• How is In fact the experience of social media professionals?
  • Hootsuite explores the chaotic reality of what it’s really like to be a social media professional in its first Report on Careers in Social Networks

VANCOUVER, CANADA — SEPTEMBER 12, 2023 — The marketers in social networks They are very busy. Stressed out. Many of them are doing everything on their own. However, despite all77% of them are happy with their work.

The work of social media management has evolved into a complex profession in which social media marketers face the need for adaptation and the ability to operate in social media every day. multitasking, as they deal with a large number of tasks and responsibilities. From dealing with haters to handling avalanches of comments, as well as keeping up with trends. There’s always a lot to do (and not all of it is fun).

Recognizing the challenges faced by these unsung heroes of the digital world, Hootsuite announced today the launch of its first Social Media Career Report (also know as “The Emotional Support Report”), which provides a deep analysis of behaviors in the profession and reveals the mental state of the expert of the marketing digital contemporary. The report reveals that 66% say they have too many different responsibilities, 51% say they don’t have enough time to do their job well, and 41% say this job has a negative impact on their mental health.

From the first steps of social media marketing modern (when it was fashionable on Facebook), the profession has undergone significant changes, driven in large part by the accelerated evolution of social networks themselves. Undoubtedly, the last two decades have been a roller coaster ride for marketers. Since the emergence of MySpace 20 years ago, to the most recent releases of Threads y BeReal, the profession has matured considerably to become a multifaceted occupation. There is still a long way to go, according to the report, 56% of digital marketing professionals say that their own bosses do not understand how these platforms work.

“Social media professionals are arguably more connected to customer needs than anyone else in an organization, living in real time what is happening in customers’ worlds. Despite this, they do not have a seat on the board of directors and sometimes find themselves in an overwhelming situation, overworked and often underestimated,” he said. Elina Vilk, Marketing Director at Hootsuite. “As marketers, we must support and improve the teams that reach social networks and are on the first line of communication with our customers. “This report is not just about statistics: it is about creating a reference that sheds light on the reality of this dynamic professional field to give it the attention it deserves,” added Vilk.

This report examines topics such as income, career growth, mental health and more, arriving at findings that will guide social marketers need to make informed career decisions.

“Hootsuite’s mission is to serve the thousands of social media professionals around the world who use our product every day, our work goes beyond providing tools and solutions; Through this report we also want to help them feel considered, understood, supported and, ultimately, support them to improve their reality within their organizations,” he pointed out. Irina Novoselsky, CEO de Hootsuite, who added that, “Social media teams around the world are constantly building and nurturing relationships with prospects and customers that directly lead to revenue and growth for their organizations; “It’s time for leadership teams to recognize their impact as powerful marketers.”

It is Social Media Career Report, is based on research conducted in spring 2023 that surveyed 3,842 social media specialists. In addition to the survey, our team interviewed such professionals in different industries and supported the data with secondary research.

These are some of the main findings:

  • Social marketing professionals like to manage social networks.

○ 77% are happy with their jobs.

○ 67% say they are satisfied with the balance between their personal and work life.

○ 72% of those who work full-time remotely say they are satisfied with their work-life balance. (against 63% of those who work full time in the office)

○ 61% of respondents see social media as a long-term career.

  • Feeling overwhelmed and overworked

○ 41% say their job has a negative impact on their mental health.

○ 57% reveal that they have some condition related to mental health and, of them, 42% say that working on social networks has worsened said condition.

○ 66% say they have too many responsibilities.

○ 51% feel they do not have enough time to do their job well (even though 67% work more than 40 hours per week).

○ 47% believe they are not paid fairly (and they are not wrong: social marketers receive less than other marketers of a similar level.

○ 48% feel that they do not have enough budget to do their job well.

○ 56% say their bosses don’t understand social media.

○ 25% plan to stop working on social networks within the next year.

○ There is a gender pay gap in the social media industry, even though the majority are women (73%).

To help both social media managers and their managers put the main discoveries into practice, Hootsuite has published personalized resources that professionals in the field can use, in order to build their portfolios and improve their conditions.

The resource library includes:

  • Salary Negotiation Guide for Social Media Managers
  • Resume template for social media managers
  • Cover letter template for social media managers
  • Social Media Manager Job Description Template
  • Job interview questions for social media managers
  • Social Media Manager Portfolio Template
  • Social Media Manager Salary Calculator
  • Vertical micro reports for social media administrators (Finserv, Government, Education and Health sectors).
  • Webinar with experts to help social media managers demonstrate their value

To learn more about the analysis and complete data, please download the full report.


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