The new communication tools and possibilities for future purchases give an insight into how digital marketing influences companies and how they see no other alternative for their growth than diving into the digital world.

In order to obtain greater reach and speed in disclosing products or services to different types of public, it is extremely important to use techniques and digital marketing strategies for companies who are just starting out or looking to make a change.

Nowadays, digital companies need to get closer to where their consumers are, after all, consumption through the management of social networks has brought an audience that needs “consumer experiences”

On the other hand, the advancement of technology, communication, customer behavior and competition, make companies register notable progress and profitability. In other words, to survive in this age, it is essential to be part of the virtual world.

And your company… how is it doing with online positioning? We’ve separated some marketing strategies you need to be aware of to achieve your brand’s goal.

If you at least know each one of them, you will soon want to know more and you will see an exponential result in sales.

Shall we go to them?

Segments of Digital Marketing you need to know!

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We separate some options for you to start familiarizing yourself with the terms and services that are used daily in the market. They are constantly debated in digital marketing agencies for their use in increasing sales of products or services.

Enough rambling, let’s get to them:

Engagement through social media

The use of social networks is a great indicator to visualize how digital marketing influences brands and promotes this interaction between them and their final consumer. The strategic use of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, among others, significantly expands communication channels and brings a new language of consumption.

Likewise, this feedback between company and customer facilitates the approach of users of the brand, generating a relationship of trust and the possibility of achieving convertibility.

Sales conversions: Increased business profit

We realize the importance of digital marketing in all types of companies: whether in the food industry, in the technology sector or even a concierge companyfor example.

On the other hand, digital marketing makes it possible to measure the company’s profitability and the factors that influence it, in order to generate better strategies or reinforce existing ones and get closer to the foreseen objectives.

Measuring customer growth, email marketing campaigns, web platform traffic, are just a few metrics among hundreds of possibilities. Several platforms and web tools are positioned in the digital market to achieve these measurements in a simple and practical way.

SEO: Rank Your Website Organically

SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) is the implementation of techniques and tools that influence the positioning of your business in search engines, thus achieving more traffic, increasing the chances of converting simple users into powerful leads.

According to Pedro Amorim, director of the Indoor Station Digital Marketing Agency in Rio de Janeiro, SEO brings long-term results, but keeping your business in the top positions in search engines brings high chances of new daily leads for a long time. And complete with the statement: “We may reach a time when only companies that use SEO as a basic strategy will be able to stand out”.

Sales Funnel Strategies

The Sales Funnel refers to a set of non-invasive practices that add value to your product or service. Let’s know how it works?

  • top of funnel – Strategies aimed at consumers who do not yet know your company. Creating stories that show the importance of your business in their daily lives;
  • Middle Funnel – The individual already knows your brand. Here are crafted ways to consider your business as problem solving;
  • Bottom of the Funnel – The part where the purchase decision is made by the consumer. This is the time for you to urgently work with mental triggers so that the possible conversion takes place.

In this way, customer loyalty is built on a constant basis in order to further their interest and keep them as a repeat customer in the midst of so much competition. This tool is another important point that demonstrates how digital marketing strategies influence companies.

There are several other terminologies and means to boost a business through digital marketing, which facilitates and positively influences companies. Write down all these tips and start structuring them in your business plan. With them you will position your company in the best positions in the market, undoubtedly increasing your sales conversions


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