Online marketing is one of the most important characteristics for a fledgling business to get right. With the continued decline of the high street and consumers increasingly using popular search engines like Google to find products or services, companies must ensure their online footprint is as wide and optimised as possible. 

But how do you do so? Paid advertising is one option, with marketers finding particular success on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels. Despite the success available using this route, businesses must also pay particular attention to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) world. This involves various tactics to boost your company website’s rankings on Google, making it easier for potential customers to discover your products or services. Keep reading for a comprehensive breakdown of how quality content drives SEO success.  

SEO: The Fundamental Basics 

Before we get into the nit and gritty, let’s cover the fundamental SEO basics. The practise revolves around a strategic approach to website optimization that pays particular attention to search engines like Google. Companies can greatly increase their organic visibility by researching pertinent keywords, creating backlink profiles to trustworthy websites, and ensuring technical on-site SEO aspects are optimised. 

What does this entail? Well, for starters, companies must ensure their websites are easy to navigate with minimal loading times, as Google takes the overall user experience into account when ranking websites. Additionally, your website must feature targeted keywords for your industry. For example, a UK company selling used cars will need to ensure plenty of mention of phrases like “best used cars UK”. 

Infographics and other visualised data sources have also been proven to enhance SEO, with Google paying particular attention to first-hand, trustworthy, and easily explainable answers to user questions. 

What Does Google Deem Quality Content? 

Learning the ins and outs of exactly what Google deems quality content is paramount. The search engine has changed its algorithms considerably since the dawn of the SEO era, maintaining a steadfast focus on what users genuinely need rather than purely how many keywords a business can fit into its website. 

One major thing to bear in mind is the E-E-A-T concept. This is a relatively new set of guidelines unveiled by Google to give websites and writers a clear direction for online content. The acronym stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Consequently, quality content must tick these boxes. 

How to Enhance SEO Success With Quality Content 

Knowing the fundamental SEO pillars is one thing, but how do you actually enact these strategies to ensure success? It can seem like rocket science at first, but don’t get frightened off. Carefully crafting online copy and ensuring your website has the best user experience are two great ways to start. Here are some of the most effective tactics to boost your SEO success: 

  • Use an Agency: There’s only so much an individual company can do regarding quality content, especially larger organisations requiring significant content and backlink volumes. In these cases, sourcing a proven SEO agency to help can be an invaluable decision. For example, Atlas SEO can help with everything from link building to online reputation management. 
  • Research Before Writing: You can never simply jump into SEO-focussed writing without doing sufficient research. The main investigations should focus on the subject matter, ensuring you’re writing from an expert standpoint with plenty of real-life examples to back up your claims. Additionally, ensure you adequately research the potential keywords, placing particular emphasis on keywords with less competition. 
  • Think of the Reader: Google’s main job is to ensure that website content is specifically geared towards the reader rather than algorithmic machines deciding where websites rank. The E-E-A-T concept defines everything the search engine looks for. To hit these objectives, write content that you know will actively help the reader rather than just trying to sell them something. 
  • Keep Updated With Google Algorithms: Google is constantly tweaking its SEO algorithms, so make sure you keep up-to-date with all the potential changes. Not doing so can have terrible consequences. For example, you could form an entire SEO strategy before finding out Google has completely altered its guidelines. 

The Benefits of Optimal SEO Implementation 

Optimised SEO implementation can lead to numerous benefits. Successful businesses must include this as an essential part of their marketing blueprint. Here are some of the main advantages: 

  • Increased website traffic: A winning SEO strategy boosts website traffic without any paid advertising. 
  • Robust digital footprint: Keeping on top of SEO means your website ranks consistently high regardless of developments elsewhere. 

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