Have you heard of Lori McCommas? If not, let us introduce you to this powerhouse of inspiration. At first glance, she may seem like your typical suburban mom. But behind the scenes, Lori is changing lives through her work as an author, speaker, and life coach. After overcoming a difficult battle with depression in her 20s, Lori dedicated her life to helping others find purpose and passion.

Through her transformational books and online courses, Lori has motivated thousands of people around the world to stop settling for mediocrity and start living life on their own terms. Her authentic, no-nonsense style will give you the kick in the pants you need to finally pursue that big dream you’ve been putting off.

Lori’s inspiring message is that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself and choose a life you love. She will challenge you to get out of your routine, silence your inner critic, and take that first step towards change. Whether you start small or go all in, Lori will be cheering you on every step of the way.

Are you ready to join the tribe and see what you’re truly capable of? Then keep reading to get to know the one and only Lori McCommas. This powerhouse of inspiration will show you how to transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary.

Who Is Lori McCommas? An Introduction

Lori McCommas is a woman who radiates inspiration. Born in 1969, Lori overcame a difficult childhood and health issues to become a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist.

As a child, Lori suffered from severe asthma and allergies that frequently landed her in the hospital. Her parents divorced when she was young, and her mother struggled to make ends meet. Despite these early hardships, Lori persevered. She worked multiple jobs to put herself through college at Texas A&M, earning a degree in business.

After college, Lori co-founded a marketing firm that quickly became one of the largest in Texas. However, she felt unfulfilled. In her 30s, Lori was diagnosed with breast cancer. The experience was life-changing. She sold her shares in the marketing firm and launched the McCommas Foundation, a non-profit that provides support for women and children in need.

Through her foundation, Lori has:

-Provided scholarships for over 1,000 low-income students

-Built housing for families affected by domestic violence

-Funded medical care and research for women with breast cancer

-Established literacy programs that have distributed over 100,000 books

Now cancer-free, Lori travels the country sharing her story of resilience and faith. She is a shining example that one person can make a difference through hard work, determination and giving back to others. Lori McCommas proves that even the most difficult circumstances can be overcome with perseverance and purpose. Her inspirational story continues to motivate and empower.

Lori’s Inspiring Comeback Story After a Tragic Accident

Lori McCommas is the definition of resilience. In 2008, her life was forever changed when a tragic car accident left her paralyzed from the waist down. For an active woman like Lori, this was devastating. She fell into a deep depression, uncertain of what the future held.

After months of intense physical therapy and counseling, Lori’s fighting spirit returned. She was determined to not let her disability define her and set a goal to complete a triathlon, something she never imagined possible again. Through monumental effort and perseverance, Lori trained rigorously to build up her strength and endurance.

In 2010, Lori accomplished her goal and finished a sprint triathlon. Crossing that finish line was a pivotal moment. Lori realized she was capable of far more than she believed. This ignited her motivation to help others overcome adversity and find their inner strength.

  • Lori founded the nonprofit Challenge Aspen, an organization that provides recreational and cultural opportunities for individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities. Through her work, she’s given hope and empowerment to thousands.
  • She’s completed over a dozen more triathlons and marathons, proving time and again that obstacles can be overcome with determination and a growth mindset.
  • Lori’s story is a reminder of the power of human spirit. She’s a shining example that life’s setbacks, no matter how devastating, do not have to define us. With courage, perseverance and an unbreakable will, we all have the ability to forge our own inspiring comeback stories. Lori McCommas did, and in doing so, became a source of motivation for us all.

How Lori Became a World Champion Powerlifter

Lori McCommas is one of the most inspiring people in powerlifting. You may not have heard of her yet, but this world champion powerlifter is someone worth getting to know.

How Lori Got Started in Powerlifting

In her late 30s, Lori was overweight, unhappy, and struggling with health issues. She knew she needed to make a change, so she started working out at her local gym. A trainer introduced her to strength training and coached her on the bench press, squat and deadlift. She loved it!

Within a year, Lori lost over 100 pounds through dedicated training and completely overhauled her diet. She felt strong, confident and in the best shape of her life. Her trainer suggested she enter her first powerlifting competition to see how far she had come. Despite some nerves, Lori went for it – and came home with a first place finish!

