Level 1 for low sensitivity, level 2 for medium sensitivity and level 3 for high sensitivity are available. Level 0 turns off collision protection.

Height adjustable desk reset with bug fix

The control unit of the E3L is easy and functional to use. Should an error occur, there is Reset function with error correction. RST then appears on the display. After this message, hold down the down arrow key until the desk reaches the lowest height. This completes the reset process.

If the error code E01 or E02 appears on the display, try the reset process as well. If this remains without function, you wait 18 minutes. Then you try again. If there is still no action, check the cable connections and switch off the power supply for at least 10 seconds. After that, the reset process should work to fix the error.

What to do with the cables? Cable management and usage

There are many devices on a desk, all of which have to be charged via cable or are connected somewhere. This mess of tangled cables is most commonly seen hanging down the back of a desk. The E3L hides them Cable on the underside of the table frameso you don’t see them anymore.

The only cable that is visible is that power cord for the two engines. The rest of your workplace is tidy and clean.

The Flexispot E3L corner desk offers enough space for a laptop, PC and many other utensils thanks to the two panels. Overall, the desk offers a safe work surface when seated and also when extended.

The tabletop can be raised and lowered without any problems. There are no noticeable jerks or the like, so you can safely leave a drink glass standing.

Advantage height adjustable desk

The Working while seated holds various health hazards. Frequent changes of position, which are possible with a height-adjustable desk, are therefore the best way to work at a desk. Switching from sitting to standing promotes a healthy back and alleviates any existing discomfort from posture-related pain and tension. The spine is relieved with the change of position and your circulation gets going. An ergonomic, i.e. height-adjustable desk is therefore worthwhile even if you only work a few hours a week.

through the electric height adjustment of the table frame the use of a height-adjustable desk is also possible for several people. The height can be adjusted quickly and easily and the desk can also be used from adolescence to adulthood. Furthermore, a new tabletop, even an existing one from another table, can always be mounted on the table frame in order to adapt the desk to the environment.

Thus, the purchase price, which may deter some, is quickly put into perspective, since it can be used for many years.

It is also positive to note 7-year warranty on Flexispot desks.

Height-adjustable desk, what to look out for?

First of all, you should make sure that Material of the table frame to a large extent powder-coated steel is made. This makes the frame shock, impact and scratch resistant and still looks good after many years of use.

Steel also contributes high dead weight with itself, which gives the desk a low center of gravity and the stability given is. Further stability is provided by the Shape of the feet (T-shape)which allow the table top a even weight shift offers. Also the frame has to stable when extended be.

The Raising and lowering the table top should be without problems and without jerks (38 mm/sec for the E3L) work, so that it is possible to work while moving. Thanks to the dual lifting motor mechanism and triple telescope, the height can be adjusted from school children to adults.

In addition, the desk should have a long guaranteeone FCC/TUV certification as well as one easy usability entail.


The Flexispot E3L is a height-adjustable corner desk that makes perfect use of the space in your study. Due to the two-part table top, it can be mounted on the right or left. It was easy to set up and the controls work very well.

The Flexispot E3L is currently in our variant at prices starting at 609.99 euros available directly from Flexispot.


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