It’s no secret that the UK economy is going through a difficult time right now. The country has officially entered a recession and the population is feeling the pinch of the ongoing cost of living crisis. . However, one group of people who may be finding it more difficult to stay on top of their finances is car drivers.

High prices for fuel over the past few years were a major problem and it appears that car insurance prices are the main problem to navigate in 2024. This is making the affordability of driving more difficult and could lead to more people turning to other modes of transportation such as trains, buses or bicycles.

With that in mind, many drivers may be wondering if car insurance prices are likely to lower in the remaining months of the year. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide on the state of play of the car insurance market and what is to come before 2025 arrives. Continue reading to find out more.

An outlook on the car insurance industry in 2024

As mentioned, car insurance prices have risen. The average price increase is 58% in Britain, which is a significant amount of money to part with. These price rises make finding a reliable car insurance provider essential in 2024.

Why have car insurance prices gone up?

Many drivers will be wondering why they’re having to fork out more money for the same coverage this year. Some of the driving factors behind this include:

  • Increase cost of raw materials needed to repair or repaint damaged vehicles
  • There are more cars on the roads, which increases the likelihood of crashes
  • Motor legal fees have risen in price
  • The cost of hiring a replacement vehicle after a crash has gone up
  • The rate of inflation rising in the UK
  • A skill shortage in garages means repair costs are high at the moment

Will car insurance prices drop in 2024?

Car insurance prices will start to fall as inflation does. This means that we might not see any change right away but if inflation drops throughout 2024, then so will your insurance premiums.

How can I get a cheaper car insurance quote?

While the prices are sky-high for car insurance quotes currently, there are some ways you can boost your chances of finding a cheaper price. This is by doing the following:

  • Use comparison sites to see what’s available
  • Avoid auto-renewing unless your research suggests it’ll be cheaper
  • Add responsible, experienced drivers to the insurance
  • Don’t add motor legal fees, breakdown cover or replacement vehicle to the insurance
  • Increase the amount of excess you’re willing to pay
  • Pay annually instead of in monthly instalments

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