Bleaching Knots on Wigs Using a bleaching technique to lighten hair tied with lace, your lace wig looks completely natural. Bleaching knots will take your wig installation to the next level! If you are new to bleaching knots, here you can find answers to all your questions. This article gives a very complete tutorial on bleaching knots and is easy to follow.

Why Bleaching Knots on Wigs?

Bleaching the knots on the wig will improve it. We know that strands of hair are ventilated until equipped with a hair straightening procedure. This will create invisible knots on the lace base. We can bleach the knots on the wig to make them less visible and make the wig look more natural.

Bleached Knots vs. Unbleached Knots

Bleached knots wigs have no visible knots at the lace base, the black knots have been bleached brown or blonde, leaving the scalp visible. Hair may be more prone to falling out, but if your hair is not frizzy and dirty, it won’t be dangerous to fall out just because you bleach.

Unbleached knots wigs have visible black knots at the lace base, reducing the natural look.

What are Wig Knots?

Wig knots are small knots with strands of hair tied by hand with lace material. To get the hair on the lace, you have to weave the hair into the lace and it creates these black dots along the lace that you can clearly see after the lace is applied. Bleaching knots to create a wig gives a more natural look.

How to Bleach Knots on a Wig

Tools needed for bleaching lumps

  • Bleaching powder
  • 30 or 40 volume developer
  • Mixing bowl (plastic or glass)
  • Scoop
  • Application brush
  • Popsicle stick or plastic knife
  • Aluminum foil (optional)
  • Neutral shampoo
  • Shimmer Lights Shampoo
  • Disposable gloves
  • Water spray
  • A hair comb
  • Lace wig

Step by Step Bleaching Knots on Wigs

You can just use a spray bottle of water to rewet it, and there’s no need to touch it and risk pushing the bleach. Be sure to keep it away from the area where you are bleaching to avoid accidentally bleaching the hair.

1. Prepare the wig.

First, you want to thoroughly prepare your wig for the bleaching process.

Use a spray bottle of water to wet hair.

Brush the hair back so that it does not lay flat on the lace, to prevent the bleach from bleeding onto the hair.

Dry the lace base, making sure the lace is dry and not wet to pick up the bleach.

2. Prepare your bleach mixture.

After your wig is ready for bleaching, proceed to the next step to mix the bleach powder and developer in a mixing bowl to create the perfect bleach mixture.

Mix one scoop of Bleach Power with two scoops of 30 or 40 volume developer, if you are a beginner start with 30, the lower the developer the slower the burping process, and the less likely it is to overbleach. . To mix the developer and bleach according to the size of the wig.

Lace Closure Wig – One spoonful of bleach powder and developer

Lace Frontal Wig – One ounce of bleach powder and two ounces of developer

Full Lace Wig – Three ounces of bleach powder and six ounces of developer

If you need more of the bleach mixture to coat the lace, mix some more.

Make sure your mixture is not too loose or too thick. If you lift it, the bleaching mixture falls, add more powder. If it is thick, add more developer. Your bleach mixture looks creamy and you’re good to go.

3. Gently bleach knots on the wig

Now that you’ve prepared your bleach mixture, you’re ready to apply it to the lace base to bleach the knots. Use a popsicle stick or plastic knife to apply the bleach.

Apply the bleach: You want to start the bleach from the hairline side, then work your way back. Where you will bleach first, the knots will be the first to fade, the front lace being the most important part. Apply the bleach to one side, then go back.

Don’t be heavy handed. You don’t want your bleach to come off and your roots to turn blonde.

Allow the bleaching process to take place: Once the bleach mixture is applied, cover the bleaching area with aluminum foil to heat the bleaching process, and let the laces face down. Wait 20-45 minutes but check it every 10-15 minutes. Once the knots have faded and turned brown, or bleached to your desired lighter color, the bleach can be washed off.

4. Rinse off the bleach and wash the hair.

After your wig knots are bleached to your desired level. Use water to wash off the bleach as much as possible. Also wash your hair and turn your hair blonde to avoid bleaching your hair.

Use a neutralizing shampoo to thoroughly wash the bleached area, making sure to wash the bleach chemicals out of the hair completely and stop the chemical reaction. You can then use Shimmer Lights Shampoo to tone those contours for a more natural look. Add some conditioner to keep the hair soft.

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