The concept of holograms is nothing short of fascinating, especially when you look at the live music scene. While the magic of such concerts may seem priceless, there’s a steep cost with bringing ethereal spectacles to the big screen. 

Projections are very complex, and special thought needs to be given to the performance’s intricacy as well as the reputation of the artist. This alone can mean that the price tag of putting on a concert like this varies quite significantly. Hologram concerts can cost millions if done with a bigger production, however, this investment covers the setup of technology and content creation. Venue rental and licensing also come into the price, but as of late, it’s been a worthy investment. Fans are now able to see artists they never thought they would, and shows can be experienced in a whole new way. It’s not just the music industry that is benefitting from tech advancements either.

Tech is Changing More than Just the Music Industry 

Tech is radically changing the world of entertainment, allowing it to take new forms entirely. Music is by no means the only entertainment industry being shaped by this: iGaming, for example, is also on the rise, with live bingo becoming more popular than ever. 

Online bingo has reshaped the gaming landscape, as HD visuals and faster connectivity mean that it’s no longer about just playing the game. It’s a fully immersive experience that allows players from around the world to connect with one another while not compromising the core features of the game. Technology, then, is having a huge impact on the world of entertainment, and every new advancement has the potential to influence the way that content is created going forward.

Groundbreaking Holographic Performances

Some of the most notable holographic performances that have taken place include ones that revolve around the work of Tupac Shakur. This gained a significant amount of media attention, and it also helped to set the precedent for live music events. 

A Wu-Tang Clan rapper joined members of his group for a Rock the Bells 10 performance, via hologram. This is paving the way for new and exciting collaborations, as artists can make their presence known without even being in the same building. Not only does this mean that artists can complete more shows per year, it facilitates them to do more than one show on the same day, if the production supports this.

Some bands are even taking things one step further by creating full virtual worlds for their shows. Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish created a virtual world that included an Islander’s Arms tavern, where the band performed a virtual show for fans. It was broadcast to 108 countries, and at the time of streaming, had 150,000 viewers.

As time goes on, it wouldn’t be surprising to see virtual concerts that utilise holographic technology become the norm. VR could well become more prominent in music going forward, as more bands utilise the technology to give fans a greater insight into their lives, as well as allowing them to watch live content through virtual reality headsets. 

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