The gaming world continues to grow and more and more people are joining this trend. To be able to enjoy the best games with great quality, it is necessary to have the right equipment.

Although many people prefer to enjoy their favorite games on an office computer, there are more and more portable computers available in the market that offer excellent features and are specially designed for Gamer use.

How to Choose a Gaming Laptop

Due to the large number of options for notebooks Gamer available on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. There are some important factors to consider:

These include the display, CPU, number and type of ports and inputs, design, memory, storage capacity, graphics card, processor, and battery life.

At first glance, it may seem like a lot of information to analyze, but if you evaluate step by step what each notebook model offers, you will be able to find your ideal device.

Next, we explain what each of the above-mentioned elements is and what characteristics should be considered when choosing the ideal gaming laptop.


The screen of a Gamer laptop is one of the fundamental elements. To choose the best gaming laptop, you need to consider resolution, refresh rate, size and screen type.

To enjoy optimal game quality, the screen is one of the most important issues, and therefore it is necessary to analyze:

  • Resolution: Screens can offer different types of resolution, which is expressed in DPI (pixels per inch). The higher the screen resolution, the better the image quality.
  • Update rate: this factor is expressed in Hz and refers to the speed at which a screen switches from one image to another. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother you can enjoy the actions,
  • Size: Generally speaking, the most common sizes of portable computer screens are 13, 15 or 17 inches. The ideal is to buy a large screen to enjoy the Gamer experience, although this factor depends only on each person’s taste.
  • Type of fabric: screens can be OLED or LED. The former offer better image quality and the latter are usually cheaper. Anyway, any of the screens offer good quality.


Another essential element in choosing a laptop computer is its CPU. A computer’s CPU is something like a brain, i.e. all device executions depend on it.

To take full advantage of all the benefits of a Gamer notebook, it must be have a good CPU. To know if it is good or not, different aspects must be considered, such as clock speed and cores:

  • Clock speed: is expressed in GHz and is the parameter that measures how fast a CPU performs different actions. The higher the speed, the better the notebook computer performs,
  • Cores: are the individual processing units. There are CPUs with different numbers of cores, and laptops with multiple cores usually offer better performance.

doors and entrances

The number of ports and inputs a gaming notebook is also decisive for the intended use of the notebook.

Among the most important inputs that a gaming laptop must have are the internal storage, in case you need to expand what you already have, and the audio inputs, to improve the sound quality.


Os designs of laptop computers are very varied and the choice of the ideal one depends exclusively on the taste and style of the user.

Gamer notebooks can be found in different sizes, colors and brands. Some models are lighter, ideal for those who want or need to transport it, and there are also more solid and heavier notebook models.

RAM memory

A RAM memory is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing the ideal Gamer notebook. Device performance largely depends on this factor.

It is possible to find notebook models with different RAM memory capacities, the most common being 8 GB and 16 GB. To enjoy a better performance of the equipment, it is advisable to buy notebooks with a capacity of High RAM memory such as 16 or 32 GB.

internal storage

O internal storage is important, as most games require a large storage capacity due to their weight. Therefore, the ideal is to buy notebooks that offer 1 Tera of internal storage.

If a gaming notebook meets all the requirements but offers reduced storage capacity, then available slots for adding external storage can be considered.

graphics card

A graphics card contributes to the good performance of the Gamer notebook. To be able to enjoy all the quality of the games, in addition to a good screen, storage capacity and RAM, it is essential to have a good quality graphics card.


O processor is also a central element in the composition of a Gamer notebook. It is possible to find models of notebooks with different brands of processors and different characteristics.

To ensure optimal performance in most gamesit is necessary to have a processor with 4 or 8 cores and a minimum speed of 4 GHz.

battery life

The autonomy of the battery is its ability to function without being connected to the mains.. The longer the battery life of a Gamer notebook, the greater the freedom of use.


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