Google Ads It is Google’s advertising network, it is a digital marketing tool, the largest in the world, in terms of investments and number of advertisers; where companies, regardless of their budget, have the opportunity to take advantage of advertising through Google ads.

This tool has a complex operation; In terms of location, to define who the ads are directed to, look for, for its application, positive points of advertising that favor advertisers within a radius of action with the ability to provide adequate services.

Google  Ads
Google Ads

• How to create a Google Ads account and configure it for your first campaign:

Advertising campaigns are located in a geographical and visible context to see where the ads will appear for it to work; you must keep in mind the basic concepts about Google Ads and its operation, so that you do not encounter setbacks in its development.

You must create your account that allows you to establish a digital strategy for your business through Google Ads, on your website. If you do not have it, you can create it on the same platform; then you install the chat Bot and/or WhatsApp button and create your Google Ads account.

• How to register for Google Ads:

To register for Google Ads you must meet a series of requirements to be accepted:

  • Be of age.
  • Have knowledge of content writing on this digital marketing platform.
  • Choose topics that you know and can share with other digital tools.
  • Create enough content, SEO optimized.
  • Use keywords as Keywords
  • Knowing and managing SEO will help you a lot.
  • Take care of and maintain the user experience.
  • Create a privacy policy page, this is an essential requirement.

• How to choose your objective, budget and bidding strategy (from Google Ads):

The main objective is to increase sales of a product, display the brand, search for potential customers and promote a certain product or service. To boost demand and open new markets that facilitate competition with other brands, with proposals for new applications and seeking to obtain benefits.

Advertising campaign budgets have to do with the investment made to publish ads with which positive results are expected.

• How to create your first ad group with Google Ads and keywords:

It is important to take into account that the specific demand for a product must be enhanced to open new markets; to achieve the success of the advertising campaign with Google Ads; as digital marketing tool You must create an advertising strategy that allows you to reach the public through the brand of your product with a well-defined promotion.

• How to optimize the performance of your campaigns with Google Ads:

To optimize the performance of your campaigns and obtain new customers for your business, you only have the option of investing in advertising; which is what is going to provide you with excellent results and benefits, to achieve it, seek to be clear about the objectives of your businessestablish an advertising strategy that is in line with your investment.

• How to measure and analyze the results of your campaigns with Google Ads:

When the campaign is underway, you must measure the costs and make the necessary adjustments that allow you to move forward and optimize the investment; so you can boost demand and open new potential markets, which will benefit you. So you should make the most of this digital marketing tool.

• How to integrate Google Ads with other digital marketing tools:

It is important to know that carrying out advertising campaigns with Google Ads, to ensure that they are related to specific objectives to increase public awareness of the brand; create new strategies, attract new clients and stay positioned in the market among the first places.

In the world of technology there are many digital marketing tools with which Google Ads can work, these are, among others, the following:


It is a platform that allows you to create boards with an intuitive interface, especially for sharing.


This tool allows you to know if your emails have been read, it is similar to WhatsApp.


It is important to note that this digital tool is software that is related to marketing, sales, customer services and support.

Google Drive

It is in charge of cloud storage to save space within the computers and avoid the hijacking of information.

WhatsApp Business

It is a digital platform that allows you to communicate more quickly and have the business presence of WhatsApp.


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