Most higher education students these days know that every research paper requires a fair share of time and good sources that can support provided arguments and concepts. While there is no universal formula that can help you craft an exceptional research paper, there are still some rules for success that can take your research to another level and make it stand out from the rest. The trick is to show that you have done your homework right and kept it within the guidelines of your grading rubric. 

Crafting an Exceptional Research Paper: Top 5 Rules for Success 

1. Narrow Things Down. 

While it might be one of the most difficult tasks, remember to narrow things down first. It will help you to come up with a better and stronger thesis statement that makes sense as you write the rest of your research paper. If you are unsure about how it’s done correctly, you can pay for research paper and allow an online essay writer to assist you with it. It does take time and practice until you finally nail it down, but it’s totally worth it! 

2. Find Reliable Sources. 

Another essential aspect is finding trustworthy sources that can be used to support your arguments. You must consider first-hand sources like interviews and surveys, if it is possible. Such types of resources help to improve the credibility of your research paper. Consider checking relevant public libraries and online databases like Google Scholar, CORE, DOAJ, and Pubmed, among others, to find peer-reviewed sources when and if you choose secondary resources. Always check complete citation information to avoid accidental plagiarism risks. 

3. Read What Others Have Done. 

When you wish to come up with an exceptional research paper, it always helps if you check what other researchers have done to find the limitations and the gaps. It helps to provide a better synthesis of the current situation and make your research work more relevant to what is currently available on topic. 

4. Compare and Analyse. 

Proper analysis work should never be ignored as you must think over the tone of your research paper. While argumentative writing and explanatory tones are most common these days, the use of contrast-and-compare approach is also possible. If you wish to highlight an environmental protection or a social problem and talk about the causes, analyse what could be done and provide helpful solutions. Such research papers always sound inspiring and tend to impress the pickiest university professors! 

5. Check Your Grading Rubric Twice. 

Even when you are done with your research paper, make it a rule to check your grading rubric twice. Pay attention to the numbers and the limitations, so you do not overdo something by accident or do not use five arguments instead of only three required. While adding more to your research paper can be helpful, some educators tend to decrease the final grade because of such omissions and will even ask for a revision. Likewise, check the headers, fonts, and the use of indents for your References page according to the chosen format. It takes several minutes but helps you to make things perfect! 

The Art of Proofreading Things Aloud

If you ask an average student these days about proofreading and editing, the replies will vary from person to person. Still, honest learners will admit to spending less time for the final checking and improvement of things to perfection. The problem is that dealing with urgent deadlines forces students to skip the proofreading part and submit research papers without proper editing. The most efficient solution here is to proofread your work aloud by evaluating how it sounds and what makes sense (and what doesn’t!). Such a method will help you eliminate grammar mistakes, improve the logic, and check all the formatting issues that can seriously decrease your final grade. Essentially, taking at least five minutes to proofread your research pays off with success!


Barbara Freeland is an education expert and analyst passionate about research writing and academic rules. She loves to write and help students achieve success. Follow Barbara to achieve success and take your studies to another level. 

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