Google Workspace is a digital collaboration tool that offers all its plans for your company; just like Google Suite provides personalized email along with Gmail; Meet, Calendar, spreadsheets, chat, drive, forms, presentations, Sites and more.

It is a digital service that is used. Once you are registered for Google Workspace online to begin your 14-day trial period; where you will learn how to use the main Google Workspace services; of Gmail, Google Calendar and Classroom for educational centers. Take advantage of flexible plans.

• How to contract and configure Google Workspace for your business:

The first thing you need to do is sign up for Google Workspace; hire the services by paying with a credit card; Then it will be easier for you to configure: Gmail, Drive, Meet and Calendar. As well as, configure the storage space that you will need. Transition your computer from Microsoft Exchange or IBM Notes.

This tool makes the work of your business easier, do not miss the opportunity to incorporate this application; which can benefit you in many ways, in everything that has to do with your professional email; collaborative documents, videos, conferences and online storage of your company.

• How to use the main Google Workspace applications:

This digital tool helps you connect and collaborate at the speed your computer demands, it is a large-scale job; with which you can achieve real-time collaboration; you can quickly make a video call. QYou can share and edit documents about new strategies and ideas and collaborate in real time to attract new users.

h3 • How to use Gmail to manage your professional email:

Google Workspace: what it is, how it works and what advantages it has for collaborative work
Google Workspace: what it is, how it works and what advantages it has for collaborative work

This digital tool provides you with the configuration of Google Workspace. Delete MX records of your domain as the owner and route messages to your email provider. All your company email addresses must be associated with a Google Workspace account.

To activate Gmail in Google Workspace, have the DNS requirements at hand, add the Google MX records; Create a registration and sign in with your Google Workspace username and password.

• How to use Drive to store and share your files in the cloud:

Google Drive cloud storage; It is related to storing files securely; also open or edit them from any device with Google Drive.

Organize what you are going to store that has to do with the folders you upload or have to synchronize; such as: spreadsheets, documents, Google forms and presentations.

You can upload, open and share as well as edit files in Google Drive.

• How to use Docs, Sheets and Slides to create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations:

Make the most of this tool, from your computer you can upload, open, share and edit: documents, images, audios and videos, you can also create them and use Docs. Sheets y Slides en Google Drive.

Files are stored in the cloud with Drive for desktop; which you can consult online and it is not necessary that you synchronize them with the online versions, This way you will save bandwidth. While the ones you have cached will be synchronized with the cloud when you are online.

• How to take advantage of Google Workspace collaboration and productivity tools:

The best use of Google Workspace collaboration and productivity tools. It is related to a group of applications and widgets provided by Google. Which you can incorporate them into your website or to your desktop, these may be some of them:

Google YouTube

YouTube is a digital tool that belongs to Google.

Google Insights

It is an online tool for free use. It is the one that best understands the behavior of users who access the Internet; search volumes for different needs. It is used in planning online marketing actions.

Google Mail (Gmail)

Google email service.

Google Places

It allows you to create a quality company listing in just a few minutes, for free.


It is a Google social network, very similar to Facebook; useful for Google positioning.

How to customize and extend Google Workspace with add-ons and extensions:

All plugins and extensions to customize and extend Google Workspace; You find them in the sidebar on the right, update the document after installing it

You will find the information necessary to carry out tasks with: spreadsheets, documents, Google forms, as well as add-ons that are not available in Google presentations.


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