There are several reasons why you would want to remove personalized name tags or professional labels from your clothing:

  • You pass on clothes from a child to a younger child.
  • You give away clothes.
  • You sell your clothes via e.g. Marktplaats.
  • You have second-hand clothing that already has name labels in it.
  • A professional label can often cause itching

Tips for removing name tags from clothing

Now let’s see how we do one personalized tag can be removed, depending on how it is mounted. Remember, these tips work with name tags as well as any other clothing label (care label, size label, logo, etc.).

Remove name tags properly

First, how do you remove a sewn-in label? The best thing to do then is to use a seam ripper. This small sewing accessory has a very fine point and a sharp U-shaped blade. It glides delicately between the fabric and label to cut the thread precisely. Then cut the thread around the name tag to remove it without leaving a trace.

Are there any small holes where the wire used to be? Simply stretch the fibers of the fabric in different directions to make them invisible.

How do I remove a self-adhesive name tag?

Then you have the self-adhesive labels, very practical for quickly labeling children’s clothing. In addition to easy and quick installation, self-adhesive labels also have a less durable bond. Therefore, removing it is quite easy.

How do you remove the adhesive from the self-adhesive name labels? Here are several options to try:

  • Dissolve the fabric glue with nail polish remover or acetone. It is then necessary to soak the area, rub in circular motions and wait for the glue to dissolve.
  • Place adhesive tape on the label, press hard and remove by peeling off the adhesive tape. This will at least loosen the corners of the label, making it easier to cut the rest off with scissors.
  • Soften the glue with an iron. Cut a piece of baking paper, stick it on the label and put the hot iron on it (wool temperature). Wait 30 seconds and then carefully remove the label. If the glue has not completely dissolved, start over.

Remove an iron-on label

Finally, you can read here how to remove an iron-on label in a clean and tidy way. The idea is to dissolve the dry glue with heat.

To remove an iron-on label from a garment, cut a piece of parchment paper. It protects the fabric from the intense heat of the iron. Remember that a cotton tea towel also works. Place the paper or tea towel over the name tag and the area of ​​the garment you will be heating.

Then heat your iron to a high temperature (minimum 180 °C). Place it on the paper or tea towel and wait 20-30 seconds. Once the adhesive has dissolved, you can carefully remove the iron-on label. If necessary, use tweezers for more precision.

Remove a name tag from other objects

Finally, you may want to remove labels from other objects. Books, shoes, jam jars, lunch boxes, trays or bottles, for example.

Here are some tips for removing labels from objects other than fabric:

  • Heat it with a hair dryer: the heat will dissolve all the glue. This method is ideal on a material that should not get wet.
  • Use warm water to soak a label on a smooth surface that can withstand water. Such as: glasses, jars or plastic bottles.
  • Apply white vinegar (warm works even better) to remove the most stubborn adhesive residue. Much more natural and less dangerous than acetone or a chemical stain remover, but this basic product is just as effective.
  • Remove a label with grease (butter or oil) if the surface tolerates it. WD-40 also works, but can leave stains and is less environmentally friendly.

Please note, before putting a labeled item in the dishwasher, you must remove the label! Otherwise it may detach during the cycle (under the influence of heat and humidity) and clog the water outlet.


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