Becoming a Champion

Lori was hooked. She started competing regularly in local and regional powerlifting events, winning most of them. After a few years of successful competing, she received an invitation to compete at the USA Powerlifting National Championships. This was her shot at a national title!

Lori trained intensely for months leading up to the competition. All her hard work and perseverance paid off – she won first place in her weight class and age division. The next year, she returned to Nationals and defended her title, cementing her status as a champion powerlifter.

Inspiring Others

Now in her 50s, Lori continues to compete and break powerlifting records in her age and weight categories. She has won multiple national and world titles in USA Powerlifting and the IPF. Lori hopes her story inspires other women to start strength training and not let age hold them back from pursuing their goals. Through powerlifting, she found her strength – and her purpose. Lori McCommas is a true champion in sport and in life.

Lori’s Motivational Speaking and Advocacy Work

Lori McCommas is passionate about empowering youth and advocating for important social causes. Through her motivational speaking and advocacy work, she spreads messages of hope, empowerment and kindness.

Motivational Speaking

Lori is an accomplished motivational speaker. She shares her inspiring life stories and lessons with audiences across North America, especially focusing on youth and young adults. Her speeches encourage people to overcome adversity, build confidence from the inside out, and pursue their dreams. Lori tailors each speech to her audience and aims to inspire, uplift and motivate.

Lori is also involved with several youth empowerment organizations. She mentors young women and helps build leadership skills. By sharing her experiences, she shows how everyone has the power to turn difficult circumstances into opportunities for growth.

Advocacy Work

In addition to motivational speaking, Lori advocates for causes she believes in like anti-bullying, mental health awareness and empowering disadvantaged youth. She works with organizations to spread awareness of these issues and push for policy changes.

For example, Lori has worked with anti-bullying organizations to share her experiences with bullying and help craft recommendations to improve support systems in schools. She has also advocated for policy changes to increase mental health education and make counseling services more accessible for youth.

Through her motivational speeches and advocacy work, Lori makes a meaningful difference in people’s lives. She is living proof that one person really can change the world for the better. Her messages of empowerment, kindness and hope inspire audiences to overcome adversity and spread more love in the world.

Key Takeaways From Lori’s Inspirational Journey

Lori McCommas’ journey from stay-at-home mom to inspirational speaker contains valuable lessons we can all learn from.

Follow Your Passion

Lori pursued her love of empowering others after her kids went off to college. She started by volunteering at local women’s shelters, using her gift for motivation and inspiration to help the women there. Lori found her passion and purpose in uplifting and empowering others. Have you discovered your passion yet? Think about what excites or energizes you, and how you can use your talents to help people.

Face Your Fears

It was scary for Lori to leave an unfulfilling marriage and step into the unknown. But she gathered her courage, believing in her ability to succeed. When self-doubt arises, do as Lori did – focus on your vision and take that first courageous step. Success will follow.

Help Others Rise

Lori’s mission is to motivate and empower women to overcome adversity and achieve their dreams. She knows that when we lift others up, we all rise higher. Look for ways to mentor or volunteer in your community. Helping even one person tap into their potential and find their power within has ripple effects that spread far and wide.

Never Stop Learning

Even after becoming a renowned inspirational speaker, Lori continues to expand her knowledge. She reads voraciously, takes courses on personal development, and learns from other leaders in her field. Growth and progress happen through continuous learning and improving your skills. Make learning a lifelong habit.

Lori McCommas’ story shows us that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things by finding their passion, facing their fears, helping others rise up, and never stopping the pursuit of knowledge. Follow her inspirational example and unleash your own power within. The world needs what you have to offer!


So there you have it, a glimpse into the life and mind of an incredible woman. Lori McCommas has faced immense challenges and adversity in her life but has persevered through hard work, determination, and maintaining an positive mindset. Her story is a reminder that we all have the power to overcome our circumstances and achieve amazing things. Even when life knocks you down, you have the strength to get back up again. Lori is a shining example of how one person can make a difference through passion, kindness, and believing in yourself. Let her story inspire you to pursue your dreams, help others along the way, and become the best version of yourself. You have so much amazing potential inside of you, now get out there and unleash it! The world needs more people like Lori McCommas.

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