The theft or theft of a device is something that many times we cannot avoid. Likewise, some people like to keep an eye on the behavior of someone close to them, such as a child or partner. If you are going through such a situation, you should learn how to track a cell phone by email.

Check out some ways to track cell phone via email.

Reasons for Cell Phone Tracking

There are numerous reasons why someone might want to track a cell phone. Most of the time, at least in Brazil, the motivation is the theft or theft of the device. If you gain access to the location of the device, you can, with the help of the authorities, retrieve your device.

But there are other cases. In some situations, you may want to track someone else’s cell phone by email. This case is common among parents who want to stay informed about the whereabouts of their children or people who suspect their partner’s behavior.

Many would also like to track a device in order to guarantee the physical integrity of an individual, since the cell phone may be in possession of someone vulnerable such as an elderly person or a child.

In short, the most common reasons are:

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  • Theft or theft;
  • Locate possibly lost individuals;
  • Confirm possible betrayals of a partner;
  • Monitor the behavior of an individual;
  • Controle parental;
  • Ensuring an individual’s safety.

Is it possible to track cell phone by email?

Many wonder how to track a cell phone by email without knowing that this is one of the easiest ways to locate a device. Regardless of the model or operating system of your device, it is almost always possible to track a cell phone using Google email.

Best Ways to Track Cell Phone by Email Free

Below you will see some of the best ways to track a cell phone by email for free. The following methods are completely safe and will work with any device that has GPS.

Track Cell Phone by Google Email

Gmail, Google’s email, is one of the most used today. If you have a gmail account, you can easily track your Android or iOS phone through a tool called “timeline”.

The timeline tracks the location of the device from the moment the gmail account was logged in. That is, you can check not only the current location of the device, but its whereabouts in previous days, and even journeys made in cars.

When it comes to how to track a cell phone by Google email, it is difficult to find another method that provides so many details. To track a device using the timeline, do as follows:

  1. Abra o Google Maps;
  2. Log into Google with the same account that is logged into the device you want to locate;
  3. On the Google Maps home page, click on the profile icon in the upper right corner;
  4. Click on the option “your timeline”.

Find My iPhone: Track iPhone Cell Phone by Email

Buscar meu iPhone (or Find my iPhone) is an application to track Apple’s exclusive cell phone, that is, the method only serves to locate an iPhone. If your model is iPhone 11 or newer, it is possible to obtain the location even with the cell phone turned off.

To use the tool, do as follows:

  1. Access the;
  2. Log in with your Apple account;
  3. Click on “Find my iPhone” to access the app;
  4. Click “All Devices” to access your list of Apple devices. Select the device you want to locate.
  5. Wait for the device to be tracked. The location will be displayed shortly afterwards;
  6. Click on “+” to expand and define the location more precisely, identifying the neighborhood and even the street where the device is located.

This app to track cell phones by email also enables other important actions that can help with device recovery and data security. These actions include:

  • Device lock;
  • Sun alert;
  • Sending a personalized message to the device.

Find Your Smartphone: Track Android Phone by Email

Another common way to track a cell phone by Google email is using the website “find your smartphone” (ou Find my Device).

Through this method, you can locate any Android device, including Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, etc. iOS devices can also be located as long as they are signed in to a Google account.

If your cell phone has been stolen or stolen, this tool also allows you to erase the device’s data, lock the device, or issue a sound alert in order to obtain a more accurate cell phone location.

To use the tool, just search for “Find your smartphone” on Google and click on the first link. Enter the Google account that is logged into the device you want to locate and select the device you want to locate next, if you have more than one.

Find My Mobile: Track Samsung Phone by Email

Find My Mobile is a unique tracking method for Samsung devices. Currently, Find My Mobile is integrated with SmartThings Findand the service can be accessed through the application’s official website or through the app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

To use the tool, go to SmartThings Find and log in through your Samsung account. If you forgot your password, enter your email and click “Forgot password” to create a new one and log in.

If you have more than one Samsung device, select which one you want to locate.

Then click on “Track Location” to locate the device.

This method is noteworthy due to the various actions it allows on the tracked device after login. In Find My Mobile you can:

  • Track device location;
  • Lock and unlock the device;
  • Issue som alert;
  • Retrieve call and message history;
  • Do backup;
  • Extend battery life.

Mi Account: Track Xiaomi Cell Phone by Email

There is also an exclusive method to locate Xiaomi devices, which works regardless of whether the device is connected to a gmail, hotmail, yahoo, or any other account. This tool works very similarly to the “Find My iPhone” app.

To locate your device through Xiaomi’s native tool, just do as follows:

  1. Open the browser and Xiaomi Cloud;
  2. Log in through your Xiaomi account;
  3. Select “Find Device”;
  4. Wait until the map displays the location of the device.

Through the application it is also possible to issue a sound alert, lock or unlock the device, or erase data. The device lock includes the Mi Pay approach features, preventing the use of credit cards or digital wallets.

Xiaomi points out that if your phone is turned off, the screen lock will be enabled once it is turned on again. Device tracking should also work even with the device turned off.

Google Maps: Track Cell Phones by Email via Free Satellite

You can also locate an individual through sharing via Google Maps; they simply choose to share their location with you. If you want to track a person’s location through Google Maps, they must do the following:

  1. Open Google Maps on the device to be tracked;
  2. Select the profile icon in the upper right corner;
  3. Select the option “share location” twice in a row;
  4. Enter a specific duration for sharing or just select the “Until you deactivate” option;
  5. Select the email address of the person to share the location with (in this case, yours).

Once this is done, you will be presented with the following data from the tracked device:

  • Latest device location;
  • Battery level;
  • Arrival times and departures at stopping points.

This is a great method to track the location of children or any type of people who are in a vulnerable situation.

Choose your method and track

So, did you learn how to track a cell phone by email? All the methods mentioned above are super safe and able to locate your cell phone (or even someone else’s) in a few seconds.

Choose the method that best suits your situation and put it into practice to locate the cell phone efficiently.


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