Wrinkles are usually caused by aging skin which over time will be less elastic and “bounce back” to the skin and tissue due to becoming drier and containing less collagen and fat tissue. Collagen production is known to deplete in the body as the skin ages; this causes the skin to also become thinner and less “padded”, allowing fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin to form in the areas of the face that actively move.

What causes wrinkles?

The main cause of wrinkles and creases in the skin will be due to the natural ageing process. However, some outside factors can have an effect on the skin, too and cause it to age prematurely.

These could be due to things like sun damage from sunbathing or overexposure to the sun or sunbeds without using sufficient sun creams with a high SPF factor or even from allowing the body to become dehydrated. The human body has an incredibly high water content that needs to be maintained to keep all parts, including the skin, healthy.

Remember though, aging can also be down to genetics and so some genes will cause the skin to age faster than others.

How can you reduce wrinkles forming?

One of the most commonly used methods is anti wrinkle injections which are performed by trained practitioners to prevent the muscles from causing further wrinkles in the skin.

There are many very simple ways to reduce wrinkles for forming, although it will never fully stop the ageing process.

The best anti-aging tips to follow are:

  • Stay hydrated with water
  • Use SPF sun creams or skincare products daily
  • Use the correct skincare for your skin type
  • Always remove make-up before going to bed
  • Use silk pillowcases at night

What are the best anti-wrinkle treatments?

Many high street stores sell a variety of anti-ageing creams and serums, claiming to work wonders, but which are the best treatments for anti-ageing?

When it comes to fine lines, wrinkles, creases and anti-ageing, it’s always best to try to prevent them rather than cure them. Once the ageing process has started, it’s difficult to turn back time, whereas maintaining the skin in its current condition is far easier.

Starting from the outside in, there are lots of great skincare creams and serums that can be used topically to help keep the skin healthy and plump to hold off mother nature’s grip a little longer, make sure to choose a brand and collection that works well for your skin type.

Drinking enough water to stay hydrated is also very important for your skin’s well-being and to help prevent unwanted ageing.

There are also options now to have Skin Boosters which use amino acids and hyaluronic acid to replenish the skin, these are sometimes referred to as injectable moisturises which work from the inside out and are growing in popularity.

Finally, anti-wrinkle injections are very well-loved among those who want to prevent further ageing or turn back the hands of time a little. These work by injecting botulinum toxin into certain muscles in the face to atrophy the muscle and stop it from contracting or moving as much to prevent the wrinkles from forming in the targeted area.

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