Giving gifts in a business context is not always about making more sales or closing more transactions. The act of gift-giving benefits both the giver and the receiver. From a business standpoint, giving gifts helps the brand to have a more humanistic side. 

The intentions behind our gift-giving can impact how people perceive them. One way to help us clarify our goodwill is to use gift boxes. It may come as a surprise but present boxes also impact the way people feel about the gifts they receive. 

This blog post will talk about the impact of gift boxes on Australian businesses. 

The Psychology Behind Why Gifting Works

Produces Positive Emotions

Giving and receiving gifts causes our brains to release several feel-good chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. It uplifts our mental health and inspires us to practice kindness in different forms. 

Additionally, another emotion that we experience during the gifting experience is anticipation. The anticipation of receiving a present triggers our brain’s reward system and releases dopamine, making it a joyful event. 

Strengthens Relationships

The act of giving gifts is a social gesture used to express appreciation. This is crucial in deepening our social bonds and connection to one another. In business, the company needs to create a strong bond with their customers because builds trust. Without trust, it will be difficult to carry out transactions. 

Creates Lifetime Memories

The memory of receiving a gift lasts for a lifetime. This is what makes them so sentimental. We take care of the things that were gifted to us because it is not just an object but also a memory. 

It also applies to giving gifts to your customers, business partners, and employees because they will remember your brand when they’re using your products or other freebies included in your gift box. 

Increased Cooperation

There are moments when we need our clients to answer surveys or provide feedback about the products. They are more inclined to help us out if they associate us with good customer experience. 

Part of the customer experience is unboxing because it influences how your customers will perceive your product and the service quality. 

Expression of Gratitude

Dr. Gary Chapman’s concept of love languages places gift-giving at the heart of expressing affection. It’s more than just an exchange; it’s a way to say “thank you” with love. A thoughtful gift acknowledges how much someone means to you and strengthens your bond.

While a silent gift might seem awkward, gifts can speak volumes when words fail. They demonstrate that you care enough to put thought and effort into expressing your gratitude. It’s more than just saying “thanks” – it’s showing it!

Top and Bottom

If you’re considering giving cosmetics as gifts, you may want to use a top and bottom box. This box has a lid that can be removed entirely. Its size also fits many kinds of product sizes and is cost-efficient for shipping. 

Magnetic Gift Box

The magnetic gift box has a secure enclosure that keeps the products inside during shipping. The cover is usually designed as a flap. Generally, magnetic gift boxes are customisable wherein you can print your logo and slogan on the external and internal sides of the lid. 


If you are a clothing business, a drawer-type box may best complement your products. This box has a drawer that slides out. Using a drawer type will protect the clothes from getting stained or damaged. It also adds an element of suspense as the receiver pulls the box open. 

Uniquely Designed Boxes

These boxes have a specific shape – house, animal, or heart to match a certain occasion or event. This is highly tailored to certain recipients and can be done by businesses for special releases or limited editions. 

Why Your Choice of Box Matters

Your choice of gift box matters because it expresses your attention to detail. The presentation and design of your present box communicate how much you value your customers. 

When you choose the right gift box, it means that your products can fit well and will not be crumpled or deformed during shipping. It will also provide your customers an opportunity to reuse or recycle the packaging – showing that you are an eco-friendly brand and make conscious choices for your business.

Think of your box as the messenger and you want to make sure that the messenger delivers the right message. 

Best Practices in Using Gift Boxes

Have clear objectives

The contents and the gift box itself should align with your company’s values, brand identity, and target market. Your choice of gifts and boxes should foster goodwill, loyalty, and trust. 

Timing is Important

Giving at the appropriate occasions and events maximises a gift’s impact and thoughtfulness. If you give presents during festive seasons or holidays, it shows that your company acknowledges and appreciates these occasions. 

You can also build stronger rapport with people if you give gifts for certain life milestones because it shows that you value them beyond business transactions. 

Design your Box Creatively

Complete the gift-giving mission of your company with appealing designs on your box aside from your logo and slogan. You can match the colours and pattern according to the special event or try to customise it based on your company’s branding. 


Gift-giving in the business world serves as a powerful tool for fostering positive emotions, strengthening relationships, creating lasting memories, increasing cooperation, and expressing gratitude. 

Utilising gift boxes enhances these benefits by adding an element of anticipation and presentation. Different types of gift boxes cater to various product types and occasions, each contributing to the overall impression of the brand. 

Choosing the right gift box demonstrates attention to detail and reflects the values of the company, while creative design enhances the overall gifting experience. By incorporating best practices such as clear objectives, strategic timing, and creative design, businesses can supercharge their relationships with customers, partners, and employees, ultimately contributing to long-term success and brand loyalty in the Australian market.

